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Moonflower Productions -VA- Grand Avenue Review

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 10th Oct 2005

Moonflower Productions -VA- Grand Avenue Review

Moonflower Productions have been responsible for many quality tech-trance releases in the past few years, with compilations like “Electroscopic” affirming their place as one of the leaders in this genre. Their new compilation “Grand Avenue” is a step into more progressive directions- showing the other side of this popular Swedish label. Compiled by Tony Comanti, Grand Avenue is an excursion into big beat progressive house and trance; with the smooth sound of Sweden woven into the fabric of the music (even though not all artists featured are Swedish). Industry heavyweights Son Kite, Tegma, Ticon, Chris Poindexter, Parham and Plaza and Perfect Stranger might give some suggestion to the flavour of this cd; definitely made to please the home listener and the DJ at the same time.

The compilation begins with Chris Poindexter’s “My Baby”. A big club influenced progressive house groove. Groovy Rhythms and big old school acid lines. This one will get high rotation in a few genres and scenes I think. Next up are the masterful Son Kite, with their track “Gazing at the Sun”. Electrobass over powerful daytime melodies with the classic Son Kite break downs and build ups. Definitely suited to a more indoor vibe some other Son Kite, although the track wouldn’t go astray on a Sunday arvo in the bush either. Wiiickid.

New act Kalimax continue the comp in slick style with “Where is the party?”. I really liked their track on the new Tribal Visions too, deep and groovy progressive trance. Intelligent melody work with lovely bass and rhythms, saw it ripping out of 50 000 watts last week when my friend played it out and it sounded soooo huge. Wickid stuff…. One of the highlights of the compilation for me. Tegma move the CD into more driving psygressive territory, picking up the pace and power a bit.. I’d have to say the latest 2 Tegma compilation releases fully restored my faith in these guys, I was beginning to doubt their direction after their last album. But this and Tribal Vision made it all good again- driving dance floor morning progressive for when the dust is rising. I-needa-fix, I-needa-fix…

Ticon return to the fray with the track of the CD- their 2005 Live reworking of “We are the Mammoth Hunters”. I had the opportunity to play this lately, and it was one of the biggest tracks in my set (if not the biggest!). My friend was asleep and he told me he awoke to the sound of a mammoth, haha! Siiick. This was one of my favourite tunes of all time, and it’s just been giving the fattest working over since your mumma. Sweet. Human Blue continue to raise the levels of the compilation, with the flat bass and heavy squelchy sounds. These guys have always managed to retain some of the older-vibe of progressive, and it’s refreshing to see this sound hasn’t disappeared into history.

Perfect Stranger is one of the most interesting progressive acts ever to emerge from the land of Israel, with his older project BLT considered legendary and his new direction making good impressions and being released on super label Iboga. This is my personal favourite I’ve heard of his new project, commendable work for sure. Bouncy, dominant bass and funky sounds and rhythms with the big daytime sound of Israel woven in. Sweet stuff. Cybertronic are not someone I’ve had a chance to listen too much of their stuff, but I was surprised when I heard this one. Moving back more into housey territory, this track is a solid club groover. Nice pads and funky rhythms, with a very “future urban” feel. Nice work

Parham and Plaza are one of the best acts within the progressive house world today, and their remix of James Benitez’s “Not Over Yet” is a perfect end to a well compiled compilation. Smooth club house with that big Parham and Plaza bass that forces the hips to wiggle. A classy end to a classy comp.

Overall, Grand Avenue is a great first excursion into the progressive genre by the guys from Moonflower. Their sound is powerful and unique, definitely very characteristic- I think the sound of Sweden really comes through. Definitely a more indoor oriented compilation for me (apart from Tegma and Ticon), but definitely will go into high rotation for club djs in the next few months I think. Well done Tsekas and Tony on another great Moonflower release.