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Meller - Rockable (Tribal Vision)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 17th Nov 2005

Meller - Rockable (Tribal Vision)

Tribal Vision continue their amazing run of success this year with the release of the new Meller album – Rockable. An interesting concept, “Rockable” is part album, part remixes cd- 5 original Meller tracks, remixed by some of the most sought after artists in the world today, including Tegma, Vibrasphere, Etnoscope, Rinkadink and Nasa.

The last Meller release “Solar Drums” was highly critically acclaimed, but I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of their sound going when it was released. “Rockable” is a welcome update to their sound for me- the ideas they explored in the first seem to have reached a level of maturity and I think it works very well now. Great tribal percussion, an original bass-groove and some interesting production puts this release streets ahead of their debut for me.

The CD opens with the pulsing title track “Rockable”. Welcome to the future all-right! Dirty funky bassline with some amazing percussive work and grindy leads. When I first popped in the player- I thought- if this is the new Meller- ROCK ON. Psychedelic progressive rock music- full voodoo shakedown? If that makes sense! Anyways, when the bassdrop thing comes at the end you’ll know what I mean. Amazing stuff!

Fatboy takes step back a step from the opener with some lovely winding psychedelic melodies- but don’t think this one is soft hearted. The bassline is nothing more than a winding bass-frequency, and its probably the deepest of the originals on the album… The same direction but a more subtle approach. Tidy. “My Favourite Man” picks up the throttle a bit- but keeps it definitely on the groovy side, wicked tribal percussive elements and some a voice sample that I would vote as one of the best of the year. At one point you’d swear it was a dub track- until the winding bassline and beat kicks back in- definitely the “catchy” track of the album of the album for sure. I could hear this played nearly everywhere from out in the bush to at any club in the world.

“PhaseNacht” returns to a deeper level- has a vibe that reminds me more of some of the older Meller stuff. Fans of Etnoscope’s work will no doubt love this as well (they are the artist remixing it later on the album- I can definitely see why!!!). Percussive driven, tribal trance music. Fans of older minimal stuff will no doubt delight in this as well. “Aurora” is the last of the original numbers on the album- it takes a more mellow, emotive note. Wavering pads and twilight melodies, definitely one for the afternoon hours. It’s been a great scope of the new Meller style this release, be it only 5 tracks, and this one shows not only can they rock it, but they can certainly add an element delicious melody as well. Well done I say.

The remixes are certainly not shabby either, with world reknowned artists like NASA, Rinkadink, Tegma, Etnoscope and Vibrasphere on board, how could you really fail? NASA’s “rockable” remix doesn’t loose the pace of the original, but has added the groovy melodic rhythms NASA’s new work is becoming famous for. I’d have to say this pair compliment each other and this a very worthy remix.

Rinkadink’s Fatboy remix is the most eclectic Rinkadink tune I’ve heard in a while. Definitely on the quirky style, and I think its great seeing some artists more involved in the “full-on” scene crossing some boundaries and working on remixes like this. I know full on friends who bought the cd for this track and were surprised and very much liking the rest of it as well. Tegma’s working of “My Favourite Man” is ripping- I can imagine this on quite a few dance floors in the coming months. Tegma’s new music is only getting better by the day- and I’d have to say this is one of the highlights of the whole cd for me. Wicked.

As I said earlier- it’s almost as if the original was screaming for an Etnoscope remix, and here it is. They take the tribal thing to a greater level than what Meller did, with an added element of some windy kind of melodies toward the end. Fans of older etnoscope will no doubt appreciate this one for sure. Closing the cd is the nothing short of amazing Vibrapshere remix of Aurora. I’d have to say personally this is in my top10 of the year so far, it really does it for me. The amazing emotive elements in the Meller are extended into a beauty of a track- Vibrasphere are one of my all time favourite artists and this is the best I’ve heard in a long time. It only leaves me waiting for the new album!!!!

Tribal Vision have certainly made a different concept work in this release- Meller- Rockable is an interesting journey though the Meller style, with some workable and eclectic remixes thrown in. It’s clear to see that Meller will be a force to watch from now on, and I look forward to their next full release. Progressive Acid Rock Trance!!! The cover art was great as per usual and as a whole Tribal Vision have hit it on the head once again.