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Very Progressive Records - Sub6 - 7th Son Remixes review

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 11th Jun 2005

Very Progressive Records - Sub6 - 7th Son Remixes review

VeryProgressive Records of Israel are a new label making very big waves in many different musical scenes, from the house and electro clubs of Europe to the outdoor parties of Israel. Focusing less on the “trancey” side of progressive and more at progressive as a genre as a whole, VP records has definitely left its mark in 2005 with a string of releases of prog’s biggest stars. With a Fitalic vinyl featuring an Antix remix and top selling compilation Inspirazzia, VP have established themselves well and are helping lead the charge in the resurgence of progressive this year. Their latest release, “Sub6 – 7th Son Remixes”, a remix disk of respected Israeli artists Sub6 will no doubt help this charge a lot further- helping bridge the gap between full on and progressive.

Sub6 are one of the biggest names in trance music today, and their album “Who Needs Love Songs” was one of the most highly critically acclaimed albums of last year. It contained a mixture of many different forms of trance, including full on, progressive, electro and the unmistakeable Israeli style fused into an unmistakeably Sub6 sound. The original 7th Son track, a collaboration with Michelle Adamson, was the slowest, most eclectic tracks on the album, reminding more of Groove Armada than Sub6 at times. A gold track for sure, with a ragga groove and tidy vocals by trance superstar vocalist Adamson.

VP has done well to secure the remix to this, and done well they have. Instead of making a few predictable full on remixes, a breaks mix and a chill track, they have enlisted some of the most respected and sought after names in the global prog scene to make their interpretation of the track. Freq, Ticon, Fitalic, Andre Absolut and Krangstrahler Projekt all get a lash at a remix and Sub6 also add a rework, ensuring all spheres of the scene are covered (with class!). Each remix is a tidy piece of work within its respective style, and no doubt this CD will get a huge lashing this summer season overseas and probably here in Aus too.

Switzerland’s Andre Absolute is first up, delivering a powerful big-beat breaks remix. Andre’s music has been released in many different genres of music, from the house and breaks scene to labels like Plusquam. The vocals and groove of the original definitely compliment this dubby remix, and no doubt it will get big rotation in the breaks scene. Monster bassline, with heaps of gated effects and a slinky groove, this remix works very well and I don’t think could have been done much better… Very much an artist to watch for fans of prog and breaks alike!

The Netherland’s Fitalic is doing equally big things in the progressive house and breaks scene, releasing on huge labels such as Vapour and Sprout. No doubt you would have heard some Fitalic stuff if you heard D-Nox at RSF the last couple of years… Their remix also works well, with a pumping progressive house groove… I think it would work rather well both indoor and outdoor, with a cool dubby vibe and heaps of reverbed percussion. Class stuff from these guys, I hope to hear more CD releases soon (most stuff otherwise has been on vinyl).

Germany’s Klahstrahler Projekt adds a bit of groovy flavour, with a funky loopus-in-fabula style remix of the track. Funky reverbed Parliament guitars reminds me of that old Loopus track “funkytown”, this one will definitely suit all the disco-cats out there… I could see this going down sometime at RSF on Monday, with heaps of lady’s shaking their asses… I mean that is what disco music is for isn’t it?

With some of Ticon’s releases lately I was getting a bit worried… I wasn’t sure if I dug the direction they were headed, they seemed to be losing a bit of the edge that made me fall in love with their sound years ago… While this track is certainly no “Gurk-Burk”, it has restored my faith in Ticon and their direction. Similar in sound to some of the tracks off the new Antix album, this track has a pushing progressive groove and a lovely warm sound. Lovely tribal percussion elements and that warm sustained bass that sounds sooooo good on a Sunday afternoon… This one will be getting a lash by me for sure!

Australia’s Freq has definitely established himself at the front line of his genre in recent years: his unmistakeable sound has been heard on nearly every major progressive trance compilation in the past couple of years. A very busy boy indeed, it makes me wonder where he has time to tour! While I was right into the Ticon track, this remix does it for me most on the album… Maybe it’s because I’ve listened to this vocal section so much by this time of the review, and he manages to cut it out the most! Love what he does with the vocals in this one, heavily effected to make them more like rhythms than a strait vocal line. Heaps of gate effects and groovy Freq percussion over a deep and intelligent bottom end. More warm bass noises toward to the end too, I must say this is the most interesting Freq track for a while. Definitely can see his sound evolving, absolute gear in my opinion.

The last track is Sub6 themselves doing a rework, and it isn’t hugely different from the first version. More power in the bottom end, and a few extra sounds and drops, and improved mastering… Nothing hugely special, nice if you haven’t got the original track.

Overall a very solid release from VP which I’m sure will sell bucket-loads. Great remixes in a variety of different styles, with their own special take on the track. Good to see they are released as a CD single as well!

JK 8/10