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Groove Zone - Aerocruz

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 23rd Jun 2005

Groove Zone - Aerocruz

Groove Zone Records from Japan have established themselves in the past couple of years as one of the scenes leading progressive labels, with their compilations Groove Zone, Back to the Future and Magnetic Storm all showcasing a mixture of experienced and new artists and helping put Japan on the progressive map. With their new compilation Aerocruz, Groove Zone take a step outside the traditional progressive genre, instead this time focusing on melodic morning trance.

This compilation definately contains a mixture of styles and flavours with one main theme "melody". Artists like Triptych, S-Range featuring Z-man, Soul Surfer, Visua and Vibrasphere remixing Son Kite might help those who don't know my definition of the word. Quality production from start to finish for sure, will definately please fans of this style. This release has the consistant vibe that Groove Zone tends to focus on when it releases- it definately plays as a compilation, not just a collection of tracks.

Side-A starts out the compilation with his track "Hybrid Rise"- and at a cruising 133 BPM this is the compilations slowest track... and definately my personal favourite. The french crew are definately making some lovely music right now, and this guy has a big future ahead of him. Nice breaksie intro with a pouding bassline when it breaks in... Those who have heard Side-A tracks before will recognise the melody work, has a very characteristic sound for sure. Love the bottom end of this track, works really well on the dancefloor.

Natural flow are up next, and the BPM picks up a notch... Side project of Rumble Pack from Switzerland, these boys music reminds me a small bit of some of the mexican progressive/morning trance that has been popping up latelely (Xibalba, etc)... Nice driving bassline with some lovely sweeping leads and harmonies. Progressive and Morning DJs will get into this one alike i think, look forward to hearing more.

Vibrasphere's remix of Son Kite's "Let us Be" is track 3, also 140BPM... I liked this track when it was first released, lovely driving bassline, powerful melodies and that unmistakeable sonkite/vibrasphere sound... Does fit very well onto the compilation, but i still dont understand why they release tracks that have been released for so long on other cds?

Japan's own Counter Tech is up next with the title track on the album "Aerocruz". Promising sound from the new-comer, very uplifting melodies and leads with a rolling disko bassline... Full on DJs looking for a few lower BPM tracks will probably dig this one.

Swedens Multitalented Soul Surfer is up next with Bonzai Beach of Magic. Also responsible for the Andromeda and Chromosome projects, this guy definately makes a varying spectrum of music. One of the more Full-on Soul surfer tracks, this music reminds me of water for some reason... super flowy sounds, light guitars and a pumping bassline that reminds me a bit more of his chromosome project...

Visua from Mexico are next, and its definately one of my personal favourites on the album. Deep bassline with plenty of raw noises and big percussion... A bit lighter on the melody too, which maybe has been getting a bit too positive for me personal until this stage... nice work, looking foward to hear more of their stuff...

Triptych's "Two Ears and One Mouth" is a funky affair in the characteristic french style... upbeat and groovy, with stabby samples and melodies with funky basslines and rhythms thrown in for good measure... This guys production is definately top notch, really his own style, and seems to be going from strength to strength...

Sync, the new side project of Vaishayas is up next, and they deliver one of the more driving numbers on the album... galloping bassline with some nice big lead noises and some funky, but not too over the top, synth lines... Some of the tracks over did it a bit on melody for me personally, but this one seems to have kept it together a bit more for me, have always liked what these guys have done.

S-Range featuring Z-man is up next, and the cd slows down a notch. While a Majority of tracks where around the 140-142 BPM mark, this track returns into progressive territory with its 134. S-Range's sound definately seems to be heading in a more proggy direction, and i personally think this is a great track. Nice happy bassline and samples, complimented by some lovely daytime sounds... looking forward to their new album on groove zone for sure...

Overall, while Aerocruz might not please fans of some of the older Groove Zone releases, it definately represents a strong step into new styles of trance and will no doubt please fans of the more melodic side of things... There are tracks on this compilation for all styles of DJs and listeners, its equally good listening at home, in the car or while the sun is shining at a party...