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Vibrasphere (Digital Structures, Sweden)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 6th Sep 2005

Vibrasphere (Digital Structures, Sweden)

1. Hey Guys, how are you?

We are fine thanks.

2. You guys don’t need much introduction, you guys have been responsible for many magic moments over the years… Echoes and Lime Structure where landmark releases…I hear there are some changes in store for Vibrasphere, can you please tell me about that?

Well the big change that has taken place is that Robert has returned and he is now once again a part of Vibrasphere in the studio. I (Rickard) will still continue to do all the gigs on my own since Robert still has an unsolved issue with those big birds. The sound is also undergoing some rather serious changes for the new album.

3. So I guess this means that the next Vibrasphere album is along soon… can you tell me a little about that? How has the sound evolved since Lime Structure? How has the reaction globally been to your new music?

We are currently working hard producing for the album. It is scheduled for release in February 2006 and will be proceeded by a three track EP in November. The sound will continue to move towards the progressive side, but we are also taking some leaps down the paths that we explored on our first album Echo. Most of the new tracks has not yet been fully integrated in the live set so to answer the last part of the question is a bit difficult. However the few new tracks that I have played out so far seams to be working very well.

4. I’ve heard Antix’s “Reservoir” remix and id have to say that you guys make a good pairing… I hear also you did a remix of “Forever Changing” off their album… When will these be released? Have you worked on any other tracks with other artists lately?

Glad to hear that. We really like the sound of the Strom brothers. The remix they did for us will most likely be placed on the EP mentioned above. I think Iboga will put out the Vibrasphere remix of “Forever changing” sometime in November. I did a couple of other remixes earlier this year. One for the German artist Meller and one for the chillout project Entheogenic.

5. So, who were some of the artists that first inspired you to make music? How did you guys come to discover trance and who where some artists that drew you into this music?

Both of us got into this when the first Dragonfly compilations were coming out around 1994 and then X-dream took that music a bit further by the end of the nineties.

6. What about these days, who are some of your favourite artists now? What kind of music do you listen to outside of electronic stuff? Whats in the stereo at home?

Since none of us is a DJ honestly we do not listen that much to trance outside of the studio, but of course we like most of the progressive artist and once in a while we find a really good track from artists like Sub 6 and Astrix. At home most of the stuff we listen to is actually pop music. Robert also has a weak spot for all sorts of electronica.

7. I hear you guys just returned from Samothraki Festival in Greece? How was your set? The festival as a whole? Did you play many other festivals this summer? Which ones?

Samothraki was great! Since I played the next last set of the whole festival I think people were a perhaps little bit tired after nearly three days of dancing, but on the whole it was a great experience. The location on the island is so nice and relaxed compared to most festivals. This summer has been a bit slow, but I also played the Atmosphere festival in Switzerland and a big techno festival in the south of France.

8. I guess you guys must have travelled a lot as artists… What have been some of your travel highlights so far and what’s the best country you’ve played in so far?

Parties can be good anywhere on this planet as long as they have the right vibe. One of my favourite places lately has been Buenos Aires in Argentina.

9. You guys visited Australia a number of years ago, what where your impressions of our country then? What do you think of the aussie people? Any plans to return any time soon?

I think you guys have a unique and very relaxed attitude towards life that most of us here in Europe lack. I hope to return soon, perhaps after the release of the new album.

10. Have you heard much Aussie music? Anyone who has caught your attention lately from down here?

We really like most of the things that Freq puts out. He has a very nice balance between the progressive and the psychedelic that is so hard to find.

11. What kind of things do you guys do outside of music? Do you have any hobbies or interests that take up your time that you wanna mention? What do you guys do when you are at home in Sweden?

Robert is a big Internet freak, so when he is not out walking his dog you’ll find him in front of the screen. I am a big sucker for sea kayaking and staying out in the nature. Two things that we share apart from making music are throwing Frisbees and picking mushrooms.

12. So are there any famous last words? Things you want to mention before we wrap this up? Any people you want to say thanks to?

Well everyone just hang in there the new album is coming….and…..we can also mention that there will be one more Vibrasphere album release next year. The second one will be focusing a lot more on the downbeat side of our production. More news on this will follow shortly.

13. Thanks guys, its been an honour… I’m waiting for the new album, I’m sure it will be as landmark as the last releases were! Peace out!

You are more than welcome.

Interview with Rickard and Robert by Jesse Kuch