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Fatali - Dawn (BNE, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 3rd Jun 2006

Fatali - Dawn (BNE, Israel)

Didn’t catch Fatali when he last visited Australia, although a lot of my friends said he played very well- I’d heard a few new ones here and there so I naturally though that the Fatali album might be quite good. It actually surprised me- it’s a bit more than good! Fatali – Dawn on BNE/Yoyo is a rocking collection of morning psytrance- its emotional, melodic trance without the cheesey rave sections and boring crap that seems to plague a lot of modern full on.

The tunes range between 138-145, guaranteeing that its pretty workable for different times and places- his sound seems to have gotten a lot more “solid” over the last few works, really digging the basslines on this album. Lots of definition and very crisp and clean sound all around really- production level is top notch (as is the case with most BNE artists).

After a little atmospheric intro, its strait into it with Deep- a proggy influenced numbers that echoes stuff by guys Lish or Yotopia a bit. Deep pulsing bassline winding over some snappy percussions and lots of atmosphere. Funky and strait to the point and at 138 BPM youd probably even find me dropping this one in prog sets here and there… Lovely stuff, a great start to the cd.

Ocean View at 140 brings the tempo up a bit- Solid as fuck bassline dominates and shows that Dawn isn’t at any way a weak or soft release. Nice development throughout the track, well places sounds and atmospherics and a nice hovering feel maintained right up to the end. Some nice melodies give the end a bit of lift and some nice psychedelic feel- again a winner!

Flip has echoes of stuff by protoculture- winding psychedelic feel with a more melodic focus- nice morning stuff but has a bit too much given in the high end at some parts for me. Fans of the more melodic thing wont be let down though, definitely not a bad track.

2nd Episode has a similar kind of protoculturish jump- its got a lot more tuffness than the last one I think. Top notch bass and some lovely subtle melodies and nice breaks and drops guarantee this is interesting listen and a great dancefloor track. Really picks the pace up at the end with a super solid section… wicked.

Homeless is probably most melodic based one on the album- its quite traditional Israeli sound- not terrible track by any means, but perhaps a bit too generic for me. Still got a nice drop and feel- and he doesn’t let the “rave” in anywhere either, I give him maximum credit for that!

Dawn- the title track starts with a nice acoustic guitar intro- quite infectedish but at the same time nice on the ears. Quite a bit of infected influence all around on this- probably prefer the Fatali sound a little bit more these days even! Rolling basslines and that style here- nothing that really catches my eye too much but again not really a bad track either. Happy music.

Free really redeems the last 2- the Solidness is back with this one! Nice minimal intent and epic morning feel. Driving bass and tappy percussions give it very building feel, would be nice toward to start of a set I think.

Booster has a very different bassline- its nice to hear something new! Kind of bubbly rumble- very funky feel all around with this one. Bouncy sections all around, very playful feel. Cool, fun music.

They always save the best for last- If We Touch is a dirty, funky number with heaps of balls at the same time. Love the way the bassline is so raw and groovy- giving way to some spacious sections with killer rhythms all around. Stabby and with an interesting progression- this is the most fresh sounding one on the album I think. Rocking stuff to close it off.

Overall- Fatali doesn’t push a whole of boundaries with Dawn- but what he does do is deliver a very solid release that will keep fans of real psytrance alive. There aren’t any ravey peaks, its not cheesey yet its got some nice melodic work- and most importantly, its designed with the dancefloor in mind.

Its very fun music- playful and positive- good to see an artist develop the way he has, this is definitely his best work yet. Well done bro, hope to catch you next time your down under. Best BNE release in quite a while!


Favourites 2-3-10