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Gaudium (Spiral Trax, Sweden)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 21st Aug 2005

Gaudium (Spiral Trax, Sweden)

Hey Mate, how are you?

: Just fine, waiting for the Swedish summer to arrive if it ever does.

I guess lets start with the basics… Who is Gaudium, how old are you and where do you live right now?

: Gaudium is Andreas Wennersköld 26 years of age and Denis Bajramovski 32 years old, raised and born in Sweden / Gothenburg. We both currently live just outside of Gothenburg in a small town called Kungsbacka.

Tell us a little bit about your project, must be very special for Spiral Trax to come out of semi-retirement for? What do you think are the reasons for this?

: Gaudium which means satisfaction in Latin started about a year ago. Being friends for a long time and always shared the same passion for electronic music, we decided it was time to try and make some tracks together and it all happened after we performed at a party in Sweden as separate projects. Coming from Gothenburg with one of Scandinavians biggest label and artists like Atmos and Human blue of course we ware thrilled when label manager Anti called. We don’t really know the reason but hopefully it’s because Anti felt that our music is something new and fresh and well fitted into the Spriral trax label group.

Tell me a little about the sound that is Gaudium, for those who haven’t heard any tracks?

: Gaudium contains a lot of different styles, everything from deep progressive trance to psy-trance with house and tribal elements, all combined together in our very special own way. We try to create music that people can enjoy weather it’s in a club, an open air festival or just sitting home listening to it.

So your new CD (Nordic Nature on Spiral Trax), tell me a bit about the process that went into making the album… Where were most of the tracks created, how long did it take and where there any hurdles in the process?

: We decided very early that there should be an album containing a big variation in music but at the same time that it easily could be recognised as our own style. We also wanted to be part of everything around besides making the music. The cover where made by our self’s with a little help from Bakke. Half the tracks where made in our old studio in Gothenburg and the rest where made in our new studio which is closer to were we live. Everything really floated perfectly without any hurdles from day one.
We really don’t know how long time it took making the whole album but almost every song we made in that period of time was chosen for the album. We are really satisfied with the result and hopefully it will get some good response from Djs and party people around the globe .

What’s your studio like? Do you own much hardware, or are you mainly software based like many trance musicians these days? What is one thing in your studio you couldn’t live without (aside from your computer!!!)?

: Today it’s mostly software with some great pieces of hardware we are trying to get some more hardware stuff in the future. Before we started Gaudium Andreas had a pretty massive studio but it got robbed about 2 years ago and they pretty much stole everything in it including his most precious piece, a Roland TB 303.
Today we can’t live without the Clavia Nordlead II and the Roland JP 8000.

I’ve seen some releases on compilations and also a couple of Vinyl releases, tell us a bit about what’s on the horizon now the album is out of the way?

: There will be some 12” remixes from the album on Spiral Trax and first out is a new remix off the track “Walking in Circles” by Andromeda. We will release tracks on some compilations with labels like Plusquam, Flow, YSE and Sinn-Tec records later this year. Currently we are working on a VS track with Visua from Mexico.
For more information please visit www.gaudium.se from time to time.

Tell me a bit about your influences musically… What did you listen to before you discovered trance? What about the early trance you liked, who were they? And who would you say are your favourite or most influential acts today, both in and out of trance?

: Before trance was born we listened to a lot off different genres like, heavy metal, punk, synth, reggae with artist like hmmm… I guess you know the answer. It’s hard to say when we picked up the interest with trance music but it all began with electronic music and the early acid house. Today we get inspired by a lot off different things not only music but also what happens in life around us. If we should mentions any artist it would have to be Antix, Atmos, Human Blue and Son Kite. The list of great producers can easily be made huge because there’s a lot of good ones out around the world.

Have you got a big booking schedule these days? Where are you guys playing next? What about any festival gigs at all?

: We had a wonderful time in Germany when we performed at the Tshitraka open air festival, hats off for Sirko and Stephan. Right now we are planning a winter tour mostly around in Europe and if all goes well some bookings are planed in Japan and Mexico.

Have you guys had much of a chance to travel? If so, where have you been? Any plans to head down under at any time?

: Gaudium is a pretty new project and we really haven’t got the chance yet. We have spent a lot of time in the studio finishing the album. Hopefully we will get a chance to travel a lot more now when it’s finished. Offcourse we would like to go down under, it’s a place that we booth really wants to visit and experience some day soon.

What kind of things do you get up to when your not making music of playing gigs? Is there a life outside of trance? Or is this a full-time occupation? Any hobbies or interests that keep you busy outside of music?

: Our goal is to work with music full time but today it’s not possible. We do work with other things outside the music. Hobbies are pretty much our families, friends and offcourse music.

Any last words, thank-yous or things you want to add before we wrap it up?

: We would like to thank you for this interview, all our friend and family.
To the people that listen to our music. All the DJs that are spinning our stuff and of course to Spiral Trax for believing in us

Cheers man, thanks a lot!!! Keep up the wicked tunes man!!!