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Wizdumb (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, New Zealand)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 8th Aug 2005

Wizdumb (Cosmic Conspiracy Records, New Zealand)

JK- Hey bro, whats crackin?

Wizdumb-Hey bro

JK-Lets start out simple… Who are you, where are you from and what is the Cosmic Conspiracy?

Wizdumb - My name's Aviel Kimble im 25 years old, born in Santa Cruz, California, was raised and grew up all over the place!, Mexico, Hawaii, the States, Europe, so i guess you could say i'm from earth, and via experience a product of a bit of all those places!;) At the moment i am based and living in NZ and running the label from here, focusing a strong amount on australasia artists and talent. I handle the general management and A&R duties here at CCR, as well as being a full-time promoter. I'm also resident translater for messages from the mother ship ;) And i still find time to dj around and about!

JK- So tell me a little bit about how the label began its life? Why did you decided to start a label? Who were the original conspirators?

Wizdumb- The idea behind Cosmic Conspiracy Records basicly began the nuclues of its ripple effect, in India around 99/2000 after 2 seasons in India, where i was introduced to djing in a very freaky cosmic way. I'd met and become friends with many artists who were producing great original styles, yet were unable to get released due to the ''different'' non full-on nature of their works. Often they were pushed to the side by more mainstream orientated djs, producers, and organizers with an abundance of ego, and attitude, but very little substance! I wished to create a platform label, one not tied to what sold at the moment or current trend, but focusing on forward-moving progressive music with enough attitude and bump to let yah feel it in your chest, yet with a lower more tribal paced bpm range, suited to both day and night time, and definitely to show that progressive and minimal don't mean boring & non psychedelic.

....over the last few years, i found that there was lack of good crunchy /twisted//psy - minimal tunes and artists being released,and a consytant steady stream of f''full on'' clone artists...... I figured i definitely could do my part to encourage continued exploration of this style, as well as offering a platform for new artists who were focusing on these new experimental/progressive styles. As far as the CCRecords team goes we're a relatively relaxed and friendly going group of people who shy away from the "too cool for school'' vibe and elitist mentalities. A group of , honest and inspired people that are committed to doing what they love for the right reasons! The wellington based core,consests of Myself, Djs Jandalz & Re-pete, as well as a whole load of friends and family throughout, New zealand, and the world. We're not that interested in releasing particlurly what sells eh, preferering to focus on the more underground side of minimal /progressive as it tends to be more rich with character and soul. The original conspirators at the start would be Myself (A&R, Concept, Organization, Creative vision) and Peter Dutch aka dj Re-pete (IT, Design, PR, Promotions), support from our Cosmic Friends, Co conspirators, and connections, world wide.

JK- Tell us a bit about the label sound today… You definitely seem to favour more minimal progressive, with acts like Alfredo Garcia, DJruth, Minimal Criminal, etc… Who are the label artists/DJs and what do you look for when looking for new artists?

