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Online PsyTrance Chatroom

Article posted by Cyberwlf on 5th Aug 2002

Article by Cyberwlf

The Internet has long been a central place for people into Psychedelic Trance to meet up with on-line and to find out about upcoming parties, as well as to discuss parties and make arrangements, or even just to get to know each other better outside of parties themselves.

In the past most of this has been purely through mailing lists like the 604 list, oz-trance list, and so on. It's also been very active through on-line forums and websites such as Australiens.net. But none of it has been good for getting to really chat to and know other people you go to parties with in any kind of on-line manner.

But now there is something primarily oriented at the Australian Psychedelic Trance scene, and with the purpose of bringing together people in an on-line environment to be able to chat together in real time. What i'm referring to is the IRC Channel (an on-line real time chat medium with no limit on the number of people who can all chat together at once) called none other than '#PsyTrance', located on the IRC Chat network known as Oz.org (http://www.oz.org/).

The channel has existed for a while now, and in that time has attracted people from Sydney, to Perth, to Melbourne, to Adelaide, to Brisbane and so forth. Also attracting a cross range of Psy-fans from doofers to DJs to promoters, to artists.

It's a place where people have used to get to know each other better, arrange lifts to doofs, assist in organisation of events, discuss all kinds of parties, and more.

To check it out all you need is any computer with an IRC program. Some popular programmes include mIRC, X-Chat, Bersirc, Snak, ircle, AmIRC, and BitchX.

To get a copy of the following just go here:
mIRC (Windows) - http://www.mirc.com/
X-Chat (Linux/Windows/MacOSX) - http://www.xchat.org/
BitchX (All platforms) - http://www.bitchx.org/
Snak (Macintosh) - http://www.snak.com/
AmIRC (Amiga) - http://www.vapor.com/amirc/

or these:
Bersirc (Windows) - http://www.bersirc.com/
ircle (Macintosh) - http://www.ircle.com/

Once you've got yourself one of these, and have installed it you need to fill in the settings it asks you for, and get connected to Oz.org Chat Network. This will vary, depending on what you use, but if the application your using has Oz.org servers as one of the options, select that, and choose to connect to the server.

If you need to manually add it, you can try one of the following server names:

You can manually connect to a server by just selecting the main window on the screen, and typing into it the following:
'/server server_name_here' ie. /server sydney.oz.org

Once you're connected to Oz.Org Network, all you have to do to join is type '/join #Psytrance' in the main chat window. (In some programs you will be asked to just name the channels you automatically want it to join, in those situations just type '#Psytrance'.

From here you're free to start chatting with others there! It doesn't matter if your new, or don't know anyone, they don't bite!

So come by and check it out sometime.