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Future Prophesy - Body Shaker (BNE/Yoyo 2006)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 4th May 2006

Future Prophesy - Body Shaker (BNE/Yoyo 2006)

Future Prophesy’s Body Shaker is one of the latest releases on BNE/Yoyo… I must say I was a bit curious to hear it when it arrived… But I’m thinking now it was probably better left upwrapped! I used to fully dig some of these guys old music- what the hell happened? I guess its just the evidence of the commercialization of the scene- Body Shaker is probably the most disappointing album I’ve got in a while!

A lot of the tracks have a very “eurotrance” kind of buzz- belong more in the clubs of Ibiza than a trance dancefloor…. Boring rolling basses and generic sounding melodies are only interrupted occaisionally by cheesy vocal sections- basically this has nothing really I can find stimulating.

The title track opens proceedings- Body Shaker is perhaps the most tolerable track on the album (and I say that with a pinch of salt!). Bouncy bassline, funky kind of feel… but nothing special.

Track 2 is where it starts to get reaaaalllly bad. Run Out System is a cheesy melodic trance number than reminds me something you’d find on a ministry of sound compilation. Crap female vocals only make it worse.

Rock the Show continues the shocking run- annoying high leads over what could be one of the worst vocals I’ve ever heard in trance. I thought this was the worst it was gone get but…

Sound Like A Melody? Sound like crap. Nuff said.

November Rain opens with a bad female vocal- but in actual fact is probably the most passable track on the album…. It actually resembles psytrance. Loses it by the 3rd minute though… Woah, I though it was doing ok.

Unisex’s rolling bassline and appegiators echo late nineties goa/euro cross-over- maybe they are like an N-Trance cover band now or something…

Keep On Rocking continues along the same lines as Rock the Show… Crap. I can’t decide which one I think is worse…

Syncopa would probably be a quite passable track without the female vocal- the bassline and melodies aren’t over the toply bad… What is the obsession with the cheesy vocal?! The mind boggles.

Gabriel is along the same lines as the last… very bad vocals ruin what could be an “ok” track… hmz… its like the same story on repeat isn’t it.

The last track “Rashid”- some crazy Israeli hiphop number surprised me a bit… I can actually listen to it a bit easier than most of the music on the album- which says a lot. Quite laughable really… haha I never thought it would come to this.

Overall I don’t think I have much more to say- I think you get the impression of what I think of this… Its sad to see such a cool act go this way… Maybe they should stick to making the Israeli hiphop.

3/10 (only coz I couldn’t produce the same crap music)