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Dj Andrreas (Nano Rec)

Article posted by raptor on 13th Jul 2004

1. How did you get into electronic music? Have you djed other music before?

Psytrance - if so what ? Well, I got into electronic music by accident, I've always been into hard rock, punk and grunge, and once I was in a record store, I was looking for some electronic music, but I didn't wanted the typical house or proggy sound, I wanted something stronger and faster, and I found the TIP singles 1, from 1996 I think, and this album filled my expectations, at the moment, I didn't know it was psy trance, a few months later, I went to a psy trance party in the forest outside mexico city, astral projection and nick doof played there, I fell in love with the sounds, the colours, the vibe, everything hit me at once, like a revelation, since then, I knew I wanted to be a part of this, so I started to make my own music collection, and one day I had the oportunity to learn how to mix on my own with some decks. a few months later my first party came, it was a wreck!!!, slowly but surelly, more parties came, and I was learning a lot, meeting new people. Then I  g!
ot in a crew, and we start throwing parties all over mexico with some of the coolest artists like total eclipse, space cat, visual paradox, deedrah, synthetic, loopus in fabula, altom, sirius isness, dj edoardo etc...

2. What attracted you to djing Psytrance?

For me psy trance is different of every other style of electronic music, with psy trance you can create stories, actually that is the hole point, to create a story, I love other styles of electronic music, like prog or house, but psy trance is much more intelligent, it has lot more of energy. 

3. What do you think of the scene in Mexico ?

The psy trance scene in mexico is really big, and still growing every minute, which is good in many ways but sometimes not as good as we would wanted to be, there are lots of people who try to get inside the party wothout paying, that is an issue we've been trying to stop but gets really difficult by the time, lots of gatecrashes etc... But there's a big potential in the mexican party promoters, parties get bigger and bigger, and the productions are unbelievable, big stages, excellent decor and huge line up's, thats why mexico has become one of the heavily tranced scenes, every weekend you can find at leat 2 different parties. I think mexico has a great scene, despite the gatecrashers and the jumpers, I think is great!!!

4. Your bio says you were picked up by Nano Records in 2003, how did that
come about? Whats it been like representing them?

Since I heard their first comp. emergence, I fell in love with the sound, I wanted to be a part of nano since then, so I got in touch with ans, the label manager and co-owner of nano, and sent him my demo, also in my plans were to throw  some parties with nano artists in mexico, that eventually we couldn't because of the permits, and at the moment it was difficult to throw outdoor parties, they are kinda prohibited unless you give lots of money to the authorities, so I sent my demo, and ans told me  a week after if I wanted to be an official nano dj, cause my sound and he's sound were completely a like, for me this is the best thing that has happened to me, cause I love their music, and that's exactly the kind of music I like to play in parties, uplifting full on trance. It is a great honour to be able to represent them, I think nano is a great label and it's gonna grow really fast.

5. What are some of the artists that you rate highly at the moment?

protoculture, ticon,corona, rinkadink, black and white, hydrophonic, bamboo forest, commercial hippies, aquatica, tikal, indika, visual paradox, silent sphere, zorba etc...

7. What are your long term musical goals and dreams? Do you see yourself
focusing more on production and perhaps playing live, continuing primarily
as a DJ?

 I want to start a label, back in mexico with my crew knk (www.kinetik.tv) we realeased a compilation due to the earthdance 2003 that we organiza in mexico city, this compilation was compiled by a really good friend of mine eclypso and my self, it has 9 tracks of collaborations with the most killer artists in mexico, what I really want in the future is start as a label and make knk grow as a label, there might be some plans of releasing another compilation. I also want to start writting my own material pretty soon, and for sure there's a chance to play live, and dj is something I will always do, I really like to dj.

8. What was it like playing the Thailand Full Moon Party?

It was my first gig overseas, and it was a great experience. For starters the venue was a private island called kho payam, near ranong. the line up was killer, some old legends like space safari and feuerhake, as well as some spiral trax like atmos noma and bakke, it was by far some of the best experiences I've had, the vibe was so comfortable, people from all around the world came, it was killer!

9. What can Sydney expect from your set ?

 for sure have a great time, and dance our asses off :)


DJ Andrreas plays alongside DIMITRI at the SCIENCE OF SOUND PARTY - July 30th @ ARQ - for info check out www.australiens.net/sos