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DJ Schwa (Beef/Tribal Vision Records)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 28th May 2006

DJ Schwa (Beef/Tribal Vision Records)

Hey Michael- how are you bro! Good I hope!

Not too bad. I hope that you are well too.

A Czech in Australia… It’s been a while now… Does it feel a bit like home here now? What where your first impressions of the country, and how have they changed since you arrived?

Yes, you are right. I feel like home now! Australia is beatiful and very colourful country. Thanks to djing I could see heaps of nice places around.
Things that changed? That would be for a book. My life is changing all the time. The last possitive thing which happened to me (and I remember it) is my new residency at Deep As Fuck in Sydney and my new music production project in cooperation with Nick West aka Floatank.

You have had a long standing association through music and production, through your family… Can you tell me how your love for DJing and electronic music began?

It all began when I was about 14 years old. Radio 1 Prague first grabbed my attention towards electronic music and djing. My first experiments were witch techno. James Rushking, Surgeon, Plasticman, Oliver Ho and of course Oliver Lieb. He influented me a lot and later I started to be more and more interested in trance and psychedelic sort of music. Trance was the first music I played publicly.

Tribal Vision doesn’t need a lot of introduction anymore- your successes have really shown through in the past year and a half… How did you first get involved with these guys?

Long time ago. I started to play with Slater on Czech parties around 2001. Soon I was involved into dj/party promoter group Tribal Vision. At the beginning of 2004 the idea of progressive label was born and few month later Tribal Vision records was established. At this time we just started to be bored ef of typical fullon trance and that’s why we found progressive oriented label.

You and Slater have compiled some monster compilations… Tribal Vision is now one of the strongest players in the progressive scene- where is the label at now? What can we expect release wise in the close future?

POTS remixes, which will be out very soon, contains some really fat tunes by Parket, Fitalic, Rai or Tegma. Our second 12” vinyl is due to be released on couple of weeks. Greed vs Sonic Cube. then Lime Light CD compilation volume 2- compiled by Slater will be for sure the best of progressive trance and house. There is a lot in our schedule. Personally I cant wait for Fitalic full length album…

You’ve also extended the concept and released techno/electro/house sub-label Beef Records- can you tell me a bit about that? Which artists are working with Beef? What releases are coming? Why did you feel this sub-label was necessary?

I was always into more experimental sort of music. I love techno, electro, house, tech-house or breaks. Beef records was necessary because we can’t release completely different music under the label Tribal Vision records. People who buy our stuff expect quality progressive. No experiments. That’s the reason why we decided to start a new label. Release date if Prime Cuts was just couple of days ago so we will see very soon if the fist Beef release is sucessful. Anyway take some time and check our bizzare web page: http://www.tribalvision.cz/beef.

When you play, it’s a very broad range of styles, never really sticking to one genre… Who are your favourite artists? What music inspires you? What kind of stuff do you listen to other than electronic music?

Favourites artists? That’s heaps. Anyway I would like to mention some of my favourite labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Mutekki, Traum, Kompakt, Sender, Poker Flat, Sprout, Klang… From artist its definitely James Holden, Minilogue, John Tejada, Nathan Fake, Trentemoller, Alex Kenji, Bushwacka. Just to name a few.
From non electronic music its definalely Gothan Project, Ninja Tune stuff and downtempo radio Overexposure.fm. There is no style difinition for good music. I like everything what is unique, has a soul and nice atmosphere. I hate when artists start to copy each other.

Have you heard many new or emerging artists you have liked lately? Where do you think the progressive scene is going? It seems to be diversifying a lot., but Tribal Vision seems to evolve with it well…

Progressive scene is diversing, that’s right. In last years I feel that a lot of artist are copiing the usual prog sound. That’s why I like progressive with electro influences. But not only electro. I think that future is in connecting different styles together. I hope that sometimes we will have parties where every dj play different kind of music (like many many years ago). That’s diversity for me.

You have had a good chance to see a bit of Australia- with gigs in Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, New Caladonia and even across the ditch to New Zealand… Can you tell me some highlights of your travels so far in Australia?

Its really hard to say which dj trip was the best. I really enjoyed New Zealand as well as New Caledonia or Cairns. Anyway, I reckon that one of the best parties are around Melbourne. Rainbow Serpent festival rocked . Cant wait till next year..

I understand you’ve played quite a few festivals overseas previously- and you’ll be returning over there for a while again soon… where have you got bookings so far while you are there?

Yes sure, I gonna be quite busy. Check my personal webpage where is complete partylist. http://schwa.moonfruit.com. Germany, France, Bulgaria and Czech of course. The highligh of European summer willl be probably our Castle festival. Last weekend in August on 500 years old castle. Electro, prog, trance, house, live bands, movies, theatre, performances and many many more .)

Are you looking forward to going back to Prague? What will be the first thing you do when you get home?

Honestly, I cant wait. I havent seen my friend for almost one year. I am really looking forward to a Czech beer and food. I also miss Czech clubs and crazy parties as well as our beautifful nature and coutryside.

What things do you think you’ll miss about Australia? What about things you wont miss so much? When do you plan to return back down-under again?

In Australia really get used to hospitability and services. Everything works. No problems (unless you have money). I will definitely miss sunny Sydney weather and beaches. We have no sea in Czech… But definitely I wont miss so much australian crazy rules, hehe. I reckon that in Europe we have much more freedom then down here. My return is planned for October. I will be back for The Awekening festival where gonna play with Vibrasphere live.

We better wrap this up Michael, good to have a chat to you… Good luck with your return home, and I hope to catch up with you again soon! Good luck with Tribal Vision and the up-coming Beef project!!!

Thanks. Good luck to you as well and see you soon.