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VA- 'Hyperspatial Chrysalis' (Ketuh Records, 2005)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 6th Sep 2005

VA- 'Hyperspatial Chrysalis' (Ketuh Records, 2005)

VA- 'Hyperspatial Chrysalis' (Ketuh Records, 2005)

Artist: Various
Title: Hyperspatial Chrysalis
Label: Ketuh Records (Portugal/Austria)
Catalog #: Kthcd010
Format: CD
Released: 13 June 2005

1. Psychoactive- 'Crazy Cabby'
2. Hefty Output- 'WTF? Rmx'
3. Sychophant- 'Life and Death Rmx'
4. Sungirl vs. Iron Madness- 'Buddhist Pyramidi'
5. Pondscum- 'Style Stalker'
6. Paranoize- 'Deception'
7. Phonic Request vs. Akhoa- 'Call 1334 Rmx'
8. Psyboriginal- 'Spirited Way Rmx'
9. Killer Buds- 'Biogenese'

Review: This is the tenth release from Portuguese-born and Austrian based record label Ketuh Records. At the start of 2005, the paths of the Ketuh Records family and the Triptamind Crew crossed in Australia. The experiences gained there, spawned the 'Hyperspatial Chrysalis', a collaborative effort between the two. The result- a collection of nine tracks from new and upcoming Australian artists as well as some fresh sounds from elsewhere around the globe. Compiled by Dj P_Mac, Label manager of Ketuh Records and resident Boom Festival DJ, with liner notes written by Eli of the Triptamind Crew in Australia. This compilation showcases the transitional period between night time and morning- the multi-dimensional and ever-evolving sound of the chrysalis that is Ketuh Records.

1. Psychoactive- 'Crazy Cabby'- Psychoactive aka Steve Barr, from Australia, is the co-founder of Fragile Planet Records. This is his first solo release on Ketuh Records. "It's like getting a personal visit from God", perhaps so. It's an enticing sample to start off the compilation. Extracted from reality, we are at once propelled into the opening groove. The result- a crisp, dynamic bassline that's constantly evolving and changing with surprising subtlety. The main synth melody is crunchy and raw, complemented by a squeeky tweaked out synth, more than doubling the quirkiness. The two sounds are cleverly weaved together with countless variation, creating the animated, whimsical groove that drives this track onwards. Loose percussive breaks add a highly effective, yet barely noticable punch to the already carefree, effortless feel of the dark funky psychedelic grooves, "51 times stronger" for sure! 10/10

2. Hefty Output- 'WTF? Rmx' - From Australia are Dan Verbi and Tim Hanlon, recent additions to the Ketuh family, this is their second release, its heavy music for the night to the max! You can hear the raw, biting influence of South African artists Damage and Artifakt here. A deep bassline rolls along fearlessly, occasionally meeting with a multitude of elastic synth sounds dribbling nighttime psychedelia. Also hiding in the shadows a piercing melody lurks, ready to strike when the time is right. Smooth deep dark psy, in a genre of its own. From time to time, various creaking and rewind fx join forces with the ripping main synth line, further embellishing the already vicious groove. What is lost in focus and momentum towards the end of this track, is made up for with psychedelic elements! Their prior release, 'Ghb (Remix)', was a bit charged with spoken samples, it's nice to hear a track focusing more on created rather than found sounds. Super mean and highly potent. Last words: It's all about the bass. 8/10

3. Sychophant- 'Life and Death Rmx'- Welcome Aussie #3, Sycophant, Melbourne based artist John Vougioukas. This is his debut release on Ketuh Records. The style is dark and atmospheric, the dancefloor effect- massive. Ethereal, dreamlike atmospheres collide with a galloping bassline and scratchy synth- a sonic depiction of being lost amidst unknown confusion. The break brings inaudible samples of chaos and disarray as well as a wind tunnel which sends us swirling into a super mean psychedelic synth line. A perfect nighttime groove! This track is all about the atmosphere as we swirl about in anticipation of where it will toss us next. The main breakdown brings the bassline to the forefront where 'your hell awaits you' as well as a groove full of darkness, scratching synth lines, and screams of confusion, as we descend further into the abyss of the unknown. 8/10

4. Sungirl vs. Iron Madness- 'Buddhist Pyramidi'- Sungirl is Yana from Russia, with previous releases on Trishula and Manic Dragon Records. Iron Madness is Ziv from Israel, previously releasing on Doof Records. This is their first track released as Sungirl vs. Iron Madness, and also their first Ketuh release. A symphonic beginning, reminiscent of the opening scene of an epic movie. This melodrama is soon cut short as we are instantaneously faced with a dark, driving baseline and powerful snare interspersed with screams of horror. The main synth is introduced, catchy and melodic, yet also with a somber and emotional element to it as well. The melody doesn't detract at all from the overwhelming sense of darkness, chaos, and confusion that is the essence of this track. Rather than disrupting from the flow, the numerous breakdown-buildups we hear only serve to propel this track onwards, further building the intensity. This is nonstop madness!!! Previously, I had not been a fan Sungirl or Iron Madness, but together, the blend of their sounds is magical!!! Best track on this comp so far 11/10

