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Edorado (Neurobiotic, Italy)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 7th Jan 2006

Edorado (Neurobiotic, Italy)

Hey mate how are you going?

Good man!

Tell me a little bit about yourself man… How old are you, where do you live and when did you first discover trance music?

Yo! I’m 30, living in Rome, Italy, one of the most beautiful cities of the world.
I first discovered trance by a tape coming from Goa, then had my first trance party in London when I was 19 and completely felled in love with this music.

So how did it get to where it is now? Neurobiotic has a massive reputation worldwide, it must have been quite a long path?

Neurobiotic is now 5 years old and when I started I was not really serious in it. I was djing then, organizing small parties in Italy, and had the dream of living with this music… The dream became true, thanks God, and, because of luck and probably having done some right choices and got the right artists at the right time, I can say that Neurobiotic is now in the top 5 trance labels worldwide, getting lot of bookings and representing some of the best artists and djs in this genre.

So whats the future hold for neuribiotic? what direction can we expect from you in the coming months? The Sonica compilation was a huge smash, as was Groove Controllers…

I’m a bit bored of the full on stuff released everywhere in the last months. I’m trying to bring some fresh air with my releases and my next one is a compilation I compiled called neo::caine. It’s going to be released in January and will feature Tristan and Prometheus, Zen Mechanics, Allaby, Jaia, Pixel and Wrecked Machines, Silicon Sound, Orion, Polaris, Tikal and Altom. It will be bit more progressive than Neurobiotic latest releases.

So which artists are most involved in Nuerobiotics? I hear Panick has a new album soon with you guys... hes a personal favourite of mine...

In the next few months, we have Panick’s new album, Zen Mechanics first album and Silicon Sound second album. Between them some compilations as usual. I also started last year an ambient/downtempo label, Indica Music, so more releases are coming out on that label.

At the moment I’m really looking forward to Panick’s new album. His style is really fresh and new. It’s night music, not twisted or noisy, really hypnotic and full on. I’m really excited of having this album on Neurobiotic. About artists involved in the label, an important point for me is that all the artists I am releasing are good friends of mine and all of them are somehow involved in the label’s direction and decisions.

Personally, who are your favourite artists in the world right now? Who do you think is doing creative or innovative things? What about new artists you’ve heard lately?

My favourite artists now are Panick, Wrecked Machines, Domestic, Silicon Sound and Allaby. Of course when I play my dj sets I play lot of music from other artists, but I think these I listed here are the most innovative. Beside the Neurobiotic pool, I’m really impressed these days from Allaby, an English artist doing something between full on and progressive with long leads and deep atmospheres.

What is Italy’s trance scene like compared to the rest of the world? I hear the Sonica festival was a big success…

Italian trance scene did almost not exist before Sonica. There were some parties but promoters were not connected between each other and most of the parties were done with the only purpose of playing there and make some money out of them. In Sonica we tried to put the best of the Italian scene together, gave some djs a spot to play and involved some promoters in the organization. Looks like was a good idea, the scene is growing, is more connected and more and more people are travelling and know about the world scene.

So you must travel a bit as a DJ… Where have you been playing lately? What has been your best gig this year? What was your favourite place to visit?

Actually I’m travelling a lot. My last parties were in Canada, Belgium and Greece and in the next 3 weeks I have 2 parties in Italy, Moscow, Paris, London and many parties in Brazil in December and January. Then Australia, South Africa and more…
Usually my favourite places are those where the scene is fresh and enthusiastic. Some parties I really enjoyed also if I was not expecting a lot have been a party in Canada, 700 people, and a festival in USA. Japan is also always nice since it’s completely different than any other country.

So are you looking forward to coming down here? Have you visited us before? If not, what have you heard about our country and its scene?

Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to come down there. I’ve always been dreaming of visiting your country. I will spend 1 month there and really want to have the chance to visit it as much as I can. I love sea and nature, and from what I know you have great places there… And I heard from some friends who played rainbow serpent before that is one of the best festivals in the world. I’m sure will be great fun!

They wouldnt be wrong when they said that...Rainbow Serpent is certainly a big call in Australia- What can the crowds expect from your set there?

Great music and lot of fun on the dancefloor! I’m quite hyperactive in parties and still love them also after being so intensively involved in this music… I think this is really important for a dj, not to be separate from the crowd, and luckily I still feel being part of this crazy family…

Haha, cool, it will be good to have you! Have you got any other gigs while you are here? Anywhere else in Australia we can catch you?

I should have some gigs around. One for sure is in the North and more are hopefully coming later.

Anything else you hope to do besides party down here? Do you want to visit anywhere especially, or do something crazy?

I want to visit Byron Bay, I heard many good things about it, and for sure want to visit some great beaches and dive somewhere… And hopefully go fishing ;)

Haha, i have mates who'd happily take you fishing! Sometimes i think they like it more than trance! Any last words before we wrap this up? Anybody you want to mention?

I want to thank Frank who booked me for Rainbow Serpent and gave me the chance to come there for the first time, I’m sure I will enjoy a lot and hope to come again soon. Will be a great experience, I’m sure!

Thanks so much man, cheers. Cant wait to the Rainbow Serpent, its truly going to be amazing this year!!!

Thank you mate, looking forward to meet you and all the gang there!!!

You can catch Edorado at Rainbow Serpent Festival on the 27-31 of Jan in Beaufort Victoria. If you want a second helping, he will also make an appearance at the Earth Freq Festival in Byron Bay on the 17-19 Feb. Interview with Edorado by Jesse Kuch