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Tetrameth - Psychedelic Pyrotechnics (Zenon Records 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 29th Jun 2006

Tetrameth - Psychedelic Pyrotechnics (Zenon Records 2006)

Tetrameth is one of the fresh names out of Australia- one we’ve been hearing for quite some time now, but the rest of the world is really only getting their first glimpse. In my opinion- he’s one of the most talented musicians to grace our scene, both in Australia and over the globe and has an amzing future as a psytrance producer and liveact. The sound is fresh, unique and his production level high- coupled with his amazing musical background (he’s conservatorium of music educated and is also frontman of successful Melbourne band “7”)- Tetrameth aka Pete Hayes’ sound is breathing a breath of fresh air into the progressive psytrance field.

I must admit- progressive psy hasn’t been too strong of late- it seems everyone is moving in more housey and electro directions. Its great labels like Zenon continue to push these cutting-edge sounds which are a little left-of-centre from your average prog release. Psycedelic Pyrotechnics- Tetrameth’s debut release on Zenon is no doubt one of the best releases that psytrance has seen in a while, and will no doubt win fans from progressive and full-on fields- its got a little bit for everyone this release.

A mixture of minimal, progressive and psytrance- the Tetrameth sound is percussive driven, fusion grooves pinned down but large basslines, psychedelic atmospheres and innovative structure. You can definitely tell a Tetrameth track when you hear it (although you could be slightly mistaken if you heard his brother Shadow FX’s tunes)- its really great to see the “Australian” sound of progressive developing in the way it has. Unlike many artists, his use of bucketloads of samples from his many inspirations like Bill Hicks and Terrance Mckenna is not tired- if you get a chance to meet Pete you’ll realize these inspirations are very real and not just wacked in there coz they are easy "psychedelic" samples.

The title track Psychedelic Pyrotechnics sets the standard for the album- its an epic piece of music, introduced by none other than Bill Hicks. Quirky percussions and a building atmosphere work into a groovy minimal bassline. Aboriginal vocals and tribally percussions wind together to lead up to one of the best guitar lines I’ve heard in a trance track. Tear jerking stuff and at 13 minutes, you gotta give the guy credit. This is trance orchestration- wow.

The Quickening featured on the last Zenon comp Intelligent Manipulation- it’s a little deeper and groovier than the last track- but it has some lovely pink-floydish acoustic guitar toward the end which ties it in nice with the last track. This is proper journey music in every sense of the word- his music tells a full story, continually changing and evolving. At times it sounds like a live drummer is playing the percussions, it’s a lot looser and more free than most trance percussion I’ve heard before. Great.

A Practice In Blackness is a bit darker and slightly more industrial sounding- dark grooves and crazy white noise frequencies- but don’t worry it hasn’t lost any of that tetrameth quirk! At times dischordant- could go as well at night or day this one.

Operation Mind Havest has the same apocalyptic overtone as the last track- this is very much music for the Australian outdoor daytime. I can almost smell the dust. Hovering bassline with a great progression- hold out of all hold outs. Cheeky little high end synths and this little melody that fully gets stuck in your head- this is one of my favourites on the album.

The 49th Vibration is of similar caliber- based around the philosophical concept of the 49th Vibration- this vocal driven track really takes some turns. This tracks makes you realise how much Pete’s live band influence affects his trance music- it really sounds like a band is playing this track! Zany samples as usual- “Witches in Nature?”… Wicked.

Easy Way Out has a more traditional trance feel to it than the last- not predictable (I’m not sure if this guy is capable of that) but just seems to follow a little bit more of a traditional like (its not as hard to mix as the last one, that’s for sure!). Nice one with a big breakdown section in the middle to bliss the crowd out. Layed back atmospheric groove.

Digital Acoustix featuring his brother James (aka Shadow FX) is one of the album highlights. These guys started making tunes together and now have their separate projects- the Shadow FX sound is slightly more deep and progressive, whereas the Tetrameth sound more Psychedelic and Accoustic- together their sound is absolutely complimentary, taking hints from both. James’ proggy vibes show through on the bassline, but its got the psychedelic space of the Tetrameth stuff going. One of my favourite tracks either guy as produced!

Closing the album is the quirky Jungle Weapon. Reminds me a little of stuff by Etnoscope or POTS this one- funky bassgroove with some “bits and pieces” kind of percussion in there. Great sample in there too, love it! A bit lighter than the last few- but a great way to close up the cd. Killer.

“Psychedelic Pyrotechnics” is a very personal album- Pete and music are somehow joined together and this album really represents a massive cognition of thought for him. Reading the quote on the cover really affirms this I think- I’ll let you read it yourself but in essence- how much enery, time and love Pete has put into this album shows and he will no dobut be regarded as one of the master progressive producers in years to come. I’m fortunate to know this guy and I can assure you he’s as solid as his tunes- congratulations Pete on the release of a fantastic album.

I challenge anyone to find me an album this year that sounds anything like this- if you can pull off a fresh sound that isn’t too experimental (ie crap) then I think you desever ultimate praise.

8.5/10 (only coz I know what he’s got in store for us in the future!)