Wizdumb- Fully mate, We definitely lean towards the ''Less is more'' philosophy here at CC Records .....we like our Minimal/psy to be as chunky as possible, full of that Cosmic Crunch, with lashings of fresh bits and bops from other styles and genre, addings of old school flavors, Teky tweaks and sounds, breakbeat boogies..........and that PHAT drive, that really make you think about being alive... We like to focus on a Phat/funky, psychedlic and some times sleazy side of the minimal sound not too often showcased and our future releases well definitely be dedicated to the continued exploration and sharing of this style. Sadly, its much less original and MORE commercialy viable, to over produce a work and make a massive multi-layered cut/copy/paste, seizure inducing full on tune......takes a tad more finesse , skill/style/ feeling and thought to create a truely psychedelic story with a lot less ingredients and a more encompassing mood. Contrary to popular belief, I think that minimal psy is not dead at all and rearing its head with a whole new set of teeth ;)! I personally have been a fan of this sound for quite some time and in my opinion it's the more minimal labels these days, wich have been focusing an innovative music and boundary pushing beats, music that's not afraid to be different.and take us to a trancey state via non conventional paths and formulas. I hope to see alot more in the future... At the Moment the current roster of label artists representing, consists of Sensient, Minimal Criminal, Dj Ruth, Psypox, COSM, Cusp, Ozone, Lurifilur (minimal/psy) and the Dub artists to date are Kukan Dub Lagan, Oscar The Grouch, Diwata, Beatnik, COSM--- When looking for new artists the 1st thing we definitely look for is a uniqueness in style, a good clean individual story or message to their tracks, the characer and vibes of their works (ie percussion patterns etc), as well as themselves! And, of course, a nice phat chrunchy groove! They score bonus points if they have that twisted, sinister groove with overlaying cheeky sounds and tricks ;) ( Ying yang style) and a good sense of humor !! i quite injoy my intricate percussion patterns as well.... on the otherside of things, we will be working on a series of Dub releases designed for dance floors and daytimes, after all we are NZ based label ,the Dub vibe/sound is strong in this land, and i wish to encourage further experementation within the Psychedelic digital Dub genre.

Our team of label Djs are, Poo face Mcgraw insane minimal psy / daytime drops, general madness), Re-pete (crisp Night time progressive), Jandalz (Tribal/neo full on), Ozone (pregressive atmospheres, day/night time), and myself (Morning/daytime minimal tribal psy & Dub).

JK- Your first release Enginewitty did quite well, and you just released the 2nd comp. Contact Lens. What's in the future for the CC crew?

Wizdumb- Yeah thanx man, Enginewitty'' was pretty well recieved, and im extremely happy with the feed back on ''Contact Lens'', on the way shortly we'll have the 1st DUB offering a DuB /Psybeint Compilation titled PARTLY CLOUDY out around October, focusing on, and introducing many of The fresh new faces of dub artists, and talent here in New Zealand, Cosm, Grouch, Module, Beatnik and more.. its definately a moving themed work!!.......Focusingon the strange and amazing cloud formations found in New Zealand, and their movement with the seasons. After that for early 06, V/A ''The Lurker'' Deep Underwater views of Minimal Monsters. "The Lurker'' will be a more deep tribute to moody minimal in all its forms, but all with a particular underwater depth and feel... More suited to djs and Minimal collectors/connesors, Featured artists- Minimal Criminal, Fine Diner, Static Corn, Dj Ruth and More.... and yes the rumours are true!!!.....There will be a ''Contact Lens vol2 next year, once again introducing some new names and talent, alongside the usual CCR friends & artists.

JK- The label is based outta NZ, whats it like running it from there? How is the trance scene? Do you guys have many outdoor parties, or is it mainly indoor based scene? ?

Wizdumb- The trance scene in NZ, is quite uniqe in the sense that, the population is quite small, and spread out abit, wich results in many smaller sized partys both indoors and out, and about 2 or 3 bigger outdoor festivals a year ( ie with more than 1/2000 ppl) The energy here as is , young and fresh, with the dancfloors and production reflecting this, New Zealand has an extremely friendly, and we host a wee label night''Wobble'' once a month in the central distrect, and intill reciently over the last year I have hosted a saturday weekend, psy radio show ''The Cosmic CRUNCH''. The south island hosts alot of nice partys, and tends to have a few more outdoor events. There is a relitvely big indoor/progressive scene in auckland as well. As for the running of a label from here, ive found at certian points it can be difficult in the sense that you are a bit "off the beaten track'' and far from our Europen Core artists, as well as a good chunk of listeners! and of course it is not always possible to have all the live acts we would like to have come visit! This is another great reason for Aussie organizers and promoters to combine forces with there NZ counterparts for some combined fun, and shared artists pooling! It would appear it can some time take awhile for promos and demos to arrive to us, depending on where there sent from. all and all apart from some high phone bill costs etc, NZ vibe is extremely great for creative visalisation, and i suppose ppl are somewhat intrigued and intereasted into whats going on here in the Creative Arts area.

