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Wizard Lizard (Shiva Space JP, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 19th Oct 2005

Wizard Lizard (Shiva Space JP, Israel)

-- Hey Roi and Guy, what’s up?

* Everything is great we just came back home from Japan tour.

-- So tell me a little bit about your self’s? How old are you, where do you live?

* we are both 22 years old good friends for 10 years now , both living in Ashdod in centre of Israel where we were born.

-- What sound does Wizard Lizard explore? Explain to someone who has never heard your music what it sounds like?

* hmm well our music basically is full on trance for the night time, in our new production this days the tracks sounds less aggressive then the music that have release so far , this days the music sound is more fat with more variety of instruments . Pumping base line, a bit more melodic then what we used to do. Always funky rhythms and unique FX breaks and most important always psychodelic atmosphere.

-- How did the Wizard Lizard project come about?

*back in 98 we started playing around with the old music making soft called impulse tracker very old funny soft doesn’t run on windows mode , I think Shiva Shidapo tracks where writing on that soft anyway.

After playing with that soft we have started to create some tracks, as a hobby.
And kept making music as a hobby with different kind of softwares thru the years. In 2003 we got a call from doof records owner shahar zirkin some how heard our tracks and he wanted to release one .

After that call we decided to put our project to higher levels and started going to music school for making a professional work. in 2003 we started billed our studio and getting professional gear for audio engineering , in 2004 the first track of wizard lizard project is released on doof records compilation E.S.T and then follow the rest

-- You’ve got releases on many respected night time labels- Doof, Parvati, Noise Poison, Temple Twisters… Which label do you work with most? Any plans for an album anytime soon?

* we work with different kind of labels at the moment we are playing for Shiva space Japan , we are going to start working on our album in Jan 2006 after the new studio set up will be finish

--What else can we expect from you in the future release wise? Any artists you have worked with lately?

*u can expect much better production in our music and different direction of music style night full on but more melodics with more variety of instruments. Some new cds are coming soon with our new tracks on them labels such as Shiva space technology...Shiva space Japan...reckless rhythm .yabai rec .with powerful name in the trance scene. So there is alot to wait for

-- Tell me a little about the music that inspires you? Do you listen to much stuff outside of trance? Which artists do you think are the best in the world today?

* Basically trance music inspires us the most artists like. Xerox and Illumination. Simon posford... shiva. azax . shift..absolum . cpu
Beside of trance we listen to Prodigy, Bob Marley. Pink Floyd
Also we like chill out and ambient such as, blue tech... Shpongle. Shulman

-- What does your studio consist of? Are you mainly VST based like many artists today? Or do you use some hardware as well? Anything u can’t do without apart from your computer?

* * Studio Equipment *Hardware*
* Pentium 4- 3.0 Giga Hrz / 1536 giga of ram
* Rme Hammerfull Dsp 9632 Sound Card
* Rme 4 Inputs Expansion Board
* Midi Controller Keyboard Radium M audio 4 Octave
* Midi Man 2x2 M audio
* Access Virus B
* Clavia Nord Modular G2
* Event 20 /20 Monitors
* Dynaudio acustics Bm6a Monitors
* Studio Project Microphone B-1
*IBM lap top r 53 1.8 giga 500 ram
*Terratech fire whire sound card

* Cubase Sx 2.01
* All Native Instruments / Stienberg vst
* Waves 4.0
*well we use the virus and nord lead a lot because every synth have its own unique sound. But don’t get me wrong there is lots of vst that are a MUST have on every track, you can get very good results with vst as well... if I had to choose I would choose my pc that way I have more options

-- So what are your tour plans for the next while? Where can we catch a Wizard Lizard show?

*well we just came back from a wicked tour in Japan in Tokyo and Osaka the next destination will be in December in India we are playing with damage on Reckless Rhythm release party in Bombay.
And after that probably Russia and more will come I'm sure at the moment we speaking with several organizers about more parties, there is always something new.

--What has been your favourite country to visit so far? What about the best gig you have played at? Where do you hope to play you haven’t?

* That’s a hard question eheh; well we played in Germany, India, Thailand, and Greece. Japan and Israel of course we think the Favourite country so far is Japan, amazing vibrations from the people and great dance flor crowed with lots of energies. We would really like to play in out door party in Australia and Brazil and South Africa

-- What kind of things do you get up to when you aren’t playing gigs? Any hobbies or interests outside of music?

* Basically all we do is focus on music making... whene we are not in studio we are taking this days private lessons about music composing.

--Any last words or thank-yous before we wrap this up?

*Yeah we would like to thank shahar zirkin (doof) . dj shiva jorge (Shiva space) . Gussipa (parvati) for all what u done for us. And thanks to the party organizers that promote our music that keeps our music alive .and of course to all our fans. And a big thank you to Lui from www.australiens.net... Thank u all!

--Cheers guys, thanks so much! Look forward to hearing some of your new music!!!

Jesse and Lui