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Motion/Tetraktys (France)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 1st Jul 2005

Motion/Tetraktys (France)

Hey Vincent, how are you mate?

Hi, I’m fine thx.

Start with the basics I guess… How old are you, where do you live?

Well, I’m 29; I’m living for the moment in a small city in the north of Paris suburb, quite charming.

You’ve been in the trance scene for a while with your Tetraktys project. How did your journey into electronic music start?

For the music story, everything start at 5 with 15 years of studying classical piano, then came the time of psychedelic rock band, with Charles from Triptych. Then came the discovery of the hard and underground techno movement, Paris clubs, and going to many different parties. I really enjoyed this 90's explosion of all kind of electronic music in France. At the same time, due to my design study, I discovered computers and software and start to play with them both for design & music. It was a good way for me to keep going without piano in my student Parisian flat. Few years after, finished my study, I worked in some design agency and at the same time I stared to get deeper and deeper into electronic music production during night and weekend. I’d like to say this adventure is happening naturally, there is no plan more than sharing passions, talents, fun with your friends. Now the music took over the design, but I think one day I’ll bring balance between my 2 passions. :)

Your more recent project Motion definitely has a lighter more progressive edge than Tetraktys Tek-Trance. Can you tell me a bit about the reason you decided to move into this sound? Do you still make much music as Tetraktys?

Again, I must say it came in a natural path. My tastes are always evolving. I think because of my way of making music, I have to change and refresh my inspiration all the time. Otherwise I feel turning into circle and I can't stand it! I always searching for "new" music, sometime just have a listen, just to know and also share with friends who are listening something totally different. Some kind of other path of life. I like to have many kinds of influences, that make my music richer, I think. I'm also used to listen to many kind of music, classical to rock, electro, world, etc...
For Motion, maybe it started with Champagne track on Tetraktys album. I must say that I had lot of fun to make it at this time. Then, slowly but surely, Motion style grown up and took a bigger place into my mind! I create Motion to keep a kind of logic. It's not really the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hide story; it's more a different expression of creativity. I produce also some other kind of music without any name. Actually, even if still play live with, I put some distance with Tetraktys. I still produce some and change the techno style, but for now, I’m more focused on Motion. Also Motion is evolving. The new stuff is different than the latest release. Now I start to sing and I discover some new ways of music arrangement. Then probably an album before next year. I've just started to work on it. Also some release on several compilations before. At last, I'll probably turn to Tetraktys in the future. Or maybe something else... who knows?

You French guys definitely have got a nice sound happening… Which artists do you make music with regularly?

Actually I have some collaborations going on with Charles (triptych), my old friend and music partner. We work a lot together; we support each other and share the same passion for such a long time… I also always have friends like Side-A, LunaSpice, Fiction, around passing in the studio, and that’s true I got more open to direct collaborations lately... I also took advantage of my trip to Canada and Japan to meet new friends and collaborate with their project, Axiomata and Clutch.

How is the trance scene in France? Oliver (Side-A) was telling me that you don’t have many outdoor parties… Mainly club focused?

Well, the trance scene in France is not on top since few years... It's getting harder and harder to make big parties cause of many authorities pressures. Its start with location (out or indoor), then so many official papers to get, etc... Maybe only one big trance promoter left in France... A kind of dinosaur :) They made huge parties in the past, now they're surviving to authority’s law and try to promote trance as best as they can. Outside of Paris, they are some promoters who're making some nice parties (sometime outdoor with cool spot, in the mountain or near the sea), but there after few years of this situation, you can feel less motivation from the crowd to move on. Concerning progressive music, it's more clubbish music so Submachine is trying to promote through some Parisian clubs. But progressive is more underground, so you can imagine how it's hard!

Which labels are you involved with these days? Sub Machine obviously, but working with any others?

I'm not really involved into some labels. I'm making music. Submachine are all good friends and I do what I can to help and promote. But yes, I’m working with many labels for compilation release. As Tetraktys, I worked with Submachine, Cold Groove, Maniac IQ, Groove Zone, ZMA, Moonflower, Aeon and Mandala. For Motion I already work with Submachine, Tatsu, Plastik Park, Candyflip and Maniac IQ

Tell me a bit about what’s in the future release wise… I see that both Motion and Tetraktys projects feature on the new Maniac IQ compilation…

Yes, the new Maniac IQ has one Motion and one Tetraktys. The Motion is definitely one of my best from past year. Really special atmospheres :) The Tetraktys one is a bit different as usual Tetraktys techno style, maybe more "trancy" one. Also the new Candyflip compilation with a Motion & Side-A and the upcoming Stargate rec. (Sonkite DVD) with also one Tetraktys and one Motion (and some more like Thomas Penton, Dnox & Beckers, MartinH, D-sens, Vibrasphere, etc...). For Motion's next release, watch out the next Plastik Park compilation, compiled by dj Sally Doolally with a Motion & Clutch really pumping! The next Groove Zone also, already underconstructed with a new Motion & Side-A! Also a 12' for Fokused, a Swedish progressive house label and then this autumn an other 12' for Motoring rec, with a Fusil & Johnson remix. Quite busy !

You released an album as Tetraktys a while back… Tell me a bit about the Motion album you were talking about…
As I said, I've just start to work on it. I already have the idea, quite different from the recent release. Few tracks are ready. But I’m getting very busy and many things to do... So I guess it won't be ready before spring or something. I want to take time to make it very good.

I understand your quiet busy playing a lot at the moment. Where have you been getting gigs? Been overseas much, or mostly in France?

As you could see, France isn't the kingdom of gigs... especially for progressive ! I play from time to time with Submachine guys. Most of my gigs are out of France and especially in Japan, where I have good contacts. I really love this country and people. I go there quite often and it's always a pleasure ! Next one will be for Stargate summer festival... it looks very huge !
Also I like to play in Canada for the Cold Groove guys and this year in Quebec for the Eclipse Festival.
I also played in Europe, in countries like Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain and Switzerland.

What’s your most memorable moment in your career so far? Which parties or moments have really stood out as highlights?

Hum... I have many good moments in my mind, especially in Japan and Canada. Every time I go there it's unforgettable :)

Which artists do you get down to? I know you like some Aussie guys like Infusion! Who else influences you?

Yes I really like Infusion. And also many other electro pop rock stuff like Ewan Pearson, Goldfrapp, Anthony Rother and Mylo. Also to say a few, I like Martin H, Luke Chable, some Thomas Penton, Prawler, Son Kite, Midimiliz or Beckers.
And off course some "old" classic pop rock.

Any last words, thank yous or people you want to mention who have helped along the way?

Yes, I’m very thankful to people who helped and are helping me with their own possibility in any kind of situations !

Cheers Vincent, keep up the wicked tunes!!! Good luck!!!

My pleasure ! Keep going and forgive my poor English !

Cheers mate, I’ve had much worse than that… Till next time bro, take it easy…