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Triptych (Turbo Trance, France)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 14th Sep 2005

Triptych (Turbo Trance, France)

Hey mate hows it going?

I’m fine, thanks

First things first I guess… Basics: Full name, age, location?

My name is Charles Michaud, 28 years old, leaving in the countryside near Paris, France...

Tell us a bit about how your interest in this music started… When did you first hear trance? Where were the first parties you attended? Who were some acts you admired early in the piece?

Since I’m very young I used to listen to music a lot. I remember some classical vinyl my grandmother brought me when I was under 10, then I started classical piano, music theory, and at 15 years old I started to play guitar in a rock band with my old friend Vincent (Tétraktys/Motion). Then we discovered trance in parties in France, the first trance track I heard was Total Eclipse! Then I went to more and more parties in 1998 and was very found of Sun project, Oforia, KoxBox and many many others…

Tell me a little about you and Vincent’s band? What music did you play?

Yes as I said above, we used to play in the same rock band with Vincent; we played some Led Zep stuff, Doors and all 60-70 psychedelic-rock standard ; )

So when did you decide to start producing trance as Triptych? When did you first get interest from labels, and who were the first interested in your trance music?

First with Johannes we produced psy-trance and minimal psy music under the Walhalla project, we released 12” and VA on Moon Spirits records, Sub Machine, and others. Then he started Silicon Sound and I started Triptych. Turbo Trance heard my first tracks and l’elf the manager thought my funky style would fit perfectly with his label and we sign together.

You released an album in 2003 “Lost Paradise”… This year saw you release another “Electrology” (Both on Turbo Trance)… How would you say you have updated your sound from the last album? Describe to those who don’t know the sound of Triptych today.

Yes I think there is a big change between those 2 albums, the first one was more morning full-on oriented, I reckon maybe it was less original than the second one as for this last one I decided to produce new stuff at a time I was listening a lot of various other musical style. Electrology album is still psychedelic and sometimes full-on but always very groovy with some progressive structures and electro breaks.

I’ve seen a few releases around on labels like Groove Zone. What else compilation wise is in store for you in the future? Any collaborations in the works?

I have some psy-trance tracks to be released soon on Alchemy records and Mind control, one progressive track under Groove Zone again, tracks for Transient as well which is back, and of course Turbo Trance records, I compile the next VA of the Accelerator series, the 3.0 one, the 2.0 was compiled by our djane Beka from Australia. I have also a collaboration with Pop Stream; the first track we made will be released very soon. And!! The new project Solead we have with Vincent a.k.a Motion, kind of eclectic project which combine a lot of electronic music style (electro, breaks, acid and progressive house) and with some Live Show concept ;) We already released stuff on the progressive house label Erase records, and also a bootleg…More release are coming soon.

I see you made a track with Beka (Aussie Turbo Trance DJ) on your last album. A bit of a down-under connection ay? How did you meet her? Any plans to work together more in the future?

I met this very talented Djane when she started to work for the label, and yes we have some work to do soon again ; )

So how was your last trip down here… you visited quite recently didn’t you? What were the crowd reactions like? How where the parties? Any moments that stuck out in your mind of the last time you were here?

My trip in Australia (April 2005) was very hectic : 3 gigs in 5 days, when you think we have almost 22 hours of travel from France to there…The parties were very nice cause all were different, one club party in Sydney, one bush party in Byron bay and an after party for Earthcore! I enjoyed all of them and met very nice people. Now I just can’t wait to go back again.

How many times have you visited down here in total? How do you think it rates compared to other scenes in the world? Are we healthy?

Yes I think the public in Australia is quite good, nice faces, nice vibes, for sure also not so good ones lol :D but I think it’s the same everywhere.

Did you get to hear much Aussie music while you were here? Anything that particularly impressed you?

Hmmm not really had the chance to listen Australian stuff, maybe because I didn’t stayed enough time I think.
And still for me Infusion are your best band! But I already knew their music before.

So who are your favourite artists right now? Who do you think is doing inspiring things? And who’s in your stereo at home right now (from in or out of trance)?

Solead is my favourite band!!! Lol And to be serious I think all style of music inspire me from electro to classical music, I like to take inspiration from all kind of style. At home right now I listen the last Goldfrapp album.

What do you get up to when you’re not jetting about the place playing gigs and stuff? What do you do in your spare hours (if you have any?)?

I don’t have spare hours :D When I’m at home, I do some engineering work for cinematography (sound editing and re-recording mix) and for mastering. Also… I try to produce music!

Any famous last words or thank-yous? Anything you’d like to say or mention?

Thanks Aussies people and promoters in advance to bring me back again there!

Peace out bro, good to chat to you. Good luck with the coming year!!!

Cheers! And thanks for your interview!!

No worries mate, pleasure was all mine!

Interview with Charles (Triptych) by Jesse Kuch