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Ozzy (Tribeadelic)

Article posted by Fiba Optix on 13th Sep 2002

Hailing from Melbourne, one of Sydney's favourite interstate trance dj's has been spinning the psychedelic sounds since 97. He got into the party scene in 93 and has been enjoying trance since 1996. He originally started to dj on DAT, but made the transition to CD a couple of years later. Ozzy describes the music he spins as psychedelic rock trance & he loves spinning the sunrise set with his full power trance.

Some of Ozzy's favourite artists include Mr Peculiar, I.O.S., Intergalactik, Theorem and Dark Nebula who is pumping out some killer tunes at the moment. The labels he like include 3D Vision from France "I just love those basslines!" and Solstice from Japan with their rich & varied compilations.

Ozzy has travelled extensively playing in Sydney, Byron and Tassie locally plus Israel, Japan and New Caledonia overseas. As to his favourite party, he reckons playing at Mount Fuji has to be the most beautiful location he has ever seen!

When I questioned him about the differences between parties in Sydney & Melbourne, his reply was "about 880kms!!" He observed that in Australia, "the parties are more like social gatherings", whereas overseas, he found the intensity level to be "quite high" and that "people are there to dance for as long as they can."

Not just limiting himself to dj'ing, Ozzy has been spending some time in the studio collaborating with several other producers including Mr Peculiar & Fractal Glider. The launch party was at the Dendy here in Sydney a couple of weeks ago & was packed out with the return of the Melbourne boys (Ozzy, Mr P. & Fractal Glider) all playing full on crazy melodic madness all night long! When asked about the differences between dj'ing & producing, he replied "The production side is something I've only recently entered". "There is something special about finding a certain sound,or groove that makes you stop in the studio and say 'yeah thats it!' Although dj'ing is one of the things I enjoy most."

About the other Aussie artists, do you think they are starting to get the recognition they deserve? He replied "With so many strong Australian labels like Psy-Harmonics, Green Ant, Digital Psionics, Demon Tea, Tempest and Tribeadelic, I think Australian artists are becoming a lot more respected, as well as being played by dj's all over the world."

Ozzy runs Tribeadelic and some of their upcoming releases include a full album by 'Illusion of Self' which is Jimbo Jones due to be released before the end of the year." "Myself & Fractal Glider are planning on releasing an album under the name 'Liquid' next year. You can find one of our tracks (Acid D.N.A.) on the new Tribeadelic compilation Solid which has just been released, and we're planning a 3 day festival over the New Year in Victoria.

And what are your long term goals? "To help put Australian psytrance on the map as one of the major players"

Ozzy will be playing in Sydney at the upcoming Astrophysia party on Saturday 21st September 2002 alongside Raptor, Ming D, Agent_23, Stomp v's Simon D, aDaMT & Fiba Optix with a huge 16k Martin Audio Sound System. As well a whole floor of live, ambient and eclectic beats in the second area with Z-AXIS (live), Michael MD, Pronoia, Indica, Gnostik vs Bender, and Filtered Silence.

Decor: Pan 'O' Vision

Ticket Info: $20 before Midnight, $25 after

More info: http://www.australiens.net/astrophysia

Phone: 1900 963 300 on the night for venue details