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Stella Nutella

Article posted by admin on 5th Aug 2002

Interview by Henrik from TractAct

Stella NutellaStella Nutella, DJ from Sweden is playing at Summer Dreaming 18th - 20th January. She has been playing at parties all over the globe since her last visit to Australia 1999. And also started producing music and become a label DJ for Flying Rhino and Turbo Trance labels.

What does Stella Nutella mean?
My Italian friend Paola started calling me Stella years ago because it means star in her language. Later I also found out that my Mayan sign is Lamat (the star.) So that was a cosmic coincidence... Nutella (= Stella the Nutter) became my nickname after a crazy time at the VOOV Experience (German festival) just around the time when I started DJing.

Why were you attracted to psytrance?
It is the most full-on party music... when I started going to parties in London in 96 I was blown away!

Where is the best place you have played?
Solipse in Zambia was of course fantastic, I'm very happy that I got the chance to visit an amazing country I knew nothing about. But I also love playing long sets at small, underground parties where everybody knows each other and are sharing the same psychedelic experience... There's been a few of them lately here in London.

Which DJs and acts have influenced your style?
Many different ones... the biggest help and influence was my ex-boyfriend Chris Organic and being part of Organic Records for 3 years.

So why do you think the Scandinavian sound has become so popular?
Swedish like quality...

Give us a brief background on your musical history.
I played the violin as a child, then developed a big interest for electronic music even though it was hard to get hold of where I grew up. The idea to DJ came to me as a flash one day in London?

What have you been up to the last couple of months?
A lot of moving around and playing many cool places in several European countries. Trying to catch up with as many friends as possible between gigs.

What else except DJing are you involve in (if any)?
Hmm... I don't like to sound boring but at the moment music takes up most of my time! But I always like keeping fit and do yoga. It's important to stay healthy when you travel all the time...

Tell us a bit about your DJ shows. What do you play, what musical direction does the set take?
I like to play a variation of psychedelic and progressive tracks, anything that I find interesting... love to make it a bit quirky, funky...

Do you have any plans to try your hands at production? If so, what would you like to produce?
I have already been in the studio and made tracks with Chris (Organic), Eran Hennenberg in Israel, and at the moment I'm in the middle of 2 projects together with Andrew Humphries (London) and Synchro (Amsterdam). I really enjoy learning all the bits n bobs, just wish I had more time!

Current top 5?
1: Etnoscope- Das Fug
2: Synchro- Indigo
3: Magnat -Tropfsteintrance
4: Endora -Trector
5: Dino&Dhya -Siren tune

In which countries have you played? In what festivals?
UK, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, France, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Zambia, Brazil, Australia.
Festivals: Celebra Brasil (Brazil)
Forest Festival (Tasmania, Australia)
Solipse (Zambia)
SolaLuna (Greece)

Have you ever played in Australia before? Event? Year?
Yes, I was there in beginning of 99 for 3 months playing a few parties and clubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron and in Tasmania.

What do you think of the trance scene in Australia?
I had some of my best parties ever there! I found the Australian crowd very up for it and really knowing how to have a good time.

What are your expectations of Summer Dreaming?
I'm sure its going to be a great weekend, I know the organisation are very nice and professional as I played for one of the guys last time I was there. Hope for a fat sound system and lots of people...

What are your future plans, where are you going to play?
First going to Japan , probably back to Brazil and then touring Europe as I'm doing now, got a residency for Cyberfunk, Athens, so I'll be going there a lot. I've also started playing for 2 labels; Turbo Trance and Flying Rhino, so hopefully there will be some cool label parties too.

For how long time has you been a DJ?
3 years

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