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Luna Orbit Interview

Article posted by admin on 5th Aug 2002

How long have you been dj\'ing for now?

I have been Djing psy-trance for about 9 years now.

What parties have you been playing at this year?

I have played at many parties such as Summer Dreaming, Tribeadelic launch parties in Melbourne and Sydney, Psyvader in Japan, as well as a lot of free parties in Byron Bay\'s surrounding forests.

What upcoming parties are you booked for?

NYE in Melbourne with Tribedelic Records should be a nice big 3 day festival, Exodus up on the north coast thsi is a 7 day event should be great...

Have you had any overseas gigs lately or any coming up?

Yes, Japan.. This place is rocking! There is a big trance culture that has evolved in Japan. I am booked again in June 2003.

I haven\'t heard a lot of what\'s been happening up North, how is the scene up in Northern NSW going these days?

The scene is going well and strong we just had a nice Earth Dance party up here with a good crowd of freaks and trancers.

Are there still regular parties happening?What\'s the vibe like?

Basically there are outdoor parties up here every weekend, with the dry weather the parties are going strong with good crowds and fun vibes all round.

Byron and the surrounding area are home to some of Australia\'s better trance artists. Are there any new DJ\'s or artists who have been making or playing phat sounds lately?

Digital Psionics are keeping an eye out for new trance artists all the time, more and more trance is being produced as computer software evolves it has become a more affordable hobby to produce trance with still a high level of production. My favorite new arttist on the north coast would have to be Cyanescens, but we have just signed a new Sydney act called \"Scatterbrain\" I believe he will be revolutionising Australian trance on the global scene.

How long have you been making music for?

About 5 years.

Any plans for a second album?

Yes my second album will be called \"The 8th Sphere\" and will be released around December/January.. For more details on Dark Nebula check my website. www.digitalpsionics.com/dark_nebula

Do you have any collaborations going at the moment? Anyone in particular you would like to work with?

I have done a few colaborations with freinds and international acts such as Fabel (aka Phoney Orphants) and Teaxs Faggott. I do enjoy working with other artists and I hope to work more like this over summer.

I think doing a track with GMS or Talamasca would be great.

How is the Digital Psionics label going? What releases have you got planned for the future?

Digital Psionics is going strong, We just released our 5th CD a compilation called \"Psionic Realms\", Its a killer CD!

We have our next two releases nearly ready to roll which is the new Dark Nebula album \"The 8th Sphere\" and then an album for the Sydney act \"Scatterbrain\". For more details check our web site. www.digitalpsionics.com

The last year or so, the progressive/psygressive sound has been pretty popular, lately I have noticed the fullon sound appears to be making a comeback with some good releases, where do you see the future of psychedelic trance heading?

Psychedelic Trance is outdoor trance, Full powered beats and strong riffs. Progressive trance is quite different with more of a Club vibe, and easy litening.

When I went to Japan the Psychedlic Trance scene was strong, I did not come across any progressive trance, I think the two styles have gone there seperate ways now. The Psy-Trance scene is showing a good future, It will big a big summer, I think!

Every week, I\'m hearing about new people making music, what do you think of the quality and how do you think Australia is positioned in regards to the rest of the world with recognition?

Australia only scratches the surface of the international scene, We do not have the support like our international acts, therfore our studios are not the same standard. But we have our own style that will push new bounderies, we must stay original.

I believe we need more support in Australia, Promoters seem to spend alot of money on international acts, Sending the Australian money overseas is a waste when we can help support our own trance acts as well as keeping the party peoples money within Australia.

What about the whole MP3 / music copying/pirating thing. Do you think it has had an effect on the trance scene? And do you think it is a good or bad thing?

It\'s a good thing! This is how new acts get there music played, this is how the scene orginally started with DAT tapes. We can\'t stop it, we can enjoy it!