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TimeLock Interview (BNE - Israel)

Article posted by TweeKUniT on 27th Sep 2005

TimeLock Interview (BNE - Israel)

Hi Felix, How are you?

Thanks man, I'm good.

The easy stuff first, how old are you? And where are you living at the moment?

I’m 27 years old, living in the north of Israel. City called -karmiel

Lets talk about how you first got interested in this scene and how the project Time Lock
has become what it is today?

My first steps in trance where in the year '96 when I heard the PRANA cd and then it was no turning back…. Then I sold my guitar and got my first gear: pc, synths and monitors... and started to try and produce some stuff…and with the time that’s what became of me. :)

Who where the first artists that got you into trance? Which sounds first captivated and inspired you to make music?

Hmm, I heard some PRANA and SANDMAN music and it was just a guide for me... after I got some X-DREAM, and OFORIA music... and it was complete inspiration for me…

You’re sound is somewhat different to that of the regular Israeli stuff, definitely a very future sound… How would u describe the music you make and the direction it is headed?

Well, I always tried something new and not similar to other artists. You know, everyone have his own touch in music…I describe my stile as TIMELOCK, its important for me that if some one hear the track of mine so he can recognize TIMELOCK style straight, that’s all. You can call it whatever you like… :)

Your last album ’10 Seconds Away’ was a hit over on our shores, I hear there is a new album coming from BNE soon… tell us a bit about that…

Ok, my new album will be released on BNE/YOYO in the end of October/2005, it will contain the material I produced in last 10 month... All made by myself. In my home studio…it will be called POWERCHARGE. As expression of my music... that I think powerfull and deep.

Great, so with the plans of a new album, in which way can u say Time Lock’s sound has evolved?

The sound improves with every new track as the experience grows, the music on this album are more complex more grown than my early stuff... Completely different than the first album…On this album I already had a concept and I could express all I wanted in the music.

Are there many other artists out there at the moment doing things you are really liking?
Who have u got in your CD player at the moment?

I’m listening not for trance only, but from trance scene I like a lot: infected mushroom, x-noize, oforia, domestic, astrix, wizzy noise, wrecked machines… that’s the direction …

Cool, being as busy as you are, have u got time to be fitting in any tours or festivals in the near future? What are you travel plans for a bit?

I just got from the long tour in Brazil, next will be: Mexico, Japan, Denmark, England, Brazil again…also I hope that ill come to Australia again..:)

I’m sure at some stage you would have played along many other great producers, have you done much touring or collaborations with other artists? What other releases are coming in the near future for Time Lock?

Hmm , I’m not making a lot of collaborations but I did track with QUANTUM not long time ago, and I did a track with Brazilian guy called: TACTICAL STRIKE, also will be soon track with OFORIA, but I’m made some remixes on artists like: INFECTED MUSHROOM ,VIOLET VISION, SCHATSI…that will be released soon.

Some time ago now you were a part of the duo ‘PPS Project’ with Samuel Wallerstien from Black & White. You guys had a lot of fans down this way... Are there any future plans for ‘PPS Project’ or some future collaboration with the guys from black and white?

About PPS PROJECT. I think that it was very good time when we were making this project, but it’s like a part of life and then you going farther. We had learned from each other a lot... we growned up musically and we whanted to work saperate. That’s all. About making track with BLACK AND WHITE, everything can happen, lets live and see...

Do you see Trance as a career for the rest of your life? What other things do u like to do with your spare time?

Music is my full time job... I’m living from trance, and I love this job, I wish I could make it all my life…But for sure ill be involved in lot of musical projects in the future, not only trance. For now I’m signed in BNE for 3 albums... after that ill take my time and see what I want to do with my life... :)

Lastly, are there any people you would like to thank who have helped things become what they are today? Any last words or Thank-yous?

Thanks to god, and all the people that involved, they know who they are…cheers.

Keep the beat alive.


Interview with Felix (Timelock) by Shannon KBPS