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Paste / LaBaaz

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 30th Jun 2005

Paste / LaBaaz

Hello Patrick, how are you?

Hi Jesse, I’m fine

You have been a long standing member of the progressive scene, with your projects Paste and LaBaaz. Can you tell me a bit about where your journey into this music began? Where did you first hear it?

I started my career as a DJ in various outdoor partys in 1995. I was organizing Goa Trance Partys from 1995 till 1998 where i also was playing under the name DJ JP. It took not long and i got booked other organisations in switzerland to perform my dj sets. In 1999 i got more influences by the Progressive and Minimal Psytrance. At this time i also boght some first equipment to produce my own music. In 2000 i was founding the Project PASTE (http://www.pasteten.info) with his friend Stefan who was also djing for a long time. With Paste they were very succsesfull and they had until 2005 more then fifty releases on several Psytrance and Progressive Labels. In 2003 i strated next to PASTE my solo project La BAAZ.

Which artists inspired you back in those days to make music like you do now?

I got inspired in ealry days by: Etnica , Transvave , Xdream
From the more Psyprogressive acts like : XV Kilist , Bitmonx , Tarsis
Now I’m getting influenced from: Marco Tool, Infusion and RPO.

Paste still has a few releases about, but I understand you concentrate more on your LaBaaz project now. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Yes Stefan and me were still are doing music together but it is much more rarely as before. He is working in a record shop and just opened a label (http://www.kumquat-tunes.com/) and I have also lot’s to do with web-design next to the music. So we just don’t have so much time to do it together. But lately we did a new track and it might be going to be released on Stefan’s label. As I have more time I’m focusing more on the La Baaz Project.

So for those who might have only heard Paste, or not heard you at all, how would you describe your current music as LaBaaz?

With La Baaz I don’t have really one Style , I will say it goes from minimal techno until psytrance , but mostly the tracks are very groovy and deep atmosphere, In a tempos between 128 and 136 bpm. You can listen to some samles on my website:

Has branching into different styles of progressive helped you gain gigs outside of the trance scene?

Mostly in Switzerland it helped my a lot to play more Tech House and Progressive trance. I got book in Famous Progressive Clubs like (http://www.laby.ch) and Spider-Galaxy in Zürich.

Where have you played out as LaBaaz? Has it allowed you to travel much? Any memorable parties or moments?

With La Baaz Project I’ve Played as dj or Liveact in Switzerland, Germany , France , Greece , Brasil , Mexico and Japan. Last year I played many times in Brasil , so I was travelling quite a lot. My past bookings you can see on http://www.labaaz.com/pastbookings_eng.htm

Who do you think is making is making innovative music these days? Which artists do you admire?

Artist like Infusion , Beckers , Extrawelt and Unit 4.

Which labels have you been involved with in the past (including as Paste)?

With La baaz I released on: Flow, Submachine , Headstick, Traktor Schalllabor and Motoring. With Paste: Plusquam , Flow Records ,Digital Psionics, Shpastic Elastic, Traktor Schalllabor, ZMA, Interzone Records, Boshke Beats ,Plastik Park, Neurobiotic, Starsound, Traktor Schalllabor, Creamcrop, Manta, Element records and Domo records.

Tell me a bit about your up-and-coming releases…What’s on the horizon?

My Upcoming Releases are : Magus - Liquid mint rmx on Headstick Records (www.headstick.gr), Voices EP on Submachine Records (www.submachine-rec.com), Bodylotion EP on Aeon Records (www.aeon-rec.com) and The Timewarp EP on Interzone Records. -

Progressive has definitely diversified in the past few years, with many artists going different directions and breaking into different scenes… What can you say about that? Has it meant more sales or gigs?

In the last few years the music and the releases got more quality and also more people started to produce, so only if you are open for different scenes and influences you can imagine where the progressive goes. The most important is that I produce the style I most like.

Have you ever been down under before? Checked out the Australian scene? Any Aussie artists you like?

Yes I was in Australia in 2002. I‘ve played in Melbourne, Sydney and Byron Bay. Actually I liked it a lot to play there , also the people from Rif Production who booked me did very cool parties.

Got any people you’d like to mention or thank-yous?

I would like to say thanks to all the nice Artists , Party organizers and Party Peple I met on my travelings.

Peace bro, good luck with your projects, hope to hear some more music soon!

Thanks a lot for the interview!!!

No worries mate, nice to be in contact.

Jesse Kuch