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Prisoners Of The Sun (POTS)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 2nd Dec 2005

Prisoners Of The Sun (POTS)

Tribal Vision return yet again with the release of the new album by legendary progressive act Prisoners Of The Sun (aka POTS), “Creating Social Success”.
I must say since I heard the samples of this album a few months back I was really anticipating it- and it definitely didn’t let me down one bit in the slightest. Creating Social Success is a very complete album, its contains a range of progressive styles fused together with the trademark dark and hypnotic POTS sound not lost in the sands of time.

You don’t see many albums with bpm ranges of 128-140- it’s definitely useful in many ways for the DJ and its also a great listener from start to finish also. It’s very clear the POTS guys spent a long time in the studio perfecting this work- its cheeky and original with some amazing subtle sounds and rhythms- I must say I’m still hearing new intricacies with every listen. Their concept of scientific darkness really becomes evident with a few listens, even in the more playful tracks there is a deep hypnotic element that definitely puts it in a class of its own.

The album opens with Crystal Cream- a slower, melancholy groover suitable for the late daytime hours. Takes a while to get where it wants to go, but its definitely part of the magic of the POTS sound- kind of the music you just shut up and dance too. “Hello Kitty” follows on, with a more funky, upbeat feel- a bit on the lighter side with some crazy leadwork (I just cant get it out of my head!). This track is really cheeky- everytime you expect a sound its not there- really showcases the intelligent production work of these guys. Lovely, groovy trance to make the dancefloor get all shakey-shakey.

Trance Popper is next- this is one of the ones that captured my attention intitially and I really think its definitely one of my favourite tracks this year. Deep, dark and gritty tribal with a bass-action that I just cant put to words. Guarenteed to move any dancefloor I think… Amazing stuff, not much more I can say. Bravo continues in the same fashion- its funny the 2 best tracks for me on the cd are one after each other. Epic leads and some cool bongos and assorted other percussive work. I hear Antix is remixing it for the POTS remix cd too (I can’t wait for this either!) Wicked.

Botox Party keeps the solid tribal groove going, with a pounding bassline and menacing leads and rhythms. Eerie and dark, I think the fans of older POTS stuff will get right into this one. Groove Garden moves into a slightly tek-inspired space, with a huge pulsing bass and some electroleads towards the end. Eiflegold changes the pace a bit, with a more morning inspired, driving feel. Its got a really infectious melody too, again one for the fans of the older POTS material.

Dandy Division is currently up for a remix contest from tribal vision- I’m definitely keen to hear what comes out from this. Pulsing and dark, with one of the best basslines on the album- serious stuff. A great appegiated melody at the end also, gives it a real epic feel. Tussy De Lux closes the album- one of the standout tracks for me no doubt. So much work in the bass and low end section rhythms, its lovely. Winding, Hypnotic and brooding, I cant get enough. Great finishing track.

All-in-all, I cant really say much more than I have about Creating Social Success- to me its been one of the landmark releases of the year, up there with the albums of Ticon and Antix- definitely proves that these masters of the progressive genre haven’t lost their touch. Serious music for trance lovers who appreciate subtlety and minimalism, but definitely a very wide appeal on the account of different styles present on the album. This one is definitely on high rotation for me right now, congratulations Thomas and Achim and Tribal Vision on one of the landmark releases of the year, and yes, I finally understand what it is to experience social success. Weltklasse.