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X-Noize (Hommega, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 20th May 2005

X-Noize (Hommega, Israel)

JK: Hi Barak, How are you?

Barak: Good man.

JK: Who are X-noize?

Barak: X-noize are Barak Argaman, 26 and Nadav Bonen, 30.

JK: Can u tell me a bit about how X-noize started.

Barak: I met Nadav Bonen two and half years ago at some parties we started to make few tracks together. We decided to make a project named X-noize.

JK: Cool, where was that exactly?

Barak: in Tel Aviv, Israel.

JK: where guys involved in any projects before X-noize?

Barak: I was Golum and he was Point. Now we work now only for X-noiZe.

JK: You guys are starting to blow up worldwide... what have the responses been like?

Barak: The responses are killer! People talking very good about us!(sic) People like the music and it is getting very popular, if u go to a party these days u can hear at least 2 or 3 tracks by us playing.

JK: Have you guys travelled at all with your act?

Barak: We have been to Brazil and we are booked for Mexico, Japan, Portugal, Italy and Belgium.

JK: Brazil is the only place you've travelled as of yet?

Barak: Yes, but we play in Israel 3 times a week.

JK: You guys have many compilation releases to your name. When can we expect an album release from you guys?

Barak: In the middle of May, on HoMMega Records.

JK: Have u guys worked with any artists in the past?

Barak: We have two tracks with Domestic, one with Guy Salama and we remixed Psysex -altered states, pixel - flip the script , The Delta - As a Child, Faithless- Insomnia and Pixel & Goblin made a remix of our track Drum'n'Chase.

JK: That’s some big level collaborations, what was is like working with such prominent artists?

Barak: yes, hehehehehehe! You learn a lot about the music and you can also learn many different styles, which is very good!

JK: which artists have influenced u both?

Barak: We are influenced by Astrix, Infected mushroom, Pixel, Psysex, Sub6 and Domestic. I think they have the best production these days.

JK: what does your studio consist of? Do play live or just DJ shows?

Barak: we use only computer with VST plug-ins these days I don't think u need more than that to produce good music with good sound. We play both live and DJ sets.

JK: where is the best party you've been too? Best moment in trance career so far?

Barak: I think that the party in Brazil was the best, people with good vibes really got connected to the music and there is nothing better than seeing 6000 people dancing and flying to your music, hehehehehe!

JK: Any thank yous or people who have helped you along the way?

Barak: The people who really helped us are Goblin, Domestic, Pixel and of course our manager, Eyal Yankovitch.

JK: Cool, thanks very much man.

Barak: Thank you.