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Tribal Vision -VA - Inner Circle Review

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 9th Oct 2005

Tribal Vision -VA - Inner Circle Review

Tribal Vision’s new compilation “Inner Circle” continues their impressive run of releases in 2005. This time focusing on a darker, more brooding Tribal Vision sound, Inner Circle represents the other side of this successful Czech label. Driving basslines, minimal influences and tribal percussive grooves that lend to both the night and day ensure the latest release is a pick for any DJ or home listener.

The introduction is provided by Mladen Glavinic (better known for his innovative act Parrket) and provides a moody opening tune for the compilation. This guy definitely has some varied stuff, always out of left field and not what u expect. Nice intro that sets the tone of the compilation perfectly. Next up is the Shaman remix of Beat Bizzarre’s “Corrosive Juices”. Loved Shaman’s last album, but I must say I’m not so impressed with the direction he is taking lately. This track is a bit of a redeemer somewhat; definitely better than the last one he released that’s for sure. Nice pairing of Beat Bizarre and Shaman, techy futuristic feel. Not as dark as the original, but I like it better.

The next offering by POTS is an absolute landmark tune; these guys are really on fire right now. Can’t wait for the album!!! Wicked tribal percussions over a daytime hustle bassline. Made to make you move, one of the highlights for sure. Parrket does well to follow it up with one of the best tracks they have released “Science in my Mind”. Banging innovative and original progressive music. Really large lead noises and a thumping bassline at a cruising 134 BPM. Nice stuff.

New artist Kalimax are continue the quality with a nice daytime cruiser “Demons”. Hovering bassline with smashing stabs and sounds and a winding psychedelic feel. Definitely an act to watch for sure. Also relatively new to the scene is Prosect, from Israel. Andy has 3 projects and Prosect is his most psychedelic and powerful. His sound doesn’t really conform to some sort of “formula”; he has a very unique style. “Sonified” has scattery leads and big reverbed percussion and probably the best track I’ve heard from him under this name (I really like his Sonify project personally). Tribal Vision has done well to include these 2 newcomers.

NASA has been releasing a bit lately as well; his style seems to have changed quite a bit from the minimal NASA of old though. Much more emphasis on rhythms and soundscapes- “Sloppy Noodle” does manage to retain some of the feel of the older NASA releases though, which is refreshing. Nice to see he hasn’t lost touch with his roots. Human Blue are another name I’ve been hearing lots of good things about on the grapevine. “Screwdriver” is one of the best tracks on the album I’d have to say. Driving and tribal, with a crunchy minimal twist. Nice night time progressive, leaves me wanting to hear more by these guys.

I really liked “Drums From the Dawn of Time”, Etnoscope’s last album. Really landmark stuff, with full live tribal percussive section and stuff. I wasn’t as impressed with “Fast Licking”; it does fit well into the compilation well tho. It doesn’t have the bass-end of the older Etnoscope stuff, so it just didn’t catch my ear as much. Tegma on the other hand- while I really didn’t like their last album (although Encoded:Decoded is a classic for me) this track (and their last one on the Moonflower compilation Grand Avenue) have restored my faith in the act. The closing track is the most powerful track on the album, driving bass with epic leads and synths- a track for the morning the when the dust is rising and the dance floor is flailing. Wicked stuff that closes the comp perfectly.

Overall, another solid-as-rock release from the Tribal Vision crew, affirming their status as one of the leading progressive labels in the world right now. Really commendable effort with the packaging and slips for the djs etc- makes buying the cd all that much more worth while. Wickid cover art as per usual too... All their compilations have managed to retain a nice “theme”, carrying a particular sound throughout the comp. This one is no different, with the darker more tribal trance sound of Tribal Vision becoming evident. Well done Slater and Schwa for compiling another killer compilation.


Highlight Tracks 3, 4, 8, 10

Review by Jesse Kuch