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Panick - Lab-O-Matic (Neurobiotics Records, 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 27th Jun 2006

Panick - Lab-O-Matic (Neurobiotics Records, 2006)

I’ve always been a big fan of Panick’s stuff- his first album Rocket Pocket definitely made a big impact on me musically- you still catching me listening to it today, and that’s a testament to a quality release. I quite enjoyed his performance at RSF too, although I still think it was the wrong timeslot for his style of music.

Suffice to say I was pretty stoked when I received a copy of his new album Lab-O-Matic, I’d heard only good reports and I was curious to see what he came up with. And disappointed I ain’t! No siree, bob- Panick’s new album is an absolute cracker of a release, one of the best full-on releases in recent memory. Solid stuff from start to finish- definitely proves to me that the Israeli sound can still be fresh and done well- good to see he’s stuck to his guns on this one.

Lab-O-Matic opens up with Menace2Society- a groovy number that very much sets the pace of the album. Big juicy sounds and powerful, stabby leads with the trademark Panick bassline punch and some crazy psychedelic melodies. No cheese here, just top-class psychedelic TRANCE.

Blind Sensations really takes it up a notch- perhaps even the best track on the album! Solid as fuck bassline that really doesn’t let up- future hover gallop gear. Crazy stabby, glitchy leads wind over the top a track that builds at a really nice, steady pace. This is my kind of morning music! Biggest breakdown towards the end leads up to the last section- one of the most solid pieces of work I’ve heard in a while. Tracks like this renew my faith in full-on music, if I were playing this style this is the shit I’d be playing for sure. Rocking stuff, one of the best tracks of 2006.

Radioshake keeps the solidness strait up- super chunky bassline on this one. Mad gallop gear, with more of the crazy panick quirkiness thrown in. His sound has a playful, sometimes silly element at times- but it manages to maintain the solid bottom end the whole way through- picks right up at the end too. Just as I though things could get no better!

Incsoc is a slightly more funky, positive number- big juicy electrobass frequency and the quirk again. Wicked development and progression with the melody in this one- off-its-head psychofunk! Loving it! The title track Lab-O-Matic has been floating around for a while, although I must say even after all this time, it sounds sooo up-to-date. No doubt one of the bigger tracks appeal on the album- catchy hooks and samples, great dancefloor appeal and a bassline that cant be matched. Dark, melancholic grooves for the morning hours.

Cronick Candy is a little less deep- has a wicked tappy percussive drive and more minimal intent. Bassline really takes off in this one- super driving and the higher note gives it a more full-flight appeal. Takes a bit of an unexpected turn toward, moves back into funky territory- man, this guy definitely keeps you on your toes! Horray for innovation!

Class-x keeps the same kind of hover from the last track- bit more whippy on the bass frequency though. This guy is officially now a trance-master- I really don’t think there are many people who are making as tight production as him right now. Again, its really hard to find fault with this one- love the spooky kind of pad feel he gets going, reminds me of a demented ghost train or something. Smashing drugs too, full rocker. Deadly.

My friend had been going on about this Cape Zion tune for a while- It was the first one I listened to when I first got the album. It’s a collaboration between Sub6 and Panick- this always seems to produce good results (no surprise here really, specially if you listen to tunes like Succubus!). Definitely hear the Sub6 in this one- got a slightly more “full” kind of feel to the track. One of the funkier numbers on the album- but still no cheese present. Wicked.

JibJab is the most reminiscent of the stuff from Rocket Pocket- fans of the old Panick stuff will no doubt get a kick out of this one. Stomping bassline and the futuristic psytrance kind of feel- lots of “synthetic” kind of sounds and a really jumpy feel. Absolutely amazing breakdown section about 5 minutes into the track that is one of the production highlights of the cd. Perhaps my favourite track on the album along with Blind Sensations, great stuff.

I’m not sure what a “bonus track” really means on an album. Just seems like the last track for me! Manic Miner closes us off nicely- rolly kind of bassline and some stabbing vocal samples over a winding kind of psychedelic melody line. Hovering and pretty full power, its definitely a slightly different vibe to JibJab. Doesn’t let us down though, a great end to a fantastic cd.

I’ve listened to this one over and over and I’m completely sold- along with U-Reckon, Panick is my absolute favourite full-on artist right now. Lab-O-Matic is one of the best full-on albums released in years, this is driving morning music the way it SHOULD be. Any dj or person who even slightly gets into the morning Israeli sound should get this cd- it’s a breath of fresh air in a scene where good tracks are few and far between (for me at least). There aren’t any of the “ravey” elements present- this is strait forward, huge-as-fuck, groovy psytrance for the morning hours. Congratulations to Panick for keeping the faith alive!!!