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Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster EP w/ andre absolut rmx (Tribal Vision 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 7th Jan 2006

Sonic Cube - Cloud Buster EP w/ andre absolut rmx (Tribal Vision 2006)

Tribal Vision’s first foray into the world of vinyl certainly affirms that they won’t be slowing up anytime soon. Sonic Cube are poised to release their new album in the next few months- and if this track is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. I’ve always been a fan of their work- but I’d definitely have to say this eclipses anything I have heard from them yet. Deep, percussive and groovy, this track has a nice epic outdoor daytime feel. I have heard some of their other new stuff, and this one is definitely my favourite of the lot- its lovely progressive TRANCE- doesn’t have any electro for once! But for those who are more into the sound- Andre Absolut’s remix on the flip will no doubt please your taste, taking out the trancish elements and replacing them with some electroish leads and some blissful melodies.

The original track starts with a pounding percussive/bass groove that thumps out like no tomorrow- its cool watching the dancefloor work to this… Retains this deep flavour throughout the track, with some nice appegiated trance melodies creeping in toward the end. Up-to-date, tidy production and an infectious groove that will no doubt stick in your head- wets my appetite for the new Sonic Cube release “Filter” even more. At 135, its pretty fast for the kind of track it is- my only complaint is it could have been a few BPM slower!

Absolut’s remix remedies the BPM- but it does loose a lot of the deep edge to this track (which is a bit odd to me, considering some of absolut’s other stuff). But don’t mistake me- this is no bad remix- in fact I can see it doing massive things worldwide! Much more “friendly”, this remix is in keeping with the current trend of electro-house that is sweeping the world. Absolut’s production work is top notch, and the groove is an infectious one again, but in a different way- much lighter and less serious. I hear its been getting a lashing by a lot of djs worldwide, and no doubt was an intelligent move by tribal vision.

Tribal Vision’s first foray into the world of wax will no doubt be successful for them- this release is intelligent and well thought out, with both versions of the track being highly workable for different situations. Its nice to see a release that can make you cry and bring out the man in you in one listening.