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Quantum - Kiss the Sound (BNE/Yoyo)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 18th Nov 2005

Quantum - Kiss the Sound (BNE/Yoyo)

Quantum have always been one of my favourite full-on israeli artists- somehow there sound has a driving minimalism that much israeli trance doesn’t have. He manages to keep his sound contained in powerful driving basslines and more doesn’t let his melody work get as over the top as many “killah” israeli producers do. His latest release on BNE “Kiss the Sound” shows why he part of this massive labels artist roster, being a tidy excursion into the modern israeli full-on sound.

His music is funky, bass-centred trance, in the vein of sub6, pixel, wrecked machines, timelock, etc- but somehow the he keeps it at maybe slight more of a progressive level than many artists have been taking it of late. Its not so much full-flight as it is minimal full on- similar maybe to some of echotek’s latest stuff on their new album. I know this kind of music is a bit harder to come by than a lot of generic full-on, so its nice and refreshing to see a solid release of it.

The album opens with the driving “Viscious Cycles”. Stomping bassline with some powerful synth lines and big acid 303s- this one is definitely for peak morning time. “Push Me Up” with fellow BNE artist Timelock is a great pairing- their production levels are absolutely huuuge. Its amazing how much power and clarity these guys get with their bass sounds and mastering. A bit more funky than the last one, Timelock definitely makes his presence felt.

“Cop Thing” is a bit more experimental than the last couple, a nice interesting bassline this one- and a wicked lead noise, cant get enough. One of the best on the album for me, dancefloor groover. “Need For Lead” – great title to a wicked track. I’m loving how he manages to not take the tracks too “full flight”- keeping the driving bassline the main feature of the track.

The first 4 tracks are stomping 145BPM- with “Rebellion” he takes it down a couple of notches with a more progressive influenced track at 138BPM. Still the famous bassline, but some slinky, more subtle lead work. Groovy stuff. “On the Edge” takes it strait back up to full power- probably one of the most driving, grindy tracks on the album. Darker and more broody than most of the stuff up until this point. My favourite of the whole cd id have to say.

“Awaken” is definitely a bit more melodic- windy psychedelic synths and appegiators dominate. One for when the sun is shining. “Kiss the Sound” keeps on the more day-time kind of theme- bit more positivity to its movement than some of the rest.

“X-per-minute” Quantum returns with his tekky, driving best. This one is very mechanical, the bassline is nice and flatbeat. Interesting break down and end section too…Love it. Closing the disk is Quantum’s remix of Timelock’s hit “Skylines”. Great reworking of what would have been a hard track to “outpower”. Gidi has opted for a more driving, grounded remix- quite a worthy one. Works like a charm late in the morning.

Over and all, while I don’t think Quantum – Kiss the Sound crosses any new frontiers, it delivers a solid, workable album in a sound that is a bit rarer than most. I really love the basslines in this cd, they give the track a kind of minimal drive that definitely tweeks my units… Gidi’s production quality is crispy and clear and reflects his years in the industry- well don’t on a solid album release.