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Bush Beats: A Journey into the Heart of Tribal Techno-Prog with SUNRUNNER

Article posted by admin on 20th Sep 2023

Deep in the Australian Outback, as the twilight hues paint the horizon, an entrancing rhythm echoes, calling listeners from around the globe. This is not the ancient hum of the didgeridoo; it's the pulsating beats of modern techno-prog, meticulously curated by the maestro himself: SUNRUNNER.

Known in the international electronic music scene as an experienced producer and DJ, SUNRUNNER has been mesmerizing audiences with his unique blend of deep, melodic, and tribal techno-prog. His intricate layers of sound, effortlessly combined with the spirit of ancient tribal rhythms, transport listeners to a realm where the past and the future intertwine.

Now, fans have a weekly rendezvous with this sonic wizardry. "BUSH BEATS",  SUNRUNNER's latest 90-minute live show, is set to take over the airwaves of 8CCC (102.1FM) Radio Australia. But this isn't just for the locals. Thanks to the magic of online streaming, the reverberating beats of the Outback can be felt anywhere on the planet. Whether you're in the bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene landscapes of Iceland, SUNRUNNER's enchanting vibes are just a click away.

Every Tuesday night, from 9PM - 10:30PM ACST, let the rhythms of "BUSH BEATS" guide you. Lose yourself in the fusion of modern beats and ancient melodies. Experience a musical odyssey that defies time and space.

Ready to embark on this sonic journey? Tune in to 8CCC Radio Australia and let SUNRUNNER's "BUSH BEATS" elevate your spirit. The wilderness awaits.