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A brief overview of Australian Psy-Trance

Article posted by admin on 5th Aug 2002

Psychedelic trance in Australia has come a long way. At present you are able to find trance parties, big and small, in every major city of Australia. The music has changed since the early days of what was known as 'goa-trance' and the movement has also changed accordingly. Many Djs follow the natural progression of the music and constantly play the latest, most cutting edge sounds which keeps the parties and the scene as a whole feeling fresh and new. Australian parties are constantly exposed to the latest sounds from throughout the world, from Finland to Japan, Australia has had it all.

Byron Bay was a melting pot for the early energies involved in the Australian trance movement and it is still probably the most well known trance hotspot. Events like 'Trancelements' and the ?Beyond The Brain? series pushed the Australian trance scene from it's early stages into a brave new world, with these events being the largest at the time. The Epicenter (Byron Bay) was a regular fixture in the trance scene and has hosted some of the most mind blowing 'Beyond The Brain' events to date. Now over the years, this focus has changed as cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have hosted some very large and internationally recognised trance festivals and parties of their own. Australia's beautiful landscapes, oceans & weather have proven to make this country an ideal psychedelic heaven. The annual Rainbow Serpant festival is a prime example of a major trance festival that has put Australia on the psychedelic map...

All year round you'll find committed promoters coming up with quality events weather they be outdoors, in a club, or an inner city warehouse. Psytrance parties ultimately are a summer outdoor sport, with the vast majority of the events happening over the summer months of November, December and January.

The Australian record labels like Demon Tea, Psy-harmonics, Weird Music Society and Edgecore played a major part in shaping the Aussie psychedelic sound and newer labels like Edgecore, Green Ant, Tribe-adelic and Digital Psionics are also delivering the goods. The Aussie sound is very organic and unique to say the least and is been quite sought after by the Djs of the world. Keep an eye out on Australiens.net for the latest updates in Australian psychedelic music..

Australia has been a real playground when it comes to all things psychedelic and with the continued good intentions of all that are involved it looks like it will stay this way for a long time to come.

Author: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds & Laughing Sam and his Dice

Pictures courtesy of BaRrY AnThOnY