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Pump Fiction compiled by Mechanix (Yage Records 2005)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 4th May 2006

Pump Fiction compiled by Mechanix (Yage Records 2005)

Mechanix has been pumping out his own brand of night music for a very long time, with early releases on doof right up until today- where his association has extended to a number of labels. Pump Fiction is the compilation he has compiled for Swedish Yage Records- it showcases Mechanix’s unique “cleaner” sound of night music- blasting, powerful dancefloor music- with an emphasis on high production and a little less on the “dark” vibe as much night music is.

Pump Fiction features artists like Xerox&Illumination, Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Damage, Toxic, Rabdom L, U-men and of course, Mechanix- it’s a tidy and consistant compilation that sticks to a theme well but at the same time has a good variation in tracks. Mechanix’s taste is definitely very defined- pumping basslines, tidy percussion work and a crazy psychedelic melodies- wound together with clean and crisp production.

The compilation opens with the title track by Mechanix- Pump Fiction. A nice poppy bassline with tappy, stabby percussion is what drives this one- its quirky and playful tune, never too intense or serious- would be quite a fun dancefloor track I believe. Definitely manages to keep it at a more minimal level with this one- don’t worry Eldad, this is a compliment from me! One of the nicest tracks on the comp, nice opener!

Xerox&Illumination keep the show going with High Fever. A big and groovy rolling bassline starts off the proceedings, doesn’t take long to take off into full-flight though… Real windy psychedelic feel with some nice high-tek percussion work, this is one of those tracks that just keeps going up and up- it maybe goes a tad far for me, but maybe I’m showing my age, haha! …While I’ve heard better from X&I, definitely fits well on the comp.

I used to listen to a bit of Nueromotor a few years ago- I was quite surprised when I heard this one! His style has changed a bit since I last listened… Reminded me a bit of CPU (must be a French thing). I’m divided on this track- its got a screetchy high synth line that gets a bit much for my head- although its got a really funky breakdown in the middle and its production work is really tidy… I guess I’ll put it down to taste.

Hyper Frequencies get all ethno/tribal on us- a big chanting vocal and tribal percussions bring the compilation back to a bit more of a organic level (the last few tracks where highly “digital” kind of feel). Crazy (as expected of Hyper Freq.) off-its head psychedelic kind of vibe, like a tribe of Indians on a bad trip, haha. It got a bit too much for me by the end just listening, I suspect it might be different on the dancefloor though.

Damage comes in storming with Sweet Suffering- up there with my favourites on the cd… I can draw a few parallels with Hefty Ouput and this one,if your digging that kind of buzz, you’ll probably get into this one… I am, and I do- driving bass-driven night music with lots of phat drops and percussion fills… Damage has very much stuck to his guns over the years… Tasty stuff.

Mechanix’s second track on the comp- No Doubt is a bit more heavy and blasting than the first- though, like the first, the music is very well thought-out and produced, it never takes it too “over-the-top” like I find many artists in this style do. Every sound has a place and the overall product is a crisply produced dancefloor stomper… Eldad’s own brand of cleaner night music is no better shown on this comp than with his own tracks….

Toxic’s track Serious Damage takes the cd back into more traditional night music territory… hovering triplet bassline and nice intro lead into a crazy, windy psychedelic midsection- deadly work with the guitar sounds, its really well done. Took a few listens for me this one, but ended up being one of my favourites on the compilation.

Rabdom L’s Thermal Dispute didn’t take as long to grow on me- its got an immediate appeal, with its chunky and off-kilter bassline and humourous kind of feel. Kind of like a cross between Rinkadink and CPU. I loved where the track was at the start, though I’m afraid by the midpoint the track had totally lost me- it just got way too crazy with a few too many high end synths for my liking, ear hurting material… Gets back to the deadly bassline by the end though, why couldn’t it have just stayed somewhere around there?

Closing up the compilation is U-Men’s Retro Punk- awesome voice sample at the start to kick off the track, gives way to a big future-electro kind of buzz… bassline is really poppy and the track has heaps of cool break downs and effects, a well produced and well thought-out finisher to the cd… Nice stuff, I’ll have to check a bit more out by these guys.

Overall, Eldad has managed to pull off a very smooth and complete sounding compilation- it sticks well to its theme and showcases a little of this man’s long standing experience within the trance industry. Each track fits well into each other- while I didn’t like them all personally I think that fans of this style will no doubt think this is a blasting compilation. The Mechanix “clean” sound of night music is very well showcased here- perhaps no better than by the man himself- his own tracks along with that of Toxic and Damage where my favourite tracks of the comp for me… If dark trance gets a bit much for you, but you want something nice and blasting for the night-time dancefloor- this is the compilation for you…. Check it out.