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Atomic Pulse - Direct Source album review (BNE Israel 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 19th Apr 2006

BNE are one of the strongest releasing labels in Israel- while they stay on the more commercial end of Israeli music, their reputation as one of the “labels to trust” from Israel is undeniable. Their latest release is from long-standing Israeli producer Atomic Pulse- with his album Direct Source. I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of this guys work over the years- I always found it to be a bit lacking in something- maybe just a little bit “too generic”. Direct Source was a big surprise to me- hes certainly stepped up his game a lot since the last release he made!

Direct Source is a solid album, while it doesn’t break a whole of new ground- certainly provides some workable tracks for fans of the Israeli trance sound. Very much full pelt from track 1- the album is clearly made for the dancefloor- pounding basslines and snappy percussions, funked out melodic work and lots of build ups and peaks- basically its classic Israeli dancefloor music. But I will give this guy that he has managed to stay away from too many “ravey peaks”- ensuring it’s a bit more tolerable than a lot of releases from the same stable lately.

Album starts out with Quantum Mechanics- a 140BPM affair with a nice down-low kinda feel. Never pushes it to be too “full power”- nice late in the morning full-on music. It builds up like its gonna peak- then drops back to become more minimal and bass-driven- reminds me a little of stuff by Timelock or Quantum. Probably equal favourite on the album- it’s a nice start.

Fatality vs Fatali continues on this deeper tip- really like the bassline to this one. Killer snappy percussions and electroleads hold the track together- Fatali’s presence is evident with the morning style melodies toward the end… A little more melodic than the last track- but with the same downlow feel.

Single Cell takes it up a notch- a lot more full power than the last couple. Heaps more work on the leads makes it a lot more of a “full” track- quite intense by the end in fact! I like the fact whenever it seems to just be going a bit too much- he pulls it back again to just a solid bass… Although it has a few of the more “ravey” elements I’m not so fond of, it doesn’t really push it into untolerable territory.

Amino Acids vs Cyrus the Virus has a nice hovering bassline- I really like this style of bass- where the edges aren’t so sharp and it just seems to move effortlessly. Some more Timelock-ish synths interject throughout these ones- keeps the feel nice and epic, really good tune for sunrise methinks. Maybe a bit too much on the appegiated melodies, but we cant be perfect now can we?

The title track Direct Source is up there with my favourites on the cd. Awesome percussive work and some kick-ass leads working together in a very patchy, staccato fashion- keeps the track tricky and playful. Really nice breakdown and drop toward the end- where a windy lead takes over… Very twisted and psychedelic- dischordant in the best possible way… I wish more Israeli producers would take a hint from this track! Killer!

Alternative Reality is one of the more melodic numbers on the cd- it definitely fits into the album, but is maybe a bit too much for this listener… Lots of build ups to something- but it seems like it doesn’t build the intensity as well as the last couple of blasters… The “ravey” thing has become a bit more apparent on this one, but unlike the rest doesn’t have the more minimal sections to balance it out…

Noise Freak (2006 Audiomix) reminds me a lot more of his older stuff (maybe its coz it’s a remix to an older track)- quite like the melodies in this one- nice morning sounds and much updated production to the old one… Loses it toward the end though- it gets a bit chaotic- a bit too much going on for me!

Kurumatic featuring Japan’s DJ Taka continues on the theme from the last one- while I like this kind of bassline- im thinking he used a bit too much on this album, maybe could have varied it up a bit? Kickass breaks section in the middle though- gives the track a nice break so that it doesn’t seem to be as chaotic as the last one… One of the better more full flight numbers on the cd.

Metaluna keeps it on the same level- driving 145BPM stuff with a more commercial edge… I can tell these tracks must really be doing it well over the world right now- though I think the Aussie crowds like it a little less “ravey” if you ask me… But if its this kind of thing you like- then I think this track will do you well…

Closing the album is Fire Dance Remix- pulls the album back out of the territory it has been for the last few tracks… Still really full power, but manages to keep it a bit more direct and bassline driven… Some nice work on the breakie sections, with some really cool production work on this one… Good closer for the cd, takes it back into tolerable territory for this listener at least…

Overall, the new Atomic Pulse album on BNE is a solid affair for fans of the generic Israeli style trance… The production work is top-notch and its definitely made with the dancefloor in mind- but at the same time, it really doesn’t break a whole lot of new ground and together the tracks sound a little sameish- I think he could have varied up the bassnoises and a few of the synths and it would have done him a lot better… Solid buy for DJs of this style, as each track could work in its own time- although I don’t think he’s gonna catch a whole bunch of new fans with anything revolutionary… Has changed my opinion of Atomic Pulse a bit- I like the tunes on this cd, but I still think he needs to push in his own direction a bit more if he wants to catch me as a solid fan…



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