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DJ Rashka Interview

Article posted by raptor on 29th Jan 2003

DJ Rashka is a 29 year old cosmic channeler of psychedelic trance. He has had a love for music all his life and started playing guitar in the rock band at age 16. He continued to play guitar with the band for 7 years until one day the universe connected him with the experience of a psychedelic trance party. Rashka never looked back, a shift occurred propelling him to Goa, India. He was drawn to the mad rhythms and pounding vibrations. Goa gave him an understanding about what psychedelic trance is about, and deep with in him was the need to channel the powerful vibrations of this music.

"I discovered trance music near 1995/1996, and immediatly started to collect music. i bought my first turntables and started to play three years later in private parties near Paris, then in biggest events or clubs in France and europe. I met good friends and collaborated in parties organisation, wich is really really hard at the moment..." says Rashka.

"This music blows my mind away...its so strong and powerfull, u just can dance. Theres no limit, i mean anything can be a sound....no rules. I enjoy djing because I am constantly meeting people and sharing good moments. Connecting with people to celebrate a full moon is a magic gift. Behind the party, there is something more, such as celebrating life, respect and tolerance."

Now that he understands the flow and energy of this music he is moving forward by writing tracks under a project called Psykopark. The moments where the freaks on the dancefloor are dancing on the same rhythm, celebrating life, creating pure energy and connection are what moves him to continue his journey channeling these vibrations.

When asked about the French scene and music, he states "Theres a lot of good music and artists even if the situation is hard with governement. you can find every week a big party with 400/1500 dancers, international live act...and two or three big events for new year or summer day. Its really hard to organise a festival in summer in France...cops or burocraty problems..are more than ever in place. A lot of unexpected costs like big security team, wich kill your budget....That s why a lot of people use to organise friendly parties in big house or small venues, just for 150/200 dancers. The same as in most countries these days i think. Electronic music has been a kind of revolution for the french music, usually hard to export because of language. Now with a computer,you can do all your imagination is able to create...And for a generation of musicians, its been a new born.."

It was a full on year for Rashka in 2002. He's played nearly 40 parties in Europe from intimate gatherings to big productions both indoor and outdoor. He has played with many international artists such as: Shift, Full Color, Electric Universe, Atmos, GMS and others. Recently Rashka played the Liquid Lab - NYE event, Earthcore and Exodus and blew the dancefloor away with his impressive choice of tracks and seemless mixing. "I had some crazy good moment with australians dancefloors since im arrived... its really a great honour to play for such a freaky people..u can easily feel energy and positive vibes from the differents crews all over Australia. I think you have a perfect country to organise parties...and a lot of positive-freaky-hippies people ... good music and good sound system...enjoy life".

Rashka usually plays night time sets featuring new and unreleased tracks of labels and artists he works with such as Spektral Skunk, Audiobrains and Digital Test. His influences are Absolum, Lemurians, Polaris and the best full on sound with his current Top 5 tracks being - CPU / charras crapule continum, Solarians / liquid crystal, Absolum / pushed rmx, Earthling / goa constrictor and Polaris / take off.

Rashka's next set is at the Yakandyeti Club Sessions party - Feb 7 at GAS alongside DJ Anti from Spiral Trax. Tickets are available online through inthemix or on the door. For more info check www.australiens.net/clubsessions