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Bufo Interview (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Denmark)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 22nd Aug 2006

Bufo Interview (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Denmark)

Hey there guys, how are you?

WE ARE MELTING!!? ............... nahh we are fine mate, enjoying the danish summer.

Now you both have solo projects as well (Psypox & Moses)- Can you tell me how this Bufo project began? Am I right in guessing it’s the poison from a toad’s back? (haha!)

- Long before Bufo was created, we both had a passion for insects and frogs - we have always liked wierd frogs and other tropical animals, so Bufo came from our love to frogs. Well the Bufo project began when we had decides to try and create some tracks together for the fun of it, and we discovered that we had a different and totally new style together. Then one day when Psypox was "swallowing" a nasty pizza, Moses had produced a few minuttes on "Midged Midge" and we looked at each other and that was IT!! Bufo was born!! - Solid funky offbeat techno!!!

Tell me a little bit about the sound of Bufo… You guys have a very unique sound- minimal is a little harder to come by these days- tell me a bit about your philosophy on music-making...

- Hmm, philosophy is such a big word - we realy doubt that there is a big philosophy behind bufo. Bufo is all about having fun, dancing and drinking alot of beers. Our style is some sort of psychedelic minimal offbeat with a twist of progressiveness "Psygressive" as we call it - Always packed with alot of humor, freshness and quality that will make people smile and dance their ass off.

You seem to have found a good home at Cosmic Conspiracy Records- How did your association with the crew there begin? What do you like about CCR most?

- Yes we love the CCR Crew, and tbh. CCR is the best label for Bufo on the scene right now, because they are open minded, love beers and have the same twisted humor as us. The contact was made because Nikolai (Psypox) released a track on VA - Contact Lens, so it was all naturel to give CCR the offer for an album from Bufo. And CCRecords is a label we both support, because they are one of the few labels who support our favorite music, and CCR really taste soo much of good underground culture.

You’ve got your album finished and ready to go- how does that feel? Where was most of the album completed? How long did it take? Any hurdles in the process?

- Feels fantastic!! Well we worked every weekends all through the winter after we got the deal with CCR "in da house", other than that Bufo is not more than 1½ year old. Ofcourse we have been talking about making another album next winter, but let see when that time comes. right now we are both enjoying the summer in Denmark and getting inspiration for new tracks. We got some tracks ready for compilations, that really rock!! ...can't wait to get them released. The only problem is the minimal label scene is so small, so it's kinda hard to get tracks out on more then 2 labels, but we hope to get a track out on Zenon very soon.

So what’s next now the album is finished? Any other releases coming for Bufo or your Solo projects?

- The plan it to get some gigs all around the globe, so we really can show the dancefloors what Bufo is all about! plus we're producing more wicked psygressive tracks in hope to release on some compilations on different labels before we start up on the 2nd album! ;-) hehe...

Tell me a little about your musical influences. Who do you listen to at home? What artist inspire your sound musically? And what sort of things do you listen to out of trance music?

- Actually we're both very mush into all types of electronical types of music and styles, all from the deepest blip-blop electro to the no-turning-back psychotic full-on psychedelic! We both are former drummers so sometimes insted of making techno, we drink beers and listen to some metal music like: Pantera and stuff like that, we both are very openminded regarding music.

Australia is certainly ripe for minimal DJs and Live Acts- do you get a good reaction overseas? Are you playing or touring much? Where?

- Not much yet since we are a fresh new project that needs to be heard and ofcause we hope to come Down-Under to perform. We're playing to most of the big danish festivals, but hope to soon get some gigs outside the DK. The reaction Down-Under uptill now has been very nice and Wizdumb (the head of CCR) has been promoting us a lot. But yeah the minimal scene seems alot bigger down-under then in Denmark - and we hope that we can get down there someday and blow some heads. :)

What do you see for the future of Bufo- where do you think you want to take this project?

Aslong as we get free beers at the partys we play, then bufo is a success.

What do you guys like to do most other than make music? What are some of your hobbies and past-times other than music? Do you have dayjobs?

- yea it's denmark... you gotta have a dayjob here to pay for all the phat studiogear and all the beers we need. We are both metal workers. Moses is a plummer and Nikolai is a welder - Do we have a hobby? well hmmm... hackysack, beers and music prodution we guess.

I guess we must wrap this up- Any famous last words before we say goodbye?

- Hello all people from Planet Space, beware of the interstellar toad invasion!!

Cheers guys, keep it rocking. Your album is fully staunch, great to see some people outside Australia keeping the minimal flame alive!