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System Nipel - Deep Into Matter (Translucent, Israel 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 5th Jun 2006

System Nipel - Deep Into Matter (Translucent, Israel 2006)

The new System Nipel album “Deep Into Matter” on Translucent certainly had some cool packaging- a cool see-through plastic case and stuff, killer! Wasn’t that familiar with their tunes, so was pretty open going into this one- and it actually quite surprised me. Quite a few nice tracks here, in a range of morning full-on styles. A bit hit and miss in some cases, but overall definitely not a bad package from these guys.

All the tunes have a definate morning feel, there are some nice collaborations with Visual Contact and Electrosun and a remix of a Misted Muppet track- for fans of this dancefloor oriented morning sound I’m sure this would be a pretty good buy. It does a get a bit ravey in some patches though, I refuse to go on about it too much though.

Album starts with Dream Vision- a very mellow, floaty melodic affair with some nice effected acoustic guitar sections. Very melodic and positive, but quite nice as a track, very funky and feelgood. Beach-trance.

Lift Me Up featuring Visual Contact lifts the pace a bit- nice big solid bass on this one. Definitely don’t mind a bit of Visual Contact I expected these 2 to make a good pairing. Very solid at the start, but sadly few ravish melodies creep in toward the end and it cheeses right out. Beginning was promising, but didn’t really like where it went. A shame.

Steal The Robot has the same kind of feel as the last tune, but manages to keep a lid on wigging out so much, its good. Very traditionally trance sound- but its not called traditional without a reason- it works. Positive morning music.

Afronomical continues the theme- very much a positive album this one. Melodies are all major and very bright and happy. Funky feel to this one, fans of Rinkadink might like this one I think. Cool, but a little lighthearted for me and the melodies toward the end I’m not so fond of.

The title track “Deep into Matter” definitely starts with a wallop- some nice solid bass on this one. Vocalish morning stuff isn’t really my cup of tea, this one gets very full tilt but has some nice drops and buildups. Tidy production but maybe a bit too on the rave end for me again.

Electrosun is one of my favourite artists from this distribution group- hes released a couple of stormers which have absolutely rocked me on the dancefloor. His collaboration with System Nipel- Fairy Telly is for sure one of the best on the album. Positive, Rocking morning trance- nothing new but very workable and a great dancefloor tune. Nice stuff.

Quest for the Future represents I think the most boundary pushing track on the album. Some nice original ideas in the production a really phat kick. Don’t really like the sound so much toward the end, but this one is a good one to show off System Nipel’s production skills, he’s pretty tight. I’ll put this one down to taste and cheese factor.

Donkey Drunkey is a quirky affair, but definitely overdoes it a bit for me. Last few tracks have reminded me a little of the last Future Prophesy album which I didn’t like much. A bit too much work on the melody seems to override the actual effect of the whole track for me, maybe it’s a taste thing.
His remix of The Misted Muppet – The Legend is quite good as far as remixes go. I’m familiar with the original and I must say I think the System Nipel version is a tad better. I’ve never been a fan of this “classical” style melodic work in psy, it’s a bit too windy and over-the top for me- but as a remix, I’m sure fans of the original will appreciate.

Cd finishes up with a downbeat track – Unlimited (Chill Out Remix). These melodies work a lot more in this music- very middle eastern sounding affair, must be an Israeli thing to go back to the roots with these closing chill tracks on full-on albums. Nice listen though!

Overall, System Nipel’s new album Deep Into Matter wasn’t a bad affair, but wasn’t overly great either. For fans of the more positive, morning style- look into it for sure- I really think with these kind of releases it comes down a lot to taste- although I will say it doesn’t push a lot of boundaries as far as sound goes either.

Some nice moments though- very much trance to make the dancefloor and enjoy themselves. Very cool cover though- would look pretty funky in the cd wallet. Positive music for the sunshine, with a small sprinkle of cheese.