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DJ Anti (Spiral Trax)

Article posted by admin on 29th Jan 2003

Interview courtesy of Marius Jones (www.12am.com.au)

1. How was 2002 for ANTI - what were some of the smaller parties you played at?
2002 was not the best since the whole music industry saw a decline in record sales and some companies went bankrupt or ceased business. Within the trance scene it was the year of full-on music which really is not my cup of tea. I do like it in small doses. At a lot of the festivals I went to this summer, the full-on assault went on for four days non-stop. Needless to say, I did not enjoy it at all! Gigwise, the highlight must have been the monthly progressive house club called ACDC that I started in Gothenburg. It usually attracts a crowd of 500 and we get the chance to play the music we really love. In 2002 I also cut down on gigs to focus on the label work.

2. What and/or who have been your major influences over the past 2 years?
Defenitely the UK progressive house scene. It reminds me so much of how trance used to sound when I started listening to it in the early nineties. Also my annual trips to Ibiza have been a great musical influence. After spending almost every weekend at trance parties it is great to go somewhere to hear other styles of music presented by DJ's that know what they are doing.

3. Rainbow Serpent Festival has been going from strength to strength - how does it compare to some of the other Trance Festivals you play at around the globe?
It does not differ so much. It is defenitely up there together with the other top trance festivals in the world. I guess it is the number one trance festival in the southern hemisphere. Unfortunately I couldn't make it last year but is great to be back again.

4. What can we expect from Anti this time around?
The typical mix of psychedelic trance to progressive house with a lot of unreleased Scandinavian tunes and a lot of forthcoming releases from my labels, Spiral Trax, Spiral Trax International and ACDC.

5. For someone who hasn't heard your style before how would you describe it?

6. How do the Australian crowds compare with those of Europe and the US?
I think that the crowd at Rainbow Serpent is quite similar to the crowds all over the world due to all the travellers that pass through Melbourne. In the states for example, San Fransisco is very much like Europe since there are a lot of people from all over the world. Other places in the USA can be a bit weird sometimes.

7. Are you playing anywhere else on this trip across the globe?
I will be playing in Sydney on the 7th of February ( GAS Nightclub - www.australiens.net/clubsessions ) and on the 10th we are making a release party for the new S-Range album, 'Space', in Tokyo. But I am also trying to have a bit of holiday.

8. What is your top 5 in your record box at the moment?
Trance top 5: 1. Atmos - Umbau (Spiral Trax) 2. Human Blue - Soft Spread (Spiral Trax) 3. Timetech - Sensuality (Plusquam) 4. Trancefeld - Scheiss Herbst 2002 (Sunset) 5. Ticon - Waiting for the knights (Digital Structures) Progressive house top 5: 1. Alex Joon - Deep Down (ACDC) 2. Inkfish - untitled (unreleased) 3. Homerun - Waves (Q Records) 4. Saiko-pod - Silent Running / True to Nature Remix (ACDC) 5. Krueger & Coyle - The Witness / Marc O'Tool Remix (ACDC)

9. Are you spending more time in the studio or out playing to crowds?
Like I said before I have cut down on gigs in favour of label work. Lately I have been trying to keep it down to 1 gig abroad a month and one night at the monthly club. Since a couple of years ago I stopped producing music. It takes too much time and I want to concentrate on the labels and the DJ-ing.

Dont miss your chance to see this true master at work at Club Sessions @ GAS - Feb 7 in his first and only Sydney performance - more info at www.australiens.net/clubsessions