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Franny (Demon Tea Records)

Article posted by admin on 25th Mar 2003

1. Your first Release on Sundance records Vibraspirit23 was a huge success. What's in store for dance floors with the upcoming second release and is there anything we should look out for on the release?
Strictly morning style on the 2nd release, a wide range of morning melody Dance-floor psy trance tracks, ranging form 135 - 150 bpm. Tracks of particular interest are from MAX (Sydney) , The Zelator (myself & luna orbit (dark nebula)) There are a lot of other new artists showcased for the first time on this comp.

2. You have been described often as an alternative Psychedelic DJ who has a strong reputation for playing underground bush parties as much as big events, do you feel a strong connection to the underground scene helps you stay as fresh as you are musically with what you play?
Definitely, to me all the best new music is the artists that the major labels are ignoring.(not saying that big labels release bad music, just they don?t stray so far from the well known) These are the artist that are mutating the music and creating truly psychedelic dance music, and not just "psy trance" the genre as it exists now.

3. Playing to audiences in many different countries you must be exposed to such a wide range of music, how does this shape what you play at a particular event?
I usually get a feel at the party before I play what styles locals are into etc, and though I don?t totally change my style between different crowds, it does make me select different from within what I already play, and occasionally play one or two tracks that I wouldn?t play usually. (I mean I would not play GMS if that?s what of the locals are into)

4. Does the time you are booked to play effect what you will play and how do you adapt to the different preferences of promoters around the globe ?
I play very different between different times... the basic difference being morning and night. Night time I play a lot harder than morning time, and also less melody etc. Morning time I feel I can experiment a lot more with styles, though this is different at indoor venues. Promoters are generally booking me for my reputation & label profiles, so most usually they know pretty much what they are going to get. If I know the promoters are a lot more into alternative psychedelic dance, I will tend to push the envelope a lot more than if I am playing at a more mainstream party.

5. As the label boss for Demon Tea and Sundance you must also get sent a lot of music from a huge range of artists, from your set at Summer Sessions we heard some amazing music from you, what can we expect for the Infected Mushroom party ?
I will be showcasing music from upcoming SunDance & Demon Tea releases, which direction it will go in really depends on the crowd on the evening!

6. What's your favorite Infected Mushroom Track and what effect has it had on the dance floor when you have played it?
hmm, good question! I think it would either be Wider, or Double Click (possibly Merlin!!) BUT, I have actually never played a single Infected Mushroom track in a DJ set. I tend to concentrate more on what I am promoting with my labels, and leave this sort to the DJs that are/were already playing them. I have always tried to create a niche style that I can uniquely play, so not to be in competition with everyone else.

7. Some people look for the spiritual aspect of the music, what are your feelings on that and what you play?
I find the whole dance/trance thing to be the spiritual side of it.. Whether the musicians are consciously aware of this when they write I am not entirely sure. Some artists I know are, some artists I know aren?t. I think this is very individual for each person, so I tend not to push any ideas I have about it etc.

8. Do you feel the music you play is a reflection of your self and if so to what degree?
Totally, what I play is exactly what I would love to hear at a party when I was dancing : ) Everything I play I totally love so I feel this does reflect me.

9. Your Demon Tea parties are infamous for being psychedelic carnivals that offer music that's rarely heard elsewhere, you encourage people to listen to a diverse range of music through your releases. Is this a conscious thing in regards to your track selection for the Demon Tea releases?
Definitely.. I try to release music on Demon Tea that I feel to be truly psychedelic andboundary pushing, genre blending etc.

10. Lastly, when you are behind the decks you engage the music and the dance floor like very few other DJ's, it?s as almost as if you are about to take off you produce so much energy. What music is making you dance behind the decks at the most at the moment Franny ?
I tend to dance more to the melodic style behind the decks, there is a lot more upper body expression with melody, and not usually having so much room whilst DJing. Really funky stuff usually makes me dance also, but harder straighter stuff I tend not to dance as much , as for this requires more space and concentration

Check out www.demontea.com for more info on Franny's label.

Franny plays alongside international PsyTrance legends Infected Mushroom in Sydney this Easter Long Weekend - www.australiens.net/infectedmushroom