5. Pondscum- 'Style Stalker'- Aha! The long anticipated second release from Luke Danielewski, Aussie #4 on this comp. His full flavored musical project Pondscum is notoriously known for its signature dark, minimal, hypnotic psychedelic sound and this track is certainly no exception to that! From the start, I am immediately drawn in by an overwhelming sense of spiraling downwards. Various complex and intricate synth lines working together along with swirling atmospheric pads sitting further in the background of this track further evoke the downward spiral. This is for sure one of the darkest psychedelic melodic grooves I've heard in a while. I really like how this track progresses and changes up a lot without ever straying too far from its central theme. Around 3:30, everything falls into place here and the groove is dark, melodic and extremely effective, it would have been interesting to see this idea develop more before the track changed things up once again. A monstrous spooky nighttime track- guaranteed to get everyone out of the darkness and onto the dancefloor, I only wish it hadn't ended so abruptly. 9/10

6. Paranoize- 'Deception'- From Israel comes Alex Ladyzanskyi aka Paranoize, this is his second release on Ketuh Records. With a driving bassline, scratchy percussive synth and air of eerieness we are officially launched into orbit. This track is centered around two synth lines, one which has a metallic, rhythmic sawing quality to it, the other can only be likened to the cawing of a scavenger crow circling above. Every element in this track is precise, exact, and deliberate. Transitions between different ideas are smooth and effortless, and the overall level of production is extremely high. With virtually no melodic element in this track, I find I'm craving more melody! As the hi-hats and snare are prominent here, it would have been interesting to see some more mid-range percussive elements added in. As this track progresses, the main synth line increasingly begins to ooze psychedelia. The constant morphing nature of this track keeps it interesting, leading up into the final buildup- Dark psy with a twist of lime. 9/10

7. Phonic Request vs. Akhoa- 'Call 1334 Rmx'- With previous releases on Magma and TIP, PhonicRequest is the work of Wilfried Decaesteker. Here he teams up with fellow Frenchman Akhoa. You may recall the duo from their track 'Early Reflections', on Parvati Records earlier this year. This is their second collaborative release, and their first Ketuh appearance. The track begins with a funky bassline full of movement, some short squiggly zooming synths adding to the raw bouncy sound and a gritty dirty no nonsense snare reminding me of Rinkadink. The likeness is again heard in the zooming buildups appearing throughout. The entirety of this track feels like one long buildup, leaving me constantly anticipating what is to come. I must admit, with the comical flavor, I expected the final buildup to lead to a goofy sample. I'm slightly disappointed with "call 13.34", which leaves me with with more of an "um....ok" feeling. Despite the fact that this track could have had a bit more drive, it is an essential dirty groove full of zooming psychedelic sounds and I love it! 9/10

8. Psyboriginal- 'Spirited Way Rmx'- Aussie #5 on this compilation, Psyboriginal is Marc Freund from Sydney. A new Ketuh artist, this is his debut release. His sound has been described as explosive, unique and highly danceable and now I will hear for myself. We start things off with a groovy bassline, some quick start-stops and eerie atmosphere to complete the mix. The main melody reminds me a bit of Logic Bomb, only with a darker, more sinister feel contrasting nicely with the raw bouncy synth line previously introduced. The sample usage throughout, and especially at 4:40, is the best of any track appearing on this compilation. Psyboriginal has managed to weave together all the right elements to create a perfect killer groove that just works- so much so that I cannot give away any more of the details. This is an insane debut track, I cannot even begin to imagine what else this guy has got up his sleeve. For sure, one of the strongest tracks on this compilation, perfect for bringing in the morning 10/10

9. Killer Buds- 'Biogenese'- From Brazil, Enzio, Tarcisio and Marcelo, collectively known as Killer Buds, are a Ketuh Records staple, appearing on the past 5 Ketuh compilations, as well as recently releasing their full length debut album on Ketuh. Much like their previous releases, this track is nothing short of massive sounding. A slightly different sound then I've previously heard from Killer Buds- the bassline is sitting more towards the back of this track, while the main synth line is front and center throughout. This track is a bit lighter on the sample usage than previous releases, giving precedence to the melody of this morning stomper. The breakdown is quite unique and my favorite part of this track, slowing the beat down and then rapidly speeding up once again, a zooming buildup storming ahead towards all hell breaking loose. Melodic mayhem perfect for waking up any dancefloor. 8/10

Favorites: 1(!!), 4(!!!), 5, 6, 7(!!), 8(!!!)

Overall: Another strong compilation from Ketuh Records. Nothing endures but change, and with each quality release from this label, we continue to see just why this is true. Much like the Chrysalis, we are all evolving to a fluctuating vibration of cosmic energy, music is no exception to this. If you are at all curious as to where the future of psychedelic trance music lies, rest assured, a few of the answers you will find here. Five Australian artists appearing on a non-Australian label, Four artists making their debut releases on this compilation... Ketuh Records has consistantly made it their goal to seek out the
newest, freshest, most unique sounds around. Well, mission more than accomplished.

Lauryn (Mistical Productions, Boston, USA)