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Drumatik- Peak Process (Peak Records 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 11th May 2006

Drumatik- Peak Process (Peak Records 2006)

Peak Records have always been a favourite night music label of mine- there sound is fresh, contemporary- a blend between dark and dirty, and clean and driving. Not afraid to push a few boundaries either- each release has a definite experimental edge that many labels are afraid to push… Drumatik has been one of the solid Peak Artists since day one- his tracks on earlier comps definitely impressed me- and I was looking very much forward to this one.

And disappointed I was not- Peak Producers is a fine album release in true Peak style- driving, dark (but not toooo dark), percussive night music built for dance floors who don’t take no shit, haha! Drumatik (as the name might suggest) has a definite focus on percussion- lots of tasty fills, and clicky sharp percs throughout… its nice to see some night music that doesn’t rely so much of its crazy top-end to carry it.

Compilation starts with a tribalish drum intro- kind of gives a nice suggestion of what is to come though- the second track “Off into Space” kicks it off nicely with a crispy pumping bassline and some tappy snares- the bassline is nice and forward, a bit of a roll to it, good sunrise gear methinks… nice atmospheres and a few crazy psychedelic leads lace the topend, not going to far into to squiggle territory for this listener (thank Christ!)

Devil’s Door is a little more chaotic in its intent- this one definitely lends itself a little more to the darker hours I think… Nice hovering bassline, some killer tribal style drums with a kick ass break down or 2 thrown in there- fans of hefty output I think would be right into this one. Simulations is along similar lines, a few more high ends synths populating it though… maybe a bit too much for my head right now- but I think it could lend itself nicely to a 3am dancefloor….

Killing 200 Remix pulls it back a little bit… playful and definitely very psychedelic, this is one of the one that pushes a few boundaries I think on the album… Tekky glitches and some very, very cool drum work definitely gives the name Drumatik some meaning… It sounds as if a live drummer is actually playing a lot of it, its good to be able to pull off that effect, it takes some skill.

Access Approved has the same experimental feel- we’re up to full intensity now, ripping along nicely at 148BPM- again the deadly percussion work in this one catches me… frantic and scattered, but at the same time with a sensibility that you don’t find in much trance music. This track fully keeps you guessing, and that’s one think I love in night music. Great track.

Psychiatric Symphony takes it back in the other direction a bit- I know its gotta be done, but probably not my favourite track on the album- a little bit too chaotic and high end based- those kind of leads aren’t so good for my head. Revolution 2012 is a return to the source- back to the minimal percussion funk from before! A definite step down in sound and intensity- this ones got a lot of funk to it I think… Classy tribal bongos and a bit more morning of a sound- cool track written about an eclipse that will happen over my town, hehe!

Face to Faith closes the album in true stomping style- funky, playful, driving, serious- all at one time… A good way to sum up the Drumatik sound in general I think, and a good way to end the cd. (dig the sample taken from Team America at the start- Dirka dirky jihad dirka!!!

Overall, Drumatik’s latest effort Peak Process is another win for the Peak crew… Gaspard definitely knows his way around the sound of night music, and it’s refreshing to see a label is taking a very definite direction without letting the fringes of commercialism to touch their view of music… and I think we need more of those in the scene! Classy night music- not for the faint hearted by any means- for coinsurers of the 3am dancefloor.