You've travelled quite a bit during your life. Where have you been, what was your favourite place and what are some memories from there?

Wizdumb- Yes, i was encouraged to travel very young, and for a good while, was based in south europe and from there have traveled and spent time in South America, India,New Zealand,Portugal, Canada, Germany, Nederlands,UK,Austria and Italy. Traveling has been the single most infuentual and driving factor in my life......to many memories to list here...

JK- Have you ever made it over to Aussieland (its not far over the ditch!!!) Any plans to do so in the future?


No, believe it or not i have yet to make my way over !!! look forward to coming to visit. Great artists and vibe you guys have going on.Though im sure ill probably be a wee bit frightend of possibley getting eating by a crocidile at a party or something whilst im there. hehe ! ;) i should be heading that way sometime pretty soon , shall i bring my crocidile repellent ? Any organizers interested in some of our NZ talent,or overseas Artists, Drop us a contact.

JK- HAHA, the only town with parties and crocadiles is Cairns, so you'll have to come visit me to get eaten!!! (HAHA!)Who are you favourite artists right now? Who do you think are doing really innovative things? What about some up-and-coming artists or DJs that you would like to mention?

Wizdumb- Favorite artists for me at the moment, would definitely be , Psypox, Tetremeth, dj ruth, Sensient, Trimada, Minimal Criminal with there unique style of sleazy beats and twisted structures; their a great example of the CCR sound! Ozone is doing some very innovative things at the moment, creating innovative atmospheres and hypnotic structures, heavely laden with uniqe grooves. Shadow FX and tetremeth also pushing a heavy dose of innovation. COSM here in NZ are extremely talented and have a very defined extremely well produced sound......just check their track "the Opauqe'' on V/A Contact Lens for a perfect example! Im very optomistic for the the 'Now' and the'future' as far as innovative quility prodcuers goes, and im happy to see anyone encouraparating experamentation, and genre blending. For djs, keep and eye out For djs Poo face Mcgraw, and Re-pete!

JK- What kinda stuff do you get up to outside of the Cosmic Conspiracy? What's your day job? What kinda things do you do when you're not immersing yourself in trance music?

Wizdumb- when im not doing the label duties, or answering the thousands of fan letters ;) I work as well in a Funk/party supply store, in Welllington, wich sells many types of party paraphenalia, Including trippy music and freaky toys. It's a great job, and im encouraged to play my personal selection of music at work ! ;) I try and find time to feed my love of of literature, im a huge film nerd, and i have a weaknees for electronic toys gadgets and video games. i find laungague study to be interesting and i hope soon to add a 3rd spoken luangague to my repertoir. apart from that i enjoy spending time with friends, and meeting new ppl.

JK: We'll have to sit down to some xbox sometime! (HAHA) Anything else you'd like to add before we wrap it up? Any famous last words, people you'd like to mention or thank-yous?

Wizdumb- Yes indeed: I'd like to say a big thanx to my mum for always encuraging alternative consiancesness, awerness and respect, and for dragging all us kids along to all those African dance sessions and drumming workshops!!! The beat goes on....Thanks to the CCR crew, for all their dedication and hard work... and to our supporters. Thank you so much for your support, and for contributing back to what you love!!! And thank you all that buy original music. Big ups to all those that become the change they want to see....And last but deffintly not least, Thanks to all artists that continue to experment, try new things and keep progressive music moving forward! And thank you Jesse, for your interest and the kind interview mate :) For last words....I'll go with '' Ok Brain, i dont like you and you dont like me.......so just help me get through this exam, so i can go back to slowly killing you with Beer'' H.S.

JK: Thanks Aviel, you crack me up! Wickid bro, great to be in contact and we'll talk again soon im sure! Good luck with Cosmic Conspiracy!

Jesse Kuch