Cycle Logical II: The Second Cycle

The Discordian Monkey Tribe

Date: Saturday 19th February, 2005
State: New South Wales
Venue: Putty, 2.5hrs northwest of Sydney. Visit for directions.

Live Acts: Sirius Isness (Mind Control Records, France), Lunaspice (Sub Machine Records, France), Sensient (Zenon, Melbourne)

DJs: Maxx vs Davina (Sirius Isness, France), Sensient (Zenon Records, Melbourne), Beka (Turbo Trance, Brisbane), NoMsg (D'Psyfa, Tribeadelic) vs Tripitaka (D'Psyfa), Jaimz (Saiko Sounds), Eegor (Sub Machine Records), Simon, Rosie, Monkeybolt, Pronoia and friends.

Following on from last year's now legendary Cycle Logical and Protoculture parties, the Discordian Monkey Tribe return with another outdoor bush adventure, featuring Sirius Isness (Mind Control, France), Lunaspice (France), Sensient, Beka, and more..

With some of the best artists from around the world and around Australia converging on one beautiful location in Sydney's bush, this will be another event to remember.

Sirius Isness (Mind Control Records, France ) - Live and DJ

Sirius Isness are Max and Davina, a french couple, and one of the only couples who produce trance music. They lived for a few years in San Francisco, where Max was a part of Biodegradable (an older project composed by CPU, Mekanikka, and Max). From the time they decided to make music together their reputation was already growing and growing. Davina is one of the rare female producers that contributes equally to the artistic process, and this is one of the reasons why Sirius Isness were one of the most respected acts internationally last year.

With their first album Resolution of Duality released on Moon SpiritsRecords last year to a huge amount of praise, they will follow it up with their second album Breaking the Matrix due for release in February on Talamasca's Mind Control Records. Sirius Isness are definitely well known and very talented producers, who in the last two years have built themselves a strong reputation, playing all around the globe with a huge success due to the quality of their music, and to the fact that their new production is crystal clear. You can listen to samples of their new album Breaking the Matrix on the Mind Control Records website -

Lunaspice (Sub Machine Records, France ) - Live

Lunaspice is the co-manager of the French label Sub Machine Records. He has released tracks on labels such as Tribeadelic, Tatsu, Cold Groove, Froggle, Clima and an upcoming Iboga records compilation, not to mention all of the Sub Machine Records releases. His style is well known in France for its intense groove and can best be described as a good mix between psychedelic trance, groovy progressive trance and fat tech/tribal house. His latest album Reflections, released on Sub Machine Records, takes you on a journey through all of these styles with a very subtle touch. Lunaspice has played all over the world in countries such as Japan, the Caribbean, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia. This time he will play live exclusively at Cycle Logical II in what will be his only outdoor appearance in NSW so be sure not to miss this future navigator of the progressive trance world!

Sensient (Zenon Records, Melbourne ) - Live and DJ

Sensient is 25 year old Tim Larner from Melbourne, Australia. Having played drums in various funk/fusion bands since the age of 12, he has always had the music in him. His early days in the scene were spent in the rainforests of Byron Bay, soaking up the vibe and inspirations of such a place. Now he has developed his own unique style of deep, groovy, progressive psy. Atmosphere plays a major part in his music, and the groove factor is equally important. Following numerous tracks on compilations, Sensients' successful debut album "Blue Neevus" was released on German label Tatsu Recordings in 2003, on the back of which he toured Europe and Japan. Tim also runs his own label Zenon Records which is releasing fresh and unique sounds to the trance world.

At Cycle Logical II, Tim will be releasing the third Zenon release, Intelligent Manipulation, which continues on Zenon’s mission to expose the psytrance world to a range of fresh and interesting music. This compilation contains nine brand new tracks ranging in style from deep tech-trance, to funky minimal, to smooth morning progressive, but always with a psychedelic bent and an increasing emphasis on pure musicality.

Beka (Turbo Trance Records, Brisbane)

Beka’s interest in the psychedelic trance scene developed in early ’97 near Byron Bay in Australia. At the end of that year she moved from Australia to London and began collecting vinyl, something that was much more difficult to do in Australia at the time. At the end of 2001 she left England for Australia once again and was involved in the first major trance festival in Koh Phangan for New Years 2001/2002. The next 12 months were spent in Australia getting to know the scene there once again and playing at many outdoor parties, and festivals. March 2003 saw Beka playing in Goa, one of her most memorable experiences to date, and the summer of 2004 saw her playing in Europe at the OMNI Festival in Spain.

Early moring sets are Beka’s favourite, moving from powerful full on trance into more melodic, fat, groovy “Neo Full On”. Beka is known to be adaptable and of course time and place play a big role in the style she chooses to play…

Sound: Liquid Sound + Secret Weapon

Lighting: The Professor + VJing by Tesseract

Decor: The Discordian Monkey Tribe

Ticket Info: Presale tickets @ $32 (including gst) - plus booking fee - are available from: IN THE MIX - online - THE RECORD STORE - darlinghurst - 255b crown st - 02 9380 8223 PSYDEWAYS - newtown, 480 king st 02 95651828 ELECTRIC MONKEY RECORDS - bondi beach - 78 gould St 02 9365 6955 CENTRAL STATION RECORDS - darlinghurst - 46 oxford St 02 9361 5222 RED EYE RECORDS - city, 66 king st 02 9299 4233 FISH RECORDS - newtown - 261 king st / bondi junction - 472 oxford st mall / balmain - 289 darling street / glebe - 37 glebe point road Tickets will be available on the door, but at a higher price.

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