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Ticon Interview

Article posted by admin on 25th Dec 2002

Questions by 3D World Magazine

What originally brought the two of you together to produce psy-trance?
The love for music was the thing that brought us together, in the beginning of `90 Fredrik was allready into hardtrance and met Filip through the party scene wich was realy small here in Sweden then. We went to alots of parties and started to buy 12" and DJ together, and after a time doing that we wanted to create somthing of our own, somthing with energy that we love and something that we haved been lissten to for so long. We started up with an old Amiga500 with a tracker program and sampled old stuff... but the time went on and we bought more stuff and our brains growed and we wanted to go further!

What were you each involved in before you started Ticon?
We have gone through many names that only our friends know about but the firs realase from us was under the name Tripticon. But that project is no more. After Tripticon , we was realy tired of that kind of fullon music and wanted to make somthing more groovy, funky down to earth music but still keep the energy.And Ticon was borned.

how do you set your sound apart from that of other swedish acts like logic bomb & Son Kite?
We have a verry special sound that have been formed throgh many years and periods in our lives, apart from the fullon music , we try to focus on the hips insead of the brain. We allso try to blend in other styles of music like house, jazz and so on. But we only do music that we like, and thats what all the artist does we think, and thats why it sonds diffrent!?

what inspired the move from aggressive psy-trance to more progressive? mellowing out with age or just developing as a creative team?
As we said before, we came to an crossroad in our development in making music, we got tired of doing the same type of music all the time. The Progressive trance was kind of a new style then and we wanted to explore it and see what we could do with it. It allso came natural with the age, since working hard with full on for so long.

do either of you work on individual projects outside of ticon? if so, what are they? if not, are you interested in collaborating with other artists?
No, we dont work individually with other projects, but we have other project rolling together, such as New Disco Science Alliance were we express our love for progressive house. We also have made some lounge music that we realy want to have more time for. We are not afraid of working with other artist ,we have a project running with son kite called Qlap and other things is on its way. It is allways fun to collaborate with others course then you get some new influences and can realy freak out in the making.

what is it about the collaboration between the two of you that has made ticon so popular?
We allways have fun when we`re making music and we really want people to have fun when they are lissten to it. We try not to make our music deadly serious and to drop some humor in it issn`t wrong. Maby since we have known eachother for so long and know exactly what to do allmost everytime must be an exponation.

have you heard much about the australian psy-trance scene?
We used to buy all of the wicked records comming from Australia such as Psy-Harmonics and all of it`s artists. Much of our influences have comed form acts like Reflecta, Psyko Disko (wicked he he he) and so on.... But we havn`t hear alot form your Psy-trance scene lately.

what are you looking forward to most about your australian gig?
To come back ofqcase... Last time that we were in Australia were about 1 and a half years ago and we really had a BLAST, The crowd that we played for were absolutly amazing so there is defenetly something about the Australian people! :) Since we left our Swedish summer for Australian winter last time it`s also werry nice to do exactly the oposite this time and to selebrate New years "there" coulldn`t be better. And after 8 month of verry hard work in our studio we just finnished our second album (called "AERO") that we realy wanto se the reactions from.

Ticon appears at "2003: A Liquid Lab Adventure" in Sydney this New Years Eve.