Discordian Monkey Tribe

Date: Saturday 27th March, 2004
State: New South Wales
Venue: Outdoors, only two hours from Sydney. [Call 1900 963 300 on the night for directions, or check]

Live Acts: Protoculture

DJs: Protoculture (South Africa - Nano Records), Lurk (UK - BooM! Records), Jaimz (Saiko Sounds), Eegor (Sub Machine Records), Raptor (Mechanik Sound Records), Gizmo (Speakahuggers / Hypnotribe), Femme (aka Basschild).

From the Discordian Monkey Tribe, the people who brought you Earthdance 2003, comes the very cream of the new South African morning music movement.


The venue for Protoculture is about 10km from the Gordon VC Rest Area, which is on the South Western Freeway, south of Sydney.

Click here to view a printable version of these directions.

From Sydney to Gordon VC Rest Area

First, get on to the M5. This is the motorway that travels south from Sydney heading towards Canberra and Melbourne . As you leave Sydney on this road, you will pass through a tollgate (note: the toll is $3.30). As this is the first obvious point most people will pass through, we will start measuring distances from here.
53km after the tollgates you will pass Pheasant’s Nest Service Centre. This is a good place to stop for anything you’ve forgotten, in fact there are no further service stations or shops of any kind unless you go out of your way.
From here, continue down the motorway. Soon after the Berrima turnout, approximately 44.6km after the Pheasant’s Nest Service Centre (about 97.6km from the toll gates), you will pass a sign on your left that points towards Sutton’s Forest . This is the last turnoff before our turnoff, so at this stage move over to the right lane. 1.7km further down the motorway (99.3km from the toll booths), there will be a right turn, and this is the turn you want to make. It has a turning lane so there shouldn’t be any dramas.

From Melbourne/Canberra to Gordon VC Rest Area

Unfortunately as we have not travelled this direction we are not 100% certain of the directions. However we can tell you that the Gordon VC Rest Area is on your left travelling north from Goulburn, approximately 62km from the Goulburn turn-off.

From Gordon VC Rest Area to party

Once off the motorway, follow the road, which almost immediately passes the Gordon VC Rest Area (if you don’t immediately pass this rest area you know you’re in the wrong place). Continue down this road – it becomes an unsealed road in the first few hundred metres. Exactly 5.5km from the motorway you will reach a right turn marked Western Plantation Road . Turn right on to Western Plantation Road .
Follow this road for 3.3km, where it will end at a T-junction. Turn left here.
500m down this road and it also ends in a T-junction, and at this second T-junction turn right.
Follow the road straight into the forest, and follow it until you reach our friendly greeting staff.
Keep an eye out for our red or orange arrows on cardboard, which will position in order to help guide you.


Toll Gate to Pheasant’s Nest: 53km [keep going]
Pheasant’s Nest to Sutton Forest turnoff: 44.8km [keep going]
Sutton Forest turnoff to Gordon VC Rest Area turnoff: 1.7km [turn right here]
Gordon VC Rest Area to Western Plantation Road : 5.5km [turn right here]
Western Plantation Road to First T-junction: 3.3km [turn left here]
First T-junction to Second T-junction: 500m [turn right here]


9pm - 11pm: Ambient Journies
11pm - 1am: DJ Femme (aka Basschild)
1am - 3am: DJ Gizmo
3am - 5am: DJ Raptor
5am - 7am: DJ Lurk
7am - 8:30am: Protoculture LIVE
8:30am - 10am: Protoculture DJ
10am - noon: DJ Jaimz
noon - 2pm: DJ Eegor

For your information, Daylight Savings Time officially ends at 3am. This means you're -supposed- to wind your clocks BACKWARDS to 2am at 3am, so you get another hour. However, all the times above do not reflect this - they are all including Daylight Savings Time. So technically we finish at 1pm.

For those interested, first light is at 6:42am, and sunrise is at 7:09am (ignoring daylight savings changes).

Click on the image below to view our beautiful promotional flyer and poster, designed by Melbourne's InnerSpace.

With his album 'Refractions' undoubtably one of the most popular of last year, and with tracks released on massive compilations from some of the biggest record labels in the form of Nano Records (SA), Dragonfly Records (UK), Spiral Trax (Sweden), Phonokol (Israel), the Discordian Monkey Tribe are proud to present the melodic master from Nano records..


Protoculture is sure to leaving a lasting impact on the Australian psytrance dancefloors. Catch him live and DJing in his first visit to Sydney.

Here are some samples (Real Audio required) of Protoculture's music, for your listening pleasure:

From the Spiral Trax compilation 'Internationalism':
Superhighway Samurai
From the Nano Records compliation 'Emergence':
Ultraphunktional : Synergism : Metaphysical
From the Nano Records compilation 'Dilation':
New Directions
From the Nano Records compilation 'Clarity':
High Orbit
From the PsyStation compilation 'Bushmartins in Wonderland':
And from Protoculture's own 'Refractions' album, on Nano Records:
Silicon Sunrise : Magnetik : Refractions : Halusignorita : More Directions : Avalon : High Orbit : Melody Machine

Joining Protoculture will be DJ Lurk from the UK, representing the Boom! Records label. Lurk has spent the last seven years living in Holland, where he been responsible for the highly respected Hoi Pol Loi parties, featuring such DJs as Dick Trevor, John Phantasm, Matt Boom, Mick Chaos, and many other DJs from across Europe.

You can hear a few of DJ Lurk's mixes, which he has made available online at The HoiPolLoi Website.

For those curious about the weather, current predictions for the area indicate that the weather will be 'Mostly Sunny', with highs of 26 and lows (ie, at night) of 11. We feel this is pretty ideal party conditions. For the latest weather predictions, click here [we are halfway between Bowral and Goulburn]

Sound: 14k of JBL Sound, powered by QSC amps

Lighting: The Professor + VJing from Eskatonia

Ticket Info: $29+bf from Psydeways (Newtown - No Booking Fee!), TheRecordStore (Darlinghurst - ex-BPM), InDenial (Glebe), Electric Monkies (Bondi), (Online). ALL TICKETS NOW ON SALE! Door Price: $35 before midnight, $40 after midnight.

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Contact Email:

Phone: 1900 963 300

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