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MasterDamus VJing Tools

Article posted by admin on 15th Feb 2003

MasterDamus vjing tools - An international Visual Label dedicated to visualing the electronic music scene.

Everybody knows vjing by now.
Those Trippy Visuals mixed in a party, on gigantic screens , coloring and visualizing the partys vibe and music.

The Masterdamus crew specialize in a unique concept for vjing in a party.
They Offer: Visual Artists and thier Unique Vjing Tools for use in Raves,Parties and Festivals.
LIVE DIGITAL VJING is a new and intuitive way to play with visuals - developed by vj masterdamus.
Working with unedited and interactive visual layers, instead of pre-edited visual mixes.
They can create an audio-visual mix to interpret virtually any Electronic music style given on stage.

Masterdamus says: "Our goal is to create a new standard in vjing And Create somehow an Electronic VISUAL scene."

Their show "VIEWSICAL" is basicly a visual LIVE-ACT. All visual material is mixed, manipulated, effected and some actually Created on stage in real-time. By listening carefully to the music being played, they play thier extensive visual content like musical instruments, using joysticks and keyboards and thier Unique Vjing tools.

Masterdamus says: "One of the biggest things missing in vjing acts today is the connection to the music and communication with the crowd. Most people will look and trip on the screen for 10 seconds, and stop looking when they have only abstract visuals to look at. The visuals should be telling a story, as the music does. I think one of the things that make us unique is the fact we treat the visual mix as a show with a concept, and not as background or screen saver to the music or the dj. To create a propper visual show you need a stage and actors at your fingertips. Our stage: 3d scenes, video files, or worlds, that are selected or created as we go... our actors: interactive 3d and filmed characters (Vjing Puppets and InterActors) representing different styles and peaks in electronic music, and move as we please as we control their acting and movement on stage."

They've started as a small group 3 years ago.
Thier break was a 10,000 people rave at UNIVIBE trance festival with massive 10m screens and 7 normal screens scattered around the party.
Each of the 12 lined-up djs got a different look colors and characters, to interpret the his own style...
"A night to remember..."

Since then they have grown quickly to a 3 members crew: vj MASTERDAMUS, vj MICOLOGY, vj STV.
Skilled Artists coming from different fields of visual creation and most importantly a strong background in electronic music creation.
"in order to interpret music to visual you have to know how the music is created..."

They have been showing through out israel and europe, side by side with the biggest names in the electronic music scene, and some massive parties and festivals.

They were Described as One of the best VJ shows in Boom festival 2002 Portugal.
"We had the best time of our lives!"
Creating Demons, Lepricons, Fairys, dwarves, talking trees, psytrance art, InterACTORS, and deep abstract hallucinations... Showing both with Chill-out groups (TOTAL ECLIPSE chill live-set) and famous Trance groups (EAT-STATIC and friends) on the main dance floor as well as Environmental vjing tools described in their site.

One of Their High-Profile Visual creation Studios is now based in Australia, and definitely worth trippin' out... i mean, checking out.

True dream creators...

For more info, studio meetings and Unsane visual treats Check Out: