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Insane Creation - Connected (Domo Records)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 27th Oct 2005

Insane Creation - Connected (Domo Records)

Domo Records continue their strong showing in 2005 with the release of Insane Creation’s new album “Connected”. The Swiss act has been an integral part of the Domo roster for a long time, with his deep, percussive grooves and innovative production and musicality. Certainly an artist that has helped define the sound of the label, this release is without a doubt one of the best artist albums to be released this year.

The sound has definitely been updated- its pumpy, windy psy-prog with heaps of tribally percussions and atmospheres- those who are fans of the Aussie guys like Shadow FX, Sensient and Sun Control Species I dare say will get into this… It’s perhaps a little less minimal than those guys, but it’s clear to see they come from the same school. The new Insane Creation sound is crispy and clear, with ultra-fat bass and tidy as fuck production skills- somehow the phrase “repetitive randomness” seems to come to mind when I listen to this release…

Album opens with “Distorted Dreams”- a tasty slower tribally number. Those people who liked the old sound of genetic spin will get into this one I think. A light kind of groove that will do for late in the daytime methinks. Next up is “Restlessness”- and a sexy number it is. Deep as fuck bass, and lovely slinky leads and rhythms- for some reason I understand why this track is called what it is- brings images of a restless state to my mind.

Continuing the compilation is “Filestyle”- one of the more jumpity numbers on the album for sure. Positive and groovy, with voice samples- by this stage you should be getting a very good idea of the IC trademark sound. It’s not too similar- yet it carries a nice consistent groove throughout the album- you can definitely hear his sound, that’s for sure. “Sweet Random” picks up the pace a little, a little darker and more brooding- some tekky kind of influences as well… Bit more morning sounding than the first couple of tracks I think, its getting a bit faster in BPMs too… Some trancish melodies at the end, but don’t go too far- which I think is nice. Keeps the psy-vibe without getting all airy-fairy on us.

“Snuul” is up next, and I’d say it’s a tie for my favourite one on the album. A deeper more tribal groove, could fit it successfully into a proggy-house style set I think- but it’s still got that trancy feel too- don’t think this is a house tune by any means. Deep and sexy, I can see dance floors bumping and grinding to this one- one for the later hours for sure. MMmmmmmmmmmm deep. “Cafane” vs new artist Cafu would be the one it is tied with- tidy as fuuuuck this tune is. Love the percussion in this one- stabby, intelligent and keeps you guessing all the way through. Can hear the sound of the new comer Cafu- really loved his stuff on Future Construx and his other unreleased tunes are very tidy as well… wow.

“Freakuencer” picks the pace up a bit, with its thumping 138 bpm pushing it back into morning territory. Pumpy and upbeat- reminds me a little of the IC track on VA-Posse (it’s been getting a thrashing by me that one, so this isn’t a bad thing!!!). Groovy. Closing the compilation is “Shoobidoo”, probably the most jumpy track on the album. Solid and funky at the same time, love the melodies in this one. Keep you guessing the whole way. Great end to a fantastic cd- don’t usually hear albums finish on the most powerful tracks, it’s cool.

Overall, Insane Creation have delivered one of the best artist albums on 2005- Tidy production, neat, consistent sound (that doesn’t get too samey at the same time) and heaps of nice original ideas and sounds. A real tribally affair, this will please fans of older and new trance alike, with influences from both the smoother more contemporary style of progressive and the minimal of old. It’s easy to see why so many people sight Insane Creation as a major influence- truly one of the most innovative progressive acts around today. Great release Insane Creation and Domo- the progressive scene certainly can’t complain about lack of quality release right now.

Favourite tracks: 2,3,5,6

Overall 8/10

Review by Jesse Kuch