Fractal Forest 2 (full moon chapter)

Sprouts (Lunarsphere)

Date: Saturday 20th August, 2005 - Sunday 21st August, 2005
Time: 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
State: New South Wales
Venue: 2 hrs south of sydney

Live Acts: Psytrakked

DJs: Sprouts (Lunarsphere), cosMICK & full colour laser performance (Lunarsphere/Anomaly Media), Dica vs. Substance(Revealing Mind), Abuse(Revealing Mind), Gilgamash (Jervis Bay), Bio[diversity] (, Femme, Scion (Lunarsphere/Nocturnal Species), Mcbain (Secret Weapon), Psytrakked (Fractal Universe), Sunrunner (E.E.P Rec/Fractal Universe) vs. Sol Connection (E.E.P. Rec/Fractal Universe), Rythmic Sun (Lunarsphere/Nocturnal Species) vs. aNti-MattEr(Fractal Universe), Physol (Lunarsphere), diALMan (Lunarsphere), DayCrasha, Darkchild (T-Quest), Galaktik (T-Quest), Uncle Fester (Lunarsphere/Anomaly Media), The Professor, Scorpius (T-Quest), Solar Spiral, Discord, Sonic Medicine, Memski, Wodger Want.

psychedelic picnic with deli'cious people in intimate forest location

Stage 1: Psytrance/progressive trance
Stage 2: Progressive/psy related and chill
Featuring an all local dj lineup across 2 stages. Come early for what is going to be pure bliss. The layout of the site is excellent. There will be enough strategicly placed fires to keep everyone warm and cosy.
There will be food /coffee and chai available. Only very well behaved dogs
please as the site is bordering a national park. Campers welcome. Please park and carry gear onto the site. Crew excepted. Cya there.

1. Get onto Hume hwy & head towards Goulburn.
2. About 55ks BEFORE Goulburn there is the twin servos
with Macdonalds.
3. Continue 11kms and cross Paddies bridge.
4. 700 metres after bridge and take 1st LEFT onto Mummba road.
5. Go 7kms until railway crossing in town of WINGELLO.,
6. Just across the railway turn RIGHT and head West torwards Marulan for
only 300m. (miss the 1st turn and take the 2nd)
7. Turn left at Bombala road (the 2nd turnoff)
8. Go down Bombala Rd for 1.3 kms and turn LEFT onto UNAMED road
9. Go down this road and after a while u will see pine forest on the
right. At about 3km veer right and pine forest will be on both sides of
the road. Continue 3kms to the party. Directions will be clearly marked
from here on.

1. When passing the servos at Marulan slow down and look for
Southern highlands Hwy turnoff to the right.
2. Turn right and go towards Bundanoon. About 7 ks pass thru
Tallong village. Go a FURTHER 10ks approx.
3. When approaching town of WINGELLO slow down and turn right
onto BOMBALA RD> If u pass town store u gone to far.

Go to no.s 8 and 9 of Sydney directions.

cya at the doof

Sound: Bain, Shayne & The Professor

Lighting: The Professor. Laser by Mick Aurora & Fester (Anomaly Media)

Decor: tribal development

Ticket Info: $15 at the gate

Contact Email:

Phone: Party hotline 92946814

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