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Etic (Trancelucent Productions, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 30th Jun 2005

Etic (Trancelucent Productions, Israel)

Hello Etay, how are you?

I’m good mate!

How old are you and where do you live?

30 ‘Y old, living in downtown Tel Aviv in a neighbourhood called Florentine!

Tell us a bit about how your interest in trance started… How did the Etic project begin?

In 94 I started listening to trance …it was goa trance at the time ... I went dancing to “Indoor” tones! :-) I was doing rock music at that time as a drummer & guitar. After travelling a few years later in 99 I started producing music with a friend, Ilan Kore using cakewalk. The mix between Etay + Ilan Kore lead to the name ETIK after a few tests I moved on and started producing on my own and the name changed to ETIC.

Who were some of the early influences on your sound?

Pink Floyd, U2, Smashing pumpkins, Indoor and X dream.

Etic is a very different sound for Israel, that’s for sure… For those who haven’t heard Etic, can you tell us a bit about your sound?

Etic project is full of Atmospheric layering with a heavy dose of groove, at time very deep, full with percussion and breaks. Magenetic build-up more influencced by rock songs. My music includes aparent motives that bounce in & out, covered by a meaning story... Sliding between the magic boundries of progressive - full-on - psychedelic.

Your first album “touch ups” was highly critically acclaimed… Tell us a bit about your new cd "Feedback"… How have you evolved as an artist?

I have elevated myself a lot since my last album, upgraded my studio and spending long hours in the studio. The production and ideas of FEEDBACK is a lot mature, polished, structured and all around better. Another aspect are the selection of tracks themselves including a wide selection of styles each bearing the ETIC signiture.

I haven’t seen many tracks by you on compilations or anything like that… the only one I can find is the track with Yotopia on their album… Any compilation or future release plans you can tell me about?

There is one in Goa trance vol 19 and V/A Buckle Up Vol.2 - The Trancelucent Garage (Coming soon - 07.2005)…And few more coming soon...

Who are your favourite artists in the world right now? Who do you think is innovative in their sound? What about newer artists, any future picks?

I really like what freq and liquid soul are doing 2day also mr. Andromeda soul surfer and protoculture. My favourite upcomings is Yotopia, Aerospace, Quantize and Liftshift.

Have you had much of a chance to tour as an artist? If so, where have you been? Any tour plans in the future?

I played in Goa this season which was wicked, & all over Israel. This summer I'll visit Mexico and Europe right after.

What is your most memorable moment in your career as a trance artist so far? What about the best party you’ve been too?

Best party I play in was 3rdrd Empire in the desert last year (ISRAEL)!!
Playing in Goa hilltop at Christmas was a memorable moment. And I liked Summer Dreaming festival in 2000.

What’s it like not fitting into the “traditional” Israeli trance bracket? Is it
harder to find gigs? Or do people appreciate the fact that you make a different sound?

Its good and bad ….it much harder to fit in Israeli line-ups as main event!! But people do appreciate my sound and I get nice feedbacks!! I am focusing now on the present and near future...more to follow ;-) We got our small prog community and it get bigger and bigger!

Have you heard much Australian music? If so, who have you heard, and who did you like?

Sure!!! Beside of visiting Sydney and Melbourne in year 2000. I really like Australians sound and attitude ….Sun control species works great for me…sensient got a very unique style that I like and freq (NZ close enough? :-)) for sure is one of my favourite artists these days!

Any thank yous, or special mentions, last words?

I would like to thank you for this nice interview. All my friends around the world... My label Trancelucent Productions for their hugs & support.
And of course, all supporters around the world!

Thanks Etay, good luck with your new album!