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Asher Ezra (Dance'n'Dust Records owner)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 6th Jun 2005

Asher Ezra (Dance'n'Dust Records owner)

JK: Hello Asher, how are you?

Asher: All is Great thanks…

JK: Tell me a little bit about the history of Dance’N’Dust? Where did it all begin?

Asher: After working on U.S.T.A for 3 years, and many years befor that as world wide dj, i have decided to open my own label, then i start activate my conection's in the world and i got many to collect music for my first compilation on Dance n Dust records, "Israeli Pitch Process". This was good start for Dance n Dust records in the psy progressive sound, after that i released my next compilation "Prograssive" that was a nice progressive stuff with psy element and some tech trance stuff.

JK: You are one of the longer-standing Israeli progressive labels. The sound is one that is very definitely “big”, can you tell me a bit about the direction Dance’n’Dust takes with its releases?

Asher: Well, I’m trying to product progressive, but not the regular progressive, im looking for “progress" in progressive music, somthing more pumping that sound also psy and not boring. I also taking some risk and trying to bring in to the scene some new tunes that no one has heard before that style of sound. I also like to work with high level of music so that I can call it "orchestra", siting at home and get high level of music.

JK: I understand you have a new compilation due for release, and also did a 12” with Threshold Productions? Can you tell me about those and what’s on the horizon for DnD?

Asher: Yes the new 12" from "Threshold Productions" was the best way to promote this project, i did print it on vinyls coz this music was really sound to be made for vinyls. That way we got realy good vibe from every where, in this product 3 tracks and all of them sound like a concert, the guy will work on his full album and as well so somthing to look for... The next product after is coming out soon compilation i have compiled- “Double D”. Again here great music, very power full and very atmospheric. The CD will be this time more of dance n dust artist, in that CD will be the first time music from our australian band "Decoy" that I’m really proud to product, will be also tracks from "Shaman", "Remote Access", "Etaitaiko" and many other great tunes.

JK: So you have the Aussie guys Decoy on your label now. The down-under connection is definitely there… Tell me a bit about these guys.

Asher: Ohh, I have a lot to say abut them,this guys are great musician, they coming from the jazz scene, and they are playing in lots of musical instrument, like: saxophone, bass guitar, piano, drums and some others, they have already full album ready that is great great sound! We will wait with that till we will realeased some of theirs tracks before on some compilations, vinyls, etc to promote the band befor that.

JK: Which other artists are on the DnD roster? I can see a few fresh and a few old faces on the new DnD track list.

Asher: We got: Threshold Productions from Sweden, El Zisco is new great project from Germany, Decoy from Oz, Remote Access from Poland, Shaman that we got some of his tracks on our compilations, Pythagoraz new artist from Denmark, and many other arist like Son Kite, Ticon, Etnoscope, Syncro etc…

JK: What is DnD looking for in new artists and sounds? How would an artist go about getting something released by DnD?

Asher: At first of all, i like to listen to good music like i say before I’m looking for good groove, psy, pumping and special. I also like it to be in high level of sound that its realy important for me same like the music, if all is fitting me, so that’s what I’m looking for...

JK: Who do you think are some innovative acts around the world at the moment? Who are some new-comers? What about established acts doing good things?

Asher: At the moment, i like very much some of Sebastian from "SBK" music and all of his projects, Ticon, Vision n Canedy, Decoy, Atmos, Etnoscope ...

JK: Mp3s have obviously caused problems in the past couple of years, but sales for trance seem to have levelled out a bit. What can you say about the state of the trance scene from the business point of view?

Asher: I think our market is very small, many many new labels come out thats mean there is a big competition, in the other side ppl do not buying cds. The effect are big, everyone get hurt, artist get less advance than they use to get, labels with difficulty to cover expenses and distribution that delay payments all the time. So yes, we have hard time at the moment, and i hope the mp3 not going win the story of music ‘cause its going to be sad for all of us.

JK: How is the progressive scene in Israel? Is it hard being a progressive label there among all the full on?

Asher: We got small progressive scene in Israel abut 1000-1500 people that into that music, not many progressive parties promoters, and yes many full on parties labels etc… But that’s fine for me; I think every party need to be mix full on and psy progressive or only progressive! (Laughs)

JK: Which other labels do you think are innovative, or doing good things?

Asher: I like: ACDC, Iboga, Tribal Vision, Groove Zone, Avalanche, Plusqam and Slope records.

JK: Is there anything you’d like to add, or any thank-yous or people who have helped or inspired you along the way?

Asher: Thanks to all of my friend around the world, all people that buy our music, all our artist thanks a lot!!!

JK: Thank-you very much.