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Side-A (Sub Machine/Groove Zone, France)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 16th Jun 2005

Side-A (Sub Machine/Groove Zone, France)

JK: Hello my friend … how are you?

Side-A: Good!

JK: Tell me a bit about yourself… How old are you, where do you live, etc?

Side-A: i'm 23, living in paris...

JK: You were telling me when we chatting earlier that you don’t get to go to many outdoor parties? Is that what it is like in France? Mainly a club scene?

Side-A: yes, they are only possible during summer because of the weather and also it's not so easy to organize underground electronic events in france because of too stricts laws... during the rest of the year, parties happen indoor ...

JK: Your music seems to work pretty well outdoors though! Tell me a bit about the direction you are taking with your music, I’ve only heard a handful of releases…

Side-A: well, i don't know... i do what i like at the moment i make it, i try no to copy anyone 's music and i try to make something personnal...

JK: You’re involved with labels like Sub Machine and Groove Zone… How did you hook up with those guys?

Side-A: we had many common friends with the sub guys , we knew each others before i started to make music... about groove zone, it was quite a hazard, through the web ...

JK: You’re compiling a compilation soon on Groove Zone I heard… What kind of artists can we expect?

Side-A: it's not finished yet, but at the moment we have motion,triptych that made a very smooth proggy track, jaia, rai , a collaboration between motion and me, also a track by myself, and some stuffs to be confirmed

JK: What’s having top line artists like Motion and Triptych as buddies? Must be good to such inspiration around?

Side-A: u can easily imagine that their advices have always been helpful since the very beginning hehehe

JK: You collaborate with Motion a fair bit don’t you? Anything new on the horizon from you guys?

Side-A: yes we are making a new track for the compilation

JK: What about compilation releases and stuff… Any tracks on any other cds coming out soon or projects worth mentioning?

Side-A: there will be a new track on the next domo compiled by huda-g , i also have more plans but i need to make more music before

JK: What other artists inspire you in your music? Who do you think is doing great things at the moment?

Side-A: i really like the scandinavian and australian scenes with projects such as son kite, ticon, antix, freq etc... i also listen to a lot of good old rock music! I also like x-dream, the delta, thomas penton, infusion, kasey taylor, luke chable, air, bjork etc...

JK: Have you had much chance to tour yet (in or out or France)? Any parties you are playing at coming up?

Side-A: yes i have a few gigs here in july and september , i don't play live acts yet , but i really like to dj

JK: Where do you hope this project will carry you? Do you hope to make it full time career?

Side-A: i don't know , i don't like to plan things, i take life how it comes, we' ll se what future brings ;)

JK: Any last words, thank-yous or last words?

Side-A: thanks a lot

JK: Thanks mate, I appreciate it