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Threshold Productions (Dance'n'Dust Records)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 15th Jun 2005

Threshold Productions (Dance'n'Dust Records)

Hi Torsten, How are you my friend?

Hi there Jesse, I’m fine thanks, summer is here and vacation too soon.

Threshold productions is a relatively new project isn’t it? Describe to those who don’t know the sound of “Threshold Productions”…

Yes it is. Threshold Productions is just me, Torsten Edwinson. I used to produce Psytrance in another act called Masada but got fed up with psytrance and totally ran out of ideas. Then I decided to end the Masadaproject and start something new and fresh. The idea behind calling it “Productions” was that I wanted the project to be open for collaborations, vocalists and other ideas. The Threshold Productions (TP) sound can be described easily as 50% rhythm and 50% atmospheric and ambient sounds. I try to make music I would like to hear myself and not think too much about what style it is. Often it turns out
in some kind of progressive tracks.

So how did it all begin? Where did your journey into music production and DJing start?

I’m 36 years now and started making music on my mothers piano when I was about 10. I played the violin, the mandolin, bass and more in music school while growing up. I bought my first synthesizer back in 1983 (Korg MS20) and since then I’ve been producing all kinds of music. Most of the time just for my own amusement. Then I discovered trance in 97-98 and me and a good friend started Masada. I started DJing in the 80s but haven’t been that very active in the last few years. Then I focused more and more on the productions but I really love spinning records at parties.

Your first releases where on Dance’n’Dust and Groove Zone (If I’m not mistaken). Can you tell me a bit about your up-and-coming releases? Any collaborations etc?

That’s correct. DJ Asherun at DnD and Taku at Groove Zone where the 2 first people that got interested in my productions and really helped me out by starting releasing my material. If everything goes as planned there’s a release coming up at Star Jelly compilation soon and also a couple of releases on Spliff Music’s upcoming progressive label (currently unnamed). There’s also a collaboration with Prosect/Sonify coming on the classic progressive houselabel Baroque Records. Currently being remixed by Canadian wonderboy Damien Heck (www.damienheck.com) who I’m also doing some new collaboration together with. I’m also producing material for an upcoming album on Dance n Dust so things are working out really well.

Baroque is a big name label in the progressive house scene… Do you see it opening doors for you being released on this label?

Yes this was great news for me when they wanted to sign the track “No more silence”. Since Baroque is known as one of the top 5 progressive houselabels in the world with releases such as John “Quivver” Graham, Minilogue, Thomas Penton, Inkfish and others it means a huge step for me and Andy (Sonify). Hopefully it will make us know for the really big DJs on the progressive housescene. It also helped me out on getting to know other producers and start new collaborations.

You’re an official dance’n’dust artists tho aren’t you? What’s your relationship like with those guys?

Yes that’s correct. DJ Asherun was one of the first who showed interest in my productions as I mentioned earlier. We got a great relationship.

Tell me a bit about your musical taste… Who are artists you think are innovative or have influenced you in some way?

My taste is really wide, but when it comes to EDM some of my biggest influences are (in no particular order whatsoever) Deep Dish, John “Quivver” Graham, Infusion, Inkfish to mention a few. I don’t listen that much to progressive trance anymore to be honest. When it comes to EDM I tend to listen to progressive house and more and more tech house. I’m not that good at telling who is the most innovative really. I like to listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Some of my track have been influenced by music I listened to when I was younger such as Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Simple Minds. My idol both musically and personally is Manu Chao.

How did you get into this style? Where did you first encounter it?

Well one of the biggest reasons must be Frisky Radio on the web (www.friskyradio.com) and their magnificent DJsets they stream 24/7. Another huge inspiration is Swedish party organizer, label boss and DJ Parham who ran the club Fokused/Stockholm Weekender and brought a lot of world famous DJs in the weekends such as James Holden, Inkfish, Steve Lawler, Dave Seaman just to mention a few. Progressive house and tech house aren’t that big styles in Sweden so thanks to Parham and Fokused we got the ability to see all those live acts and that certainly influenced me a lot.

Do you tour or get many gigs yet? Do you play more in clubs or outdoors?

So far I only played live with Threshold Productions once, here in Stockholm Sweden and that was indoors. Party organizers are warmly welcome to contact me for more gigs :)

Has your career given you a chance to travel much as an artist? Where would you like to go most in the world to play?

I’m still waiting for it to happen. I think it will start real soon since there are more and more records with my productions being released and the word is spread. America and Asia are two favourites that would be really nice to play in. Australia would be awesome too of course :) I know that DJ Moshic have played my productions in his sets in Japan and that it worked out really well.

What moments in your music career so far have left an impression or mark on you as an artists? What about most memorable party you have attended?

The parties are still to come so I mention two other great moments. When I listened to a dj-set by DJ Moshic and he played one of my tracks was a really great moment when I shouted out loud. Another was getting signed on Baroque. Then it’s always nice to read nice stuff about you in reviews and forums of course.

Is Threshold productions permanent career for you? Do you see it making you a living, or is that too much to ask?

It would be really cool if possible, but I got my regular job at the government right now. Being able to play live in other countries and getting your music published is really nice. If things starts to work out really well I won’t complain, but for the time being I’m quite satisfied.

Anything else you’d like to add before we wrap this up? Any thank-yous or final comments?

I thank everyone that believed in me and my productions and everyone that released my music and helped me out in any kind. I also would like to thank you for interviewing me. Take care!

Thanks Torsten, I really appreciate it. Good luck with your music!