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Mechanix (Mechanik Sound/Yage Records, Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 16th Sep 2005

Mechanix (Mechanik Sound/Yage Records, Israel)

Hey Eldad, how are you?

*hey mate I'm very fine thanks!

So tell me a bit about yourself… How old are you, where do you live and what you do for a living…

*I’m 26 years old, I'm living in Jerusalem Israel, today I’m living from the trance scene only, and hopefully to continue live from it, it’s very important to work live from something that u like! Especially in this case cause u can concentrate in the music production only!

So how did you first come to discover this music? I hear you started DJing at quite an early age? Who were some of you early influences…

*I found this music through my uncles that were going to trance parties at the early 1992, they brought some tape cassettes with this music and it’s like catch me and from this moment I’m into it! And after some months I knew that I want to play/produce this music, so I started to collect music. After some years I bought a dat machine and started to collect a lot of music and play in small parties in the Israeli forests!

Mechanix has had quite a few releases over the years on various labels like ZMA, Kadgilla, Doof, Alkaloid, etc etc… What’s in the future for Mechanix? I hear you have a compilation soon on Yage Records?

*I released some tracks on Doof records compilations and my debut album "illegal dance" released there also in end of 2003!like u told ZMA, Kagdila, Alkaloid...Sirius rec, Yage rec, Peak rec etc etc..... Yes I made a compilation for Yage rec that will be out in October called "pump fiction” feat: Mechanix(2 tracks)Xerox & Illumination, Neuromotor, Hyper Frequencies, Damage, Toxic, Rabdom L and U-Men.

So are there any more releases in the future on other labels? Have you collaborated with any artists in making tracks lately? Any plans for another Mechanix album any time soon?

*in the near future (October November) you will find about more 6 tracks in different compilation like: On Yage rec 2 tracks, Shiva space technology 2 tracks, on mechanik rec and Spectral Moon rec. and more to be confirm later! I didn’t have so much time to collaborate with other people since I was to busy to produce tracks to labels and with my compilation but I started a track with my best friend Zion for his upcoming album and now I have more time so we can continue to work on it! And for sure in the future u will see more collaboration with other artists! About my second album I’m waiting for a good deal for it when I will get the deal so I will work on it and only on it! cause I don’t want to make album and after send to labels to see if they like it or not cause in this situation its takes time and the music getting old for the time and for me I want to make album and release it immediately when I finish it like this I will feel more good with it!

So who are you favourite artists right now? Who inspires you to make music? Is there any other music that you get into outside of trance?

*I don’t have any artist that I can say its my favourites, imp very selective in trance since I'm listening this music 13 years dent have artists that I like all his music...I like 1 track from this artist 1 from that...but I enjoy to listen all kind of trance from the hard one (that’s more fit to my style) and also to the melodic one. Doesn’t matter what style its matter if its has soul&story! I'm inspiring from my life bro! My every day life, my feelings that’s what inspiring me the most! For now I’m into trance only! But I’m sure in the future I will do more things except trance!

What is in your studio? Do you have a lot of hardware? Or is your sound a mainly VST based one like a lot of musicians these days? What piece of your studio couldn’t you live without?

*pc Pentium 4 2.8,lap top hp pavilion Pentium 4 1.8 centrino, echo gina sound card, echo indigo sound card, beringers montors active, yamaha mixer 16 channels, midi controller edirol. I had a lot of hardware like 2 synths, samplers, big console, multi effects but I sold them! Don’t need all this today when u have a killer plugs & instruments but for sure it’s not making any damage also! So yes I’m using vst instruments mainly so for your question I can’t live without my pc :)

So do you tour a lot as a DJ? Or do you play mainly at home in Israel? What’s your favourite place you have visited? What about the best party you’ve played at?

*in the last months I played in Belgium, Ireland Denmark, Portugal and in here in my base--->Israel. From these 4 countries that I played last months I liked Ireland alot! Because it’s very new there the trance, and very small parties about 300/400 people but very warm crowd! But I liked also the others, every place have his own story!

Where can someone catch the next Mechanix gig? Any future tours or gigs we should know about?

*have some talks on gigs around the world like Sweden, Mexico, Japan and more...but for now if someone want to party together with me so he can meet me in Moscow Russia at the 8 of October and this is the place for party mate! Every artist that played there will say u this... beautiful town, beautiful girls, vodka... so come on and let’s dance there all:) after in 5 of November u can catch me in Sweden.

Any plans to head down to Australia at any time? Have you heard much about our scene here? What about any Aussie artists you like?

*I will love to come for a tour to Australia bro! Hope some day if will come to play for u guys there, I don’t know a lot about your scene there but I’m sure it’s great! Hope some day will be someone that will want me there to play and will be a serious one also!

So what kind of things do you get up to when you aren’t making trance or playing parties? Do you have a day-job? Any hobbies or interests that keep you busy?

*usually when I’m not at the studio so I’m dealing with labels and promoters about tracks/gigs. And when I’m not doing that I’m with my lovely wife to the future or with my family! No I don’t have another job...but sometimes if my fother needs me I go help him in his business!

Any words you want to say to people (thanks etc) or famous last words before the interview is over mate?

*thanks to you buddy for the interview and LOVE YOU ALL THE TRANCE PEOPLE!

Thanks Eldad, it’s been a pleasure! Good luck with your compilation and we’ll chat again soon